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Chapter 2

The next morning, Jim woke up from dreaming about that girl he met yesterday. His hair was messy and he was not a morning person. Milo came into his room saying, "Breakfast, you better hurry down or dad will eat all of the bacon again." Jim got his clothes on and put on his boots as he went down the stairs. Everyone in family sat down and ate. Sarah asked to her daughter, "Kayley, when are you ever going to give up that attitude of yours?" Kayley laughed at this and answered, "It will be the day, when Milo stops having fleas and Jim getting a haircut." Milo and Jim looked at their sister with a look. She then said, "What? It's the truth. I'll be making my rounds." She then went out the door and transformed into her lion form to begin her rounds.

Sinbad looked at his son Jim and said, "While she is doing that, why not go to see the redhead you saved?" Jim rolled his eyes and said annoyed, "I didn't save her I was protecting our home." Milo then thought of something clever and said tauntingly, "He probably doesn't have the guts to talk to her." Jim then looked at his brother and said, "What?" His father caught on and said, "You're probably right, Milo. Only a brave man would talk to a woman who is beautiful…" Sinbad looked over his shoulder to see Sarah hovering over him and said nervously, "Nothing like your mother of course." Sarah smiled at him and knew she was giving him a hard time. Jim groaned and said annoyed, "Alright, I'll go see her." He got up from his chair and was out the door. Milo picked up the dishes and said to his father with a sly grin, "Mission complete." Sinbad chuckled and thought, 'let's hope…'

Ariel caught up with her friends to the gym to rehearse. Tiana looked at with a smile and said, "Well, someone has their spirits up." Charlotte agreed and said, "I think Ari found herself a man to hold on to." Ariel laughed at this and said with a smile, "No Char, I didn't I…" Before Ariel could finish her sentence, Naveen and Kuzco came up to their girlfriends with joy. Naveen picked up Tiana and lifted her up. Kuzco just spun Charlotte around. Naveen said with glee, "Ashidanza, you girls are gonna win the talent show for sure." Kuzco said with hurry, "Okay, less talky and more dancing with singing."

Everyone at the gym was practicing their routine for the show and a girl with brown hair with a light purple school uniform and dark purple eyes came on stage. She walked towards Ariel's group and asked, "Is this the welcome party I was expecting?" Ariel turned around, smiled, and hugged the girl, "Meg! You're back!" Tiana and Charlotte went over to them to make a group hug. Charlotte then asked, "So, how was the trip with Herc?" Meg scoffed and said with a smile, "If you mean hanging out with a guy who is ripped and is strong to save me in danger. It was great." She then looked at Ariel and asked, "Met any new guys while I was away?"

Ariel then said, "Well, I did meet this one guy…" Charlotte squealed and said with a bid grin, "I knew it. I knew it." Tiana then asked with a sly smile, "So what's his name?" Ariel then frowned and said, "I didn't ask." Meg then said, "Well, he has to show up someday."

Jim followed the redhead to the gym and saw what was happening as he looked from above. It looked like some sort of contest. The judges were Mr. Louis, Ms. Marina, and Dr. Facilier. They were raising the charity money for the music program that was soon to be closing if they didn't have the money in time. Miranda yelled, "Okay thank you everyone. We hope to see you tomorrow and we will show this school how great we are."

Jim then misses a step and fell down to the stage. Everyone turned around to see who it was. Jim got out of the mess and saw everyone with a weird look on their faces. Dr. Facilier yelled angrily, "What did you do to my stage, boy?" Jim didn't know what to say and Marina asked, "Are you here for the talent show?" Jim was stammering and said nervously, "Well, I…uh…um…" Louis then said, "Ah, let the boy do his thing and we can go home." The judges sat down on their chairs and Facilier yelled, "Let's hear you sing, boy."

Jim rolled his eyes said, "Fine. Here it goes…" The music was playing and when he heard the right beat he was going to show them what he's made of. Tiana looked at the chestnut haired boy as the rest of the gang and said, "Let's stick around and see what he's got."

One minute I'm in Central Park~

Ariel then heard someone singing and turned around to see who it was.

~Then I'm down on Delancey Street~

"It's him." Said Ariel under her breath as she gazed at the chestnut haired boy.

~From the Bow'ry to St Marks~

Louis and Marina were getting into this guy's beat, and they liked where he was going with this.

~There's a syncopated beat~

Mr. Louis set off the school's intercom and whole school was listening to what Jim was singing.

~Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo~

Facilier thought that this boy knows what he's doing and he got some talent. Everyone at school filled up the seats as they came through the doors.

~I'm streetwise~

Naveen said with a smile, "He's good." Kuzco then said as he pointed the judges, "It's not over yet."

I can improvise~

Ariel snuck up on the stage to see him sing and she thought, 'Wow.'

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo~

Jim then looked at the crowd and thought, 'time to wow them.'

I'm streetsmart~

He then begin to feel a beat in his feet as did the rest of Ariel's gang

I've got New York City heart~

He then pulled off some moves as he sang.

Why should I worry?~

Naveen yelled happily, "Ashidanza, look at him go." Kuzco chuckled and said with a smile, "Yeah, he's almost as good as me."

Why should I care?~

Everyone at the gym started to dance to the beat Jim was singing.

~I may not have a dime

Ariel was getting into the beat as well and danced by herself.

But I got street savoire faire~

Tiana said to Naveen, "Let's dance." Then both of them got to the stage and danced. Kuzco and Charlotte looked at each other and went up stage to do the same.

~Why should I worry?~

Meg shook her head and said with a grin, "Well, he does have talent."

~Why should I care?~

Louis got out his trumpet and played along with the song.

~It's just bebopulation~

Jim thought, 'Man, if my family could see me now…'

~And I got street saviore faire~

Ariel made her way through the stage as she tried to see the guy she met.

~The rhythm of the city~

Ariel then saw the boy and thought, 'Maybe…'

~But once you get it down~

She reached out towards him to grab his hand and he didn't know it.

~Then you can own this town~

Jim then unknowingly grabbed her hand and spun her.

~You can wear the crown~

Tiana yelled happily as she saw her friend dancing with the boy, "You go girl!"

Why should I worry?~

Charlotte saw the same thing and yelled, "That's my girl!"

Why should I care?~

Everyone at the school was staring at Jim and Ariel because they had the moves

~I may not have a dime

Kayley saw what was happening and had to tell her father what she had seen.

But I got street savoire faire~

Ariel was happy for the first time in her life and it was because of this boy.

~Why should I worry?~

Even Marina was dancing to the beat.

~Why should I care?~

Kayley told her father what was happening and that he should do something about it.

~It's just doopulation~

He shook his head and told her it would be fine.

~And I got street saviore faire~

She ran upstairs and shut her door loudly. Tiana and Charlotte sang this part together.

Ev'rything goes~

~Ev'rything fits~

Jim opened his eyes and saw the redhead in his arms; with a smirk he sang this part for her.

~They love me at the Chelsea~

~They adore me at the Ritz~

Ariel was dancing and little did she know that her father was watching from above.

~Why should I worry?~

Meg saw Ariel's father and had to warn her about him

Why should I care?~

Meg made her way through the crowd to get to her best friend.

And even when I cross that line~

Jim was happy for the first time because of this girl.

~I got street savoire faire~

The rest of the school sang what Jim was going to sing.

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo

Then the whole school heard a booming yell, "Ariel." Everyone saw Triton coming towards the stage and Ariel sunk to her shoulders. He then warned Jim stern tone, "If you ever come near my daughter again…" Ariel then defended him, "Daddy, he didn't do anything wrong we were having fun." Triton looked at Jim and sighed. He then said to the boy in a stern tone, "If you ever make my daughter cry…you will breathe your last breath." He then went back to his work and left the school.

Naveen slapped Jim's back and said, "Now, that took courage, my friend." Jim then realized why he was here in the first place, he then grabbed Ariel' hand and got out of the school in a hurry. Ariel yelled as she was pulled by Jim's hand, "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Jim and Ariel were in the forest that they met. Ariel then asked, "Do you see a brown lion around here?" Jim then lied, "No I didn't see a lion around here." Ariel raised her eyebrow and asked suspiciously, "Not even one?" Jim shrugged his shoulders and Ariel changed the subject as she asked, "So where did you learn how to sing like that?" Jim then answered the redhead, "I just like to have fun and singing is fun." Little did they know they were being watched by another lioness.

Ariel then said, "I've been singing most of my life since I can remember." Jim then heard a rustling sound and then pushed Ariel out of the way as the lioness jumped at Jim. Ariel yelled as she saw the boy and lioness being rolled down the hill, "NO!"

When they landed Jim pushed off the lioness and said angrily, "Leave Kayley. Now!" Kayley roared and said angrily, "You should have killed her, not be friends with her." Jim transformed in his lion form and little did he know that Ariel saw the transformation behind the trees. Jim turned around in his form and saw the redhead standing behind the trees. Kayley smirked and said, "Wait until father hears about this…" She then ran off to tell Sinbad about what happened.

Ariel walked towards the brown lion and said, "Is that you?" the lion sighed and transformed into Jim. Then Jim said with a slight smile, "My name is Jim Hawkins and I'm a cursed lion."Ariel then said with a smile, "My name is Ariel Triton." Jim then said, "Well, I think you should meet my family and know our history." They both headed Jim's home, the BenBow Inn, where Ariel would learn a dark secret of the Hawkins family.

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