Bella pov

When Paul told me all about our parents I thought about how good my life really was. My mum and dad I loved them so much, I don't care if I don't have the same blood as them but I do feel betrayed, how could they never told me? Did they think I would not love them? They took me in they loved me, of Corse I would still love them. I wish I could tell them that it was ok and I forgave them. I also thought about Paul, how he felt growing up with them people all the abuse the drinking and the drugs I wish I could make all the memories go away for him help him some way. Falling asleep on Sam I felt safe and loved I had my family around me and I had a brother I never knew about.

Wakening up the next morning with all the pack around me I realised how lucky I was, I had the love of my life my brother and all the rest of the pack plus my uncles and all the volturi I really was lucky. Walking into the kitchen I started breakfast and coffee. My uncles were in the backyard chatting away, I really needed to find out when they had to go home I would really miss them but I know they work to do and they were looking for Edward and victoria. I decided not to think about that and finish breakfast I made a full English breakfast with bacon, sausage, egg, beans, hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, fried bread and black pudding and lots of toast. By now all the pack was up and making their way into the kitchen Sam came over giving me a kiss and kissing my scars. He asked if I was ok and I told him I was fine, we all sat down and figured out what we would be doing today, I said I wanted a chill out day and not do anything we decided to do to the beach and have lunch there.

After everything was cleaned up an put away I went to my bedroom to get changed, I stood infrount of my mirror and looked at myself in my swimsuit I hated how I looked in to with the long scars down my face and arms. Sam came at the back of me and wrapped his arms round me "what the matter baby?" I turned around to face him " Sam how can you even look at me when I have these scars on me ? all they do is remind me of Edward an what he did to me" I started to get upset and cry Sam kissed the top of my head an whispered in my ear " baby the scars show me that you are a fighter and don't let anything get you down. You are an amazing person Bella and I love you so much scars and all. Don't let what Edward has done get you down we will find him and victoria and they will die an very painful death but for today we are doing down to the beach and have a family day with the pack and your uncles maybe we can get the elders to join us?" Sam always knew how to make me feel better. I kissed Sam and finished getting ready. After we was both ready we when back to the kitchen and packed the lunch then rang the elders to see if they wanted to join us, the only one who could come was Billy as old quill was not feeling to good and sue and harry was out for the day in Seattle.

We all went to the beach and was meeting Jake and Billy there I did tell Jake I would get Billy but he said he wanted to go so I did not fight him. When we got there I put the blanket down an lay on it while the boys and the guards when into the sea, my uncles sat with me and was asking how I was "I'm ok it's a lot to take in but I know my mum and dad loved me a lot and to me they were my parents blood or not. i have you guys and I have the pack and I know I will always have Sam and we are getting marred so that is going to take some time to put together and I'm hoping you all will be there" I looked down getting embarrassed I really want all my family there around me. "sweetheart we will be there you are out princess we would not miss it for the world" uncle aro said. I looked up at him and went to hug him I hugged all my uncles and told them how much I loved them. Sam ran over to us getting me all wet I tried to run from him but he picked me up hugging me as I laughed. Billy had come to sit with us he was laughing so much he nearly fell out of his wheelchair. When Sam let me go I went back to sit down and was talking to Billy "Billy how is the house coming along?" Billy was getting how house adapted with new ramps and all the aids he needs to help him move around a bit more on his own, he hated feeling like he had to depend on Jake so much so when I got the money from my mum and dads wills I gave him the money he would need, at first he refused to take it but I would not take no for an answer. "it's going well Bella hopefully it won't take too long and I got my new bed yesterday so now I can sit up and read in bed. Thank you so much Bella I don't know how I can ever thank you enough." I went over to Billy and gave him a hug telling him he did not need to thank me he was family and I take care of my family.

After a few hours of talking and just plain relaxing we was all sat around eating lunch. Everyone was asking if we had started planning the wedding and I told them we has not, I knew I wanted the wedding on the beach and not to be to formal. We asked Billy if he would marry us and he started to tear up saying he would love to, he also said we could do it on first beach and said the Cullen's could come as well just for the day. I don't think I want Alice there but we would have to see. After lunch I went for a swim and played in the sea for a bit I a lot got my uncles to get in as well, we said we would go home for dinner then come back for a bonfire. We all went home to have dinner and get cleaned up I decided to just order takeout as I could not be assed cooking. After we ate we just lay cuddling on the chair an relax some more. My uncles had gone to the Cullen's and check on how they were doing, when it was time to meet at the beach they were going to meet us there. When it was time to get back to the beach me and Sam walked back hand in hand slowly, I love these times when it is just us don't get me wrong I love my family and the pack but sometimes I just want some us time. When we got to the beach all the pack, vulture and elders were there we sat around the fire and told all the stories and my uncles told everyone how they were turned. The pack ate again and I really don't know where they put it all. By 11:30pm I was tired and falling asleep on Sam, he picked me up an carried me home he took me up to bed and helped me change into my nightwear before stripping down and getting into bed pulling me into his arms kissing me tenderly and falling to sleep. Today I had the best day ever with the love of my life and all of my big family. I fell asleep feeling better than I did this morning.