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Chapter 12

Jim and the others saw Ariel lying on the floor, Mushu got off of Jim's back and rushed towards the redhead. He placed his hand on Ariel's heart as Jim rushed towards her. Mushu looked up sadly at young Hawkins boy and shook his head. Jim's heart was breaking in two as he held the tears back in his eyes. He then picked up Ariel, bridal style, and said as he sobbed, "Ariel, please come back…" Kayley saw the door opening as it seemed darkness through the crack of the door. Cale couldn't believe that his best friend was gone. Slim came out of the shadows and laughed evilly as he said, "Aw, how cute." He then said with a serious face, "A monster and his princess. How romantic."

Jim looked up and his anger started to rise as he put Ariel down. He then said angrily, "Bring her back." Slim then asked tauntingly, "Is that a threat?" Jim transformed and pounced on Slim. "No, this is a threat." Said Jim as he placed his paw underneath his throat as he pressed it hard on the villain's throat. Slim chuckled as he choked at same time and said, "I can't do that. I have to bring back my old family." Mushu saw the talisman underneath a glowing orb and he decided that talisman had to go. Jim said angrily, "Maleficent and Eris aren't your old family." Slim then said as he tried to be free of Jim's grip, "Well, Eris created my son, Eric. I owe her that much."

Kayley saw Ariel's friends trapped and said to them, "Don't worry we'll get you out of here." Cale then ran towards Kayley's side and said, "I got the keys from those hyenas." Kayley then unlocked every cage that had animals in it. The meerkat said as he headed out, "Let's split this joint." Kayley then told the meerkat, "Get everyone out of here and find some place to hide." The meerkat nodded, hopped on his best friend's back, and said, "Come on, Tulio. Let's do something great for a change." The warthog nodded and everyone followed them out the cave of the mountain.

Eric came in his wolf form and said, "Old man, the prisoners have escaped." Slim finally got Jim off of him and yelled angrily, "Get them back." Eric did what he was told and some of the hyenas followed him. Slim turned around to find Mushu holding the talisman in his claws. Slim made a frightened face and said, "No, don't…" Mushu then said as threw the talisman down hard, "Sorry, Slim time to pull the plug on the reunion." The talisman broke into tiny pieces as the human souls went to their owners.

~No, No~

Mushu and Jim saw all kinds of light symbols floating around as Slim tried to pick up the pieces and said, "How am I ever gonna pay back my debt?" He then gasped as he saw the hyenas surrounding him with toothy evil grins. He then said with a pleading smile, "Friends."

Are you ready?~

He then said with a worried look and smile, "No, I'm not ready at all. In fact, I got lots more plans."

Are you ready?~

He then explained as he was being backed into a corner, "This is just a minor setback in a major operation." He then gasped as he saw more hyenas backing him towards the Door of Darkness. He explained pleadingly, "Soon as I whip up another spell, we'll be back in business." He then said with another pleading smile, "I still got that redhead's soul in the door." When Jim and Mushu heard this, there was still hope for them. He then said as he was back against the door, "I just need a little more time." The Door of Darkness opened wide as a giant hand reached for Slim. He then begged, "No, oh, please…" The hand grabbed for Slim as he was being dragged and yelled, "Just a little more time." Jim and Mushu closed their eyes and prepare for the worse. Slim then pleaded as he clawed on the ground, "I promise I pay ya all back. I promise." The hand finally pulled him in the Door of Darkness and he yelled as the darkness consumed him, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


The door closed with the white glowing orb in place and the hyenas vanished without a trace. Jim then asked, "Mushu, think you can get Ariel's soul?" Mushu climbed up to where Ariel's soul was and he tried to grab it but it just slip through his hands and said sadly, "Sorry, lion boy but I can't get it." A dark black hooded figure came towards the red dragon and Jim asked in a serious tone, "Who are you?" The dark hooded figure grabbed the soul with ease and said as he walked towards Ariel, "An old friend. The Great Wars will begin soon." The hooded figure placed the soul inside Ariel's heart and the color returned to the redhead as she gasped for air.

Jim rushed towards his angel and asked hopingly, "Ariel?" Her eyes fluttered and she opened them wide and saw Jim as she smiled and placed her hand on his cheek. She then asked, "Jim? Am I in heaven?" Jim shook his head and smiled as he held her hand that touched his cheek and said, "No. You are here with me." Ariel then said as the tears rolled down her cheeks and kissed him with love, "I love you, Jim. I love you so much." Jim pulled back from the kiss, touched her forehead with his, and said, "And I love you, my angel." Mushu had tears in his eyes and said, "Oh, I love moments like this." Mushu then realized the hooded figure was gone. The mountain was starting to rumble and Jim said as he transformed and Ariel hopped on Jim's back as she grabbed Mushu, "Come on, the mountain is starting to collapse." Kayley and Cale notice that the mountain was collapsing as well and transformed as they headed out the exit.

Sinbad and the others saw the mountain collapsed and wandered if the kids were alright. They saw the smoke and saw figures coming. Sinbad saw his son with Ariel and the others. Sarah ran towards her children and said as she held them tightly, "You're all safe." Jane then asked, "What happened to Slim?" Mushu grinned and said, "Well, let's just say he was devoured in darkness and won't be coming back." Silver then asked, "And Eric?" Jim shrugged and said, "Not sure what happen to him but I think he gotta away." Milo asked, "How did you get Ariel's soul back?" Mushu then explained, "Some black hooded guy grabbed Ariel's soul like it was a ball." Ariel then asked concerned, "What about my friends?" Sinbad then explained, "Your friends are fine. Milo mixed their memories a bit to think that they had a nightmare after the dance." Ariel sighed with relief and said, "So it's over?"

Sinbad looked up in the sky and said, "Let's hope so."

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