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KyoyaxOMC, light shonnen-ai

Implied past/future relationship

Constantly Risking Absurdity
Kyoya Ootori [ONE-SHOT]

School was such a bore, but then again is it not like that for all teenagers?

I mean come on, the average teen spends what, six to eight hours "learning" about subjects that they don't care out and will forget about the very next day. I often wonder why others even bother to show up in this place, if they get nothing out of it. But I guess having money and a family of high stature requires you to do certain things.

I was not the average teen however; in fact I would never be able to call myself that because I had no time for any of the average teen actions. My family kept me on a tight leash you could say seeing as all I did was attend school for the sake of saying I went- there's nothing I could possibly learn there anymore so now I just sit there and work on family things. Family- my family is one of the top when it comes to Pharmaceuticals and Research. As their only child I have no other choice but to follow in their footsteps and become the one and only heir to the Nightingale family.

Ouran Private Academy has been around since the 1800's. It started out as a mansion for wealthy people and it was transformed into a private school for the wealthy. That alone should tell you of the type of people that attend.

But Ouran is a rather special school. It's one of high praise and academics, not only that but it is vastly known for its many extracurricular activities, its clubs of various natures and the uncanny participation of all of its students. But of course there is only one that really stands out in everyone's mind- girl's especially- The Ouran Host Club.

I myself have never stepped foot in the, oh so famous Third Music room but I have heard about them. Those lovely seven boys or more like six boys and a girl who was unfortunate enough to fall trap into their ridiculous ploys- they were this schools pride and joy.

How sick and twisted is that? I mean come on when you look at it they are pimping themselves out.

As for myself I am the 2-B class president, the lead singer of Oran's nationally renowned Choir, I am head of the 2-B class Pre-Med team and vice president of the Business & Robotics club. And I am tied for first place as the top male student along with Ootori Kyoya. On top of that I am forced to take private lessons, after all if am to take over my parents place… just going to school is not enough.

"Akira-senpai I don't think it is a good idea for me to be here…"

I glanced over the young girl brushing my bangs out of my eyes, "Haru-chan there is nothing to worry about. But if you need me to, I will tell those mangy group of dogs that you were with me," I assured her.

She released a nervous laugh, "eh… mangy group of dogs?" This poor girl blackmailed into joining that club had befriended me after I had gotten lost when I decided to explore the city. She took me into her home sheltering me from the rain welcoming me along with her father. It was only right that she become the sibling I never had.

I nodded. "You know I don't like any of them Haru-chan. Now let's forget about them for today because you will be joining me," I smiled at her as I grabbed a hold of her and continued to drag her towards the entrance of the school.

"Haru-chan! My lovely daughter! Where do you think you are going?" the blonde airhead screamed as we both came to halt to see Tamaki Suou along with the rest of the members of the Host Club staring down at us from the top of the staircase.

Haruhi being who she is began to babble some excuse while looking down at the floor being careful not to look into the others faces. "Eh… well you see…"

"She will be with me for the rest of the evening Suou-san so I suggest you say your dear goodbyes," I drawled dully as I stood my ground at the bottom of the staircase, my hand still holding onto Haruhi's and my gaze trained on Tamaki's jealous face with a smirk.

"Let my daughter go you- you kidnapper person," he yelled at me standing in a silly pose as he waved his fist at me.

I rolled my eyes at him tugging on her hand, "Haru-chan can we go now?"I whined with the cutest pout I knew I could pull.

"How dare you address our Haru-chan like that!" the two red head twins shouted at me joining their proclaimed lord with their angered glares. "Who are you anyway?" one of the twins asked.

I scoffed narrowing my gaze to the one who asked that before a devilish smirk graced my lips. He flinched back hiding behind his twin brother before slipping into their 'brotherly love' act that Haruhi had once told me about. "You are all very much pathetic…" they only gasped dramatically clinging onto to each other.

My pout resurfaced, ignoring them I continued to tug on her arm childishly pleading, "Come on Haruhi we have to go or we will be late for the movie…" but his voice stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Akira Nightingale. He's 16 years old and was born in America. He is the class president of 2-B," he stated while glancing down at me and turning back to the notebook. "Not only that but he is the lead singer of Ouran's Choir, he is the head of the 2-B class Pre-Med team and vice president of the Business & Robotics club and the sole heir to the Nightingale chain of Pharmaceuticals and Research labs… impressive…" he trailed off staring at me like it meant nothing.

I cocked an eyebrow amused as I shrugged and smile sheepishly at Haruhi's shocked expression as she stared at me. I said nothing as I glanced up that one, black hair, grey eyes, glasses, perfect complexion and looks just as scrumptiously gorgeous as he did back then…

"Ootori Kyoya… haha it has been a while since we have last seen each other- then again those times we have met it was more of a one night event was it not…" I stated mockingly, enjoying the confused and slightly scandalized looks of the others as he narrowed his gaze to an evil glare.

He said nothing though as his glare softened to a stoic gaze. Around us the others had continued to stare before the blonde started arguing about Haruhi wanting to leave her Host club duties to go and hang out with some boy they did not even know about. But I kept my gaze on him after all he was the one that I was after and although he must not have noticed it- his stare had turned to one of curiosity and longing.

I laughed openly offering him a mocking smile as he huffed, closed his notebook and walked away a faint tint on his cheeks, "Feel free to call me up whenever you want Kyoya. Well we have to go now so goodbye," I exclaimed rushing out dragging the poor Haruhi behind me and into the limousine waiting for us.

"Well this will be fun," Haru-chan exclaimed as she gazed around the limousine.

I nodded along as we both stared out towards the entrance of the school where they all stood glaring at my car. I rolled down the window and popped out, "Don't worry she'll be fine after all I have my own private squad!" I exclaimed with a big silly grin on my face. The others only shouted and glared.

My stare stayed on Ootori Kyoya as I shook myself out my thoughts and waved him off grinning at that hateful scowl on his delicate lips as I blew him a teasing kiss. Kyoya- I missed you…

will make a sequel eventually if asked...

loves, andy