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Delia was tending her garden, the sun warming her brown hair, making it shine brightly in the sun.

"Mrs. Ketchum, here is your mail," announced Gary Oak, handing me a stack of letters.

"Thank you Gary. How are you today?" Delia asked him, without looking at the letters. They were probably all junk anyway.

"I am fine," he replied, a look of sadness flashing through his gaze. Delis felt a pang in her chest; she knew what Gary was going through. She had been a teenager once upon a time too. And she had been with him, missing him when he wasn't here.

"Why don't you go visit her?" Delia flashed him a coy smile. "I heard she likes chocolate and is probably bored being by herself."

Gary blushed bright red, and looked at the ground. "How did you know about Leaf?"

"I am not blind," Delia stood up and faced him. "Gary don't talk yourself out of it. You may never get another chance."

Understanding flashed in his eyes and he looked at her levelly. "I will Mrs. Ketchum." He started to walk off and then turned back, "Thank you."

She gave him a nod in response as she watched his retreating figure. Leaving her garden, she grabbed the letters and headed inside. Absentmindedly flipping through them, she spotted one that made her pause.

Delia Ketchum
11108 Winding Leaf Lane
Pallet Town, Kanto

It wasn't that different from any other letter, except the handwriting. Only one person had that handwriting, the same person Gary had reminded her of. She felt a flutter in her stomach as she peeled it open. Her heart seemed to stop as she read through it.

Dear Delia,

I haven't seen you for the past fifteen years. I bet you haven't changed a bit; there is not a possibility of you becoming more beautiful. How is your child? You would be so proud of me for what I have achieved. I have more money than you could have ever dreamed of, and I would enjoy seeing you again. Please meet me at Starbuck's in Viridian City tomorrow afternoon, on the thirteenth. I would be very happy to see you again.

I will love you forever,


P.S. How is our child?

Delia finished the letter, anger building in her chest. He wanted to see her again after fifteen years! What nerve did he have? But the real question was, would she go? That question made her pause, could she face him again? He was the man that had caused her the worst pain imaginable and had left her a shell of herself and pregnant?

Delia didn't move the rest of the day, she just sat in her chair, the letter in her hand and staring blankly at the wall. She was reliving all of her moments with him, the good and the bad, the beginning and the end, until she was crying silently.

She would go, she would go and meet him, no matter how much it hurt, and she wouldn't be able to get on with her life now until she did.

Taking a deep breath she headed to get some sleep for the day tomorrow.

Delia parked her car in a parking spot, before heading into the Starbuck's. Funny that he would choose this place, the place they had met.


Delia trotted into the Starbucks with her friends, giggling about how Samuel Oak had hung from the tree upside down to impress them. Delia loved Samuel, but like a brother so her friends teasing about him liking her didn't bother her in the least. "Hey you want me to get the drinks?" she asked her friends. They made noises of agreement and she walked up to the counter while they claimed their favorite booth.

"Hello and welcome to Starbucks, what would you like today?" asked the boy behind the booth. He was tall and well built, with soft, shiny brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. His chiseled face was smiling as he looked at her.

Delia blushed lightly, letting her hair fall softly in front of her face. "Hey, I would like four mocha lattes please."

"Is that all my lady?" he asked, a flirty smile appearing on her face. "May I ask what your name is?"

"Yes you may, it is Delia, Delia Ketchum." She flipped her hair behind her with practiced skill. "And what is your name?"

"Giovanni," he replied, leaning on the counter closer to her. "Are you from around here?"

"That name sounds foreign," she giggled, subconsciously leaning closer to him. "I am from Pallet Town."

"Well Delia, your order adds up to $17.59." He paused and looked at her. "I get off in thirty minutes, would you like to see a movie?"

Delia grabbed her purse and laid the money out on the counter. "Sure, but the movie is my choice!" With that, she walked off, flipping her hair from side to side as she went.

End of Flashback:

Delia paused when she reached the door; Butterfree's dancing in her stomach. Taking a deep breath, she hesitantly grabbed the door and pushed it open. She stepped into the building and scanned the tables. With a gasp, she saw a man sitting at her usual table. He chose that moment to glance up, a smile appearing on her face and waved her over. As she approached the table he stood up, suddenly looking very shy.

"Delia?" he asked, walking up to her.

"Giovanni?" she whispered, fear appearing on her face.

"Would you like a seat?" He pulled her chair out and she sat down before he took his own seat. "How have you been?"

"Fine, I have been fine, no thanks to you." At that moment she noticed the two mocha lattes sitting in the middle of the table along with a couple cookies. "Where have you been these past fifteen years?"

"I have been very busy with my new," he paused before continuing, "business." "How is our child, is it a boy or a girl?"

Delia glared at him, her hair falling in front of her face again. "Oh so you leaving at eighteen while I was pregnant is of no concern to you I take it!" She took a deep breath to regain her composure, "Leaving me a single teenage mother!"

He leaned back a little at her fierceness, "I am sorry. Some things had come up that were taking up my time."

"Like what!" she demanded a little louder than necessary. "My child grew up without ever knowing his father and I never told him because I wasn't so sure I knew you anymore!"

"What is his name?" Giovanni asked, reaching over to hand her a cup.

"Ash, Ash Ketchum," she replied, glowering at the table.

Giovanni froze, his hand stilling in midair. "What did you say his name was?"

"Ash," Delia looked at him curiously. "Why, have you met him before?"

"I need to tell you what kind of business I have been up to. What my business is." He reached into his pocket and produced a large red R and showed it to her. "Do you know what this is?" he asked his eyes boring into her.

"This is a symbol," she whispered, reaching out to touch it, "The Team Rocket symbol."

"Yes it is, I am the founder of this organization." Giovanni smiled at her and grabbed her hand. "I would like you to be a part of it," he leaned closer to her, "Lead it with me!"

Delia pulled her hand quickly away from his. "You have your people attacking my son and you are the head of one of the most notorious criminal organizations ever and you expect me just accept you back, just like that!" Delia stood up, eyes blazing and threw her drink at him, causing him to yelp in pain. "And you left me!"

"I can give you anything you could ever want," he murmured, standing up, ignoring the stain of her orange suit and rested a hand on her shoulder. "I love you."

Hurt filled Delia's eyes as she looked at him. "I will never be with you, not when you are involved with your kind of business."

Giovanni frowned slightly, his face looking pained. "I am so so sorry, about everything!" he whispered, feeling wetness on his cheeks. He then leaned forward, putting a hand behind her head and kissed her softly on her lips. She started to resist but then gave into it, kissing him back. He broke away after a couple moments and backed away. "I have missed you, more than you will ever know. You are making me feel again." Delia closed her eyes and looked away as he continued. "How can I make it up to you?"

"You can't GG, you can't," she sighed, opening her eyes to look at him. "What you have done, to people and to Pokemon, it won't change a thing." Tears started to fall from her eyes and she wiped at them. "You can't make up for what you have done."

"Can I at least try?" he asked. "Oh and I forgot, here is a check to help you out." He pulled out a check and handed it to her. It was signed for $20,000.

"This is a lot of money!" she said, touching his face.

"I am going to change!" he vowed. "I will make it up to you, I promise!"

"It is going to take a long time, you do realize that right. And you can't stick with anything for too long, you have proved that time and time again." Giovanni rested a hand over hers and pulled it down to hold it.

"I will, no matter how long, even if it takes until I am 80, I will." He leaned down and kissed her again before leaving. "I promise!"

Delia smile sadly after him, "I wish I could believe that," she whispered. But she knew how much she wanted it to happen.

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