Sadly I don't own twilight :(


My name is Isabella Swan but people call me Bella. Let me tell you a few things about myself. I am 18 and I live with my dad Charlie in forks. I moved here after my mum remarried a a guy called Phil he is ok travels a lot my mum would stay home with me but she missed him a lot so I came home to forks

I fell in love with Edward Cullen a vampire we loved each other or so I thought ,I loved him a lot but to him I was just a toy I still remember the day he left me in the forest


"come for a walk with me Bella" Edward said

I went with him he has been acting weird with me for the past 3 days I wanted to know what was going on where was Alice? I've not seen her at all. Suddenly he stooped and turned to me

"Bella we are leaving"

"ok but I got to tell Charlie something" I though I had a bit more time

"when I mean WE I mean me an my family" I did not know what to say I just stood there

"Bella its time for us to move on people are beginning to notice we cant risk it"

"ill come with you" he had to take me he loved me

"I don't want you to come, the tears came down then he did not want me

"you don't want me?"


well that changes things.

"Don't you love me?"

"no how could I love you? You was just a toy something for me and my family to play with"

how could he after everything he put me through I stood there not saying anything

end of flashback

He left me in the forest that night Crying. Sam found me about 4 hours later. All meaning in life was gone .

I did not talk to anyone only answered when I was asked a question went to school came home an did my homework and cooked dinner for Charlie. Charlie told me he was going to send me back to my mum I said no!

I started hanging out with Jake I slowly started getting better. Talking more smiling life was looking up. He told me about Sam and his gang, I remember Sam being the guy who found me the night when Ed...he left me it hurt to say his name or any of there names.

Jake was worried that Sam wanted him in his gang saying he was looking at him weird, but I told him he could not have him I would not let anyone take him from me he was my sun always making me laugh .We spent a lot of time together but one night he got sick an went home I have not seen him since then and that was 2 weeks ago I ring but get told he was out with Sam how I hated that man.

I decided I am going to LA Push tomorrow and talking to him I will get my answers and I will get my sun back.