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When the esteemed Captain entered the room, no one was surprised to see his Chief Medical Officer on his arm. Everyone knew how close the two were and how she seemed to be the only one who could drag him onto the dance floor at functions such as these. For once, the dress code was not their white dress uniforms; the ceremony called for much more elegance. Namely an older fashioned black tuxedo and a gorgeous emerald gown.

For a woman of her age, Dr. Beverly Crusher could still turn a few heads. The dress was simple in nature, coming all the way up to her pale collar bone in the front, but dropping low in the back to stream all the way to the ground. The medium slit left enough to the imagination while the rest of the dress flowed around her hips to her ankles. The red curls were clipped up on the right side, but the remainder of it rested on her exposed shoulders. However, she was still on Captain Jean-Luc Picard's arm. No man dared to stare too long.

Naturally, most of the night was spent mingling with all the right people: Captains, Admirals, Ambassadors, ect. It was nothing new to either one. It is why he usually invited her to accompany him; she always managed to make light of the boring politics of the entire situation. Everyone knew the friendship ran deep between the two Starfleet officers, but no one was sure where that friendship stopped before turning into something much more serious. Therefore, when they took to the dance floor, every eye in the building rested on the could-be couple.

The song could not be described as having a fast tempo, but it had enough rhythm to keep it from being too intimate. He had protested to her initial request, but it only took a crooked smile to convince him. At least this way he wouldn't have to continue to entertain the chain of command. Plus, he never could refuse her, not when she looked like that. It wasn't a secret of how much he detested dancing, and had nothing to do with holding a beautiful woman in his arms; he just happened to have terrible rhythm. However, this wasn't the first time she had led him into a dance and they had established a system where she did the leading. It did help that she was an expert dancer so she could make it look like he actually knew what he was doing.

This time, though, was different. She stepped in closer than usual, locking her blue eyes with his. At first, they swayed evenly with the tempo, letting her guide him through the simplicity of music. Letting her cheek brush against his, she pulled him into a swifter step, careful to not push him past his limit. Nonetheless, it was out of the ordinary for them. He spun her out and when she returned to his arms, she gracefully forced him to drop his arm a little lower on the small of her back.

As a dancer, she knew how to move her hips to brush against his without letting anyone else in the room notice how close they are. She merely smiled when he sent a questioning glance. Her breath was hot on his neck as she leaned in closer, only to pull away when they changed step. She slipped her slender leg against his inner thigh, pulling herself into the turn. They were now chest to chest, nothing to separate their bodies. It was tantalizing and he wasn't sure how much longer he could let this go on.

They had the entire room's attention now, even the other couples dancing beside them. Everyone could see the difference in their postures tonight. It would be the thrill of everyone in Starfleet to see the two of them as more than dance partners or coworkers. No question about it, they made a perfect pair. The questions and rumors had been circulating for almost a decade. It seemed tonight would be a night for the records- there was no way they could leave that dance as just friends.

The emotions were riveting; the music was sending them spinning through the crowd; he seemed mesmerized by her motions; she determined to make this dance different. The flush in his cheeks was a give away to the effect she was having on him. Her even gaze kept him grounded, however, reminding him of exactly where he was. There was no denying her purpose as the song come to a close.

Everyone clapped politely for the band at the end of the song. However, the Captain and his Doctor remained locked in the embrace. Brazenly, she ran a finger tenderly down his cheek to his lips. As soon as her hand left his face, her lips brushed against his own. It was soft and quick, but it was not a kiss between friends. Any man could tell there was so much more hidden behind the caress. And there she waited for him to respond.

"Beverly," he breathed into her ear. He couldn't keep the emotion out of his voice and she smirked at his struggle. "A woman shouldn't kiss a man like that. He might get the wrong impression."

"Or the right one," she whispered back. He stared, amazed, as she walked away from him when the next song started. It took all of two seconds for him to come to his senses and follow her out of the room. Jean-Luc caught her was she walked out into the chill of the night. Beverly turned around to find him much closer than she had anticipated. There was a resolute look in his eyes as he slipped his hand onto the lower part of her back while the other reached for the curve of her neck. His fingers felt like electricity as they glanced by the exposed skin of the neck and into her red tresses.

This time it was he who initiated the kiss, only he wouldn't let this one be chaste. There was an unchecked passion that took control of the situation as he surrendered himself to her. His tongue pressed for entrance and when it finally granted, they battled for dominance. All the years of ignored feelings and buried needs came rushing to the surface. The kiss left them both breathless and clinging to each other for support.

"You shouldn't kiss me like this unless you mean it like that." Beverly's breathless words caused him to smile.

"And if I do?"

"Kiss me again." Jean-Luc Picard was only too happy to oblige his Doctor's orders.