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I'm going to delete my stories, WAIT DON'T CLICK THAT X! Ok I'm going to delete them all because they have a few mistakes, but mostly because I'm going to try to finish them or atleast about half of them. Bella Volturi Is going to take longest because my main focus is on Impossible. So my advice to you, is to subscribe to me so you know when I put up new storys. :D

I'm about half way with Impossible, but thats because I have written about 3 future chapters, or a long one. Then I wrote another scene. And from start to beginning I have about 5 or 6 chapters. But, they changed the homework policy at my school :'( they call it enrichment, I call it torture. Lol. So I'm sorry about doing this but I have to otherwise I'm going to lose people for not updating. I know I might lost some now (hopefuly not) but I think it will be better if I upload the whole story or chapter per day.. or two per day... I havn't decided... review this story if you want me to post it?

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