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Paul stood facing Ash, silhouetted in the sunlight. Ash was holding Pikachu as his Pokemon struggled to sit up. Beating Ash was too easy anymore, although he did get a small satisfaction seeing Ash angry at him, or Brock and Dawn's sad eyes. Thinking about Dawn sent a pang through him. The girl had a very obvious crush on him, which made him more spiteful around Ash.

"Better luck next time," Paul said, walking off.

"You are going to lose someday!" yelled Ash, getting to his feet. "You may think you are the best, but one day it will catch up to you! I swear Paul, I will beat you jerk!"

Paul smiled at that, not breaking stride. He heard footsteps running towards him, and decided to let them catch up. Hands jammed in his pockets with a small smile on his face, he continued to walk.

"Paul wait!" she cried, running up behind him. Instead of turning around he kept walking. "Paul stop it and turn around!" she yelled, grabbing the back of his jacket. Keeping a smile on his face, he turned to face her, smiling at her appearance. Her hair was fluffed up from exertion, her face beet red, and her mouth contorted in anger. "What is wrong with you?" she demanded.

"Dawn, honey, nothing is wrong with me. I am a perfectly sane individual, you are the one with a heck of a lot more problems than I feel like dealing with," Paul grinned maliciously as her eyes began to fill with tears.

"You want to know something?" demanded Dawn, trembling with fury. Paul just grinned wider and did not answer her. "You are a self-conceited, stuck up jerk whose is going to die alone!" Tears sprang to her eyes as Paul busted up laughing.

"Oh I am sorry; something about that just struck me as funny!" Paul laughed. "You know what, I really don't care. People aren't worth my time, especially if all of the girls out there are like you, I would rather date Ash!" With that Paul turned around and walked off, leaving a crying Dawn behind him.

Paul strolled into the Pokemon Center the next day, whistling to Anastasia. He stopped in his tracks when a red haired girl walked up to him, Dawn right behind her.

"Oh that's cute Dawn, you ran to a friend. She does look a lot like a boy though," he laughed, smiling to himself.

Instead of getting angry, the red haired girl just stared at him. "That is a really nice way to greet someone. Hopefully I can match that!" With that she kicked him in the shin.

"What is wrong with you?" Paul screamed, hopping up and down on one leg.

"That's classic Zoey for you," giggled Dawn, in that laugh that Paul despised.

"What do you to want anyway?" he asked. He worked on making his face a mask, concealing all emotion.

"Oh nothing, just wanted to say to one of Dawn's best friends. She told me what a cute, sweet, and nice guy you are so I wanted to see for myself. Guess I found out that she was telling the truth!" said Zoey, fluttering her eyelashes.

Paul said nothing as Dawn walked off. Then just as he thought Zoey was going to leave to she aimed another well-placed kick to the same shin, gave a flirty wave, and ran off after Dawn. Paul glared after them, rubbing an extremely sore shin.

Paul sat in his room, his thoughts buzzing in his head. He hated Dawn, well maybe that was an exaggeration but he didn't like her the way she seemed to like him. Zoey, she was in a special class all on her own. He couldn't figure out why, but something about her got to him. Got to him in a way he hadn't let himself feel in years, LOVE. That was it, love. The dreaded word, the word that meant that you had let your guard down, that you were vulnerable, that you were alive.

What was wrong with him? Everything he had worked so hard to achieve had been shattered one day by a girl, a girl that, unlike Dawn, was strong, smart, and knew what she was doing. He didn't even know what really attracted him to her. She wasn't pretty like Dawn; girly like Dawn, but maybe he didn't want a girl like Dawn. Maybe he wanted a girl that could be his equal.

Paul had tried to forget her for so many days now, immersing himself in his training and physical preparation. But no matter how hard he tried, he could still see her, the way she looked when she talked, or how strong her kicks had been. It had been two weeks, but instead of leaving thoughts of her behind, she was there stronger than ever, and he hated it.

"Torterra return!" Paul ordered, raising the Poke Ball. As he stood there he heard a voice up ahead of him, the voice that had started haunting his dreams, Zoey's.

"Glameow use Shock Wave and Leafeon use Magical Leaf," she called.

Against his better judgment, Paul began to walk towards it. Leaning against a tree he watched as she trained, praised and played with her Pokemon. Finally getting the nerve up, he called hello over to her. He watched as she jumped, looked at him as her eyes widened in shock.

"Paul what are you doing here?" she asked, attempting to control her voice. "I thought my kicks would have showed you that you are not welcome here."

Paul strode over to her, his hands shoved deep in his pockets. "I don't get chased away that easy," he said. To his shock it actually sounded flirty.

Zoey looked surprised too. "I guess you need me to show you more," Zoey said huskily, walking right up in front of him. Paul sub-consciously moved his legs out of her reach but didn't walk away. He felt his breathing speed up as she stared up at him. Man she is pretty cute!

Zoey reached up and laid her hand on his shoulder. Paul felt something ripple through him, but he didn't move. "Paul I think you need some help," whispered Zoey.

"Why?" he asked, staring down at her.

"There must be something seriously wrong with you if I find you…" she trailed off, blushing.

"If you find me what?" asked Paul, feeling a smirk playing on his lips.

Zoey mumbled something inaudible so Paul asked her again, a full-formed smirk on his lips. Paul felt something inside of him melt, the ice around his heart, the wall so carefully built. Before he knew it he was kissing her, his arms wrapped around her waist and her arms around his shoulders. Maybe girls weren't so horrible after all!

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