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Implied past/future relationship

Constantly Risking Absurdity
Kyoya Ootori [THREE]

My father has always warned me of my ability to pick an object or a person and obsess over it. As a child I would focus on only one stuffed animal and god forbid something happened to it because you could not get me to stop wailing until it was all better.

As I grew up my obsessions ranged from electronics, to jewelry, to clothes, to cars, and to those people who I considered to be beyond beautiful. While many thought of me as shallow I knew I was not that. I would find the beauty in something and then I could not let it go. If anything I was selfishly greedy.

That was actually how I ended up with my first boyfriend, Orion. I saw him at school one day and there was just something about his personality- it was open, colorful, and so full of life, I could not help but focus on him despite having so many others tell me that to befriend a "loser" like him would look bad on my reputation. He became everything at the time, he became mine and I enjoyed being able to call him mine. All those who could not see him for the true magnificence of his soul were not worth my time.

I suppose Kyoya Ootori was the same thing. Although he was completely different from my previous boyfriend, he drew me in as soon as I saw him in that garden. At that time it was only his appearance, that appealed to me it was regal- his pale skin, the coal hair, the thin fingers, the slender neck, the thin rosy lips and those bottomless eyes.

While Orion was like gold, Kyoya was silver, when Orion was Zeus- Kyoya was Hades.

The more I got to know Kyoya, the more I was fascinated, the more I was intrigued and before I knew I was already in too deep to pull back. Orion and I had drifted apart- he had moved on to a different stage of his life and me- I had veered off course the minute I walked into that garden.

My father noticed of course, he warned me not to become involved with the third son of the Ootori Medical Chain of Tokyo, Kyoya Ootori. He knew how obsessive I could become over unique things. I am afraid he was too late. Kyoya Ootori was more than one of my previous obsessions- no Kyoya was another thing all together.

He was the one that I would never let slip my grasp even if it meant that I must suffer.

It was yet another passionate meeting although this time we had taken to have it at the library. Upon finding the private study room at the back equipped with a desk, sofa, book shelves and a live fireplace I had deemed it mine and no one bothered to argue. Except Kyoya of course but that quickly changed when I sealed his mouth with mine and proceeded to show him why it would be beneficial for both of us.

This morning was no different as he pushed me down onto the plush sofa and unconsciously showed just how much he did care for me. And as he dressed himself he just nodded to me and left like it was nothing more than a cheap one night stand. But we both knew better.

As lunch came around he was sitting with the people from the host club, Haruhi was stuck in one of the twins acts while the dramatic blonde scurried along. The seniors ignored them and focused on their food and Kyoya he sat there as some brown-haired girl clung to his arm and prattled on about him being her prince and whatnot.

"Akira-kun are you alright?" one my classmates asked quietly and I only smiled sweetly despite the fact that my hand was destroying my lunch with the fork.

The others around me just smiled warily, "Her name is Renge Houshakuji, and she is the new freshmen transfer of Class 1-D I believe she transferred in Monday."

Another nodded, "I heard that she walked into the Host Club on Monday and told everyone that Ootori-senpai was her fiancé. He denied it of course but she won't leave him alone."

"Ah she appointed herself manager to the Host Club and is trying to get them to some sort of movie," a girl named Megumi said as she sat down at our table.

Humming lightly I looked over to see Kyoya glance at me with a smug smirk as he turned his attention back to the stupid girl. Holding back a snarl I scoffed and stabbed my food once again imagining it was her face, "Stupid trash she's lucky I can't kill her…"

When will you accept me Kyoya?

The others sighed sadly, "Ne Akira-kun are you joining us in the music room in the afternoon?"

"Yeah I have been practicing a new piece on my piano- it also comes with a song, so I look forward to getting comments on my performance," I sad sweetly while smiling, the boys chattered excitedly and the girls squealed and swooned.

That afternoon student from the music club and the choir club huddled together planning their own performances as the rest of the school students settled into their seats in the auditorium. I glanced up just in time to see Haruhi dragged the rest of the Host Club into their reserved seats up in the front.

With a charming smile I hugged her from behind, "Ne Haru-chan I'm so happy you came- but I thought I told you to leave the rest of the trash back in music room three where they belong~" I teased enjoying the flushed faces of anger and the quirk of Kyoya's lips.

"Akira-senpai don't be mean," she scolded me but hugged me nonetheless.

Laughing I ruffled her hair, "Hai~ hai! How's uncle Ranka doing? I've been so busy with my performance that I haven't been able to visit lately?"

She scowled cutely, "He's fine, same old- same old. What are you performing? You never told me that you played senpai."

"Mah you never asked Haru-chan. But I will be performing my new piece on the piano while singing a duet with Ryo-kun," I said pointing him out in the crowd. "Ryoma was nice enough to help me plan this all out and sing with me. You'll like his voice Haru-chan~"

Arms wrapped around my shoulders, body flushed with mine and face nuzzling my neck, "Ne Akira you're giving me too much credit since you did most of the work." I laughed lightly as Ryoma cuddled me, not noticing the smug smirk he sent Kyoya who glared right back before going blank.

"Hey Aki-kun my parents told me to invite you home to dinner after the show is over so we could celebrate. They want to hear you play again- sometimes I can't help but think that they love you more than they love me…"

I nod, "Sure that sounds good. Your parents are really nice."

Haruhi smiled widely, "I can't wait to hear you two, I'm sure you make a great team."

"Ha, ha of course we do. Enjoy the show~" Ryoma sang while dragging me away.

As I prepared for my performance I took great enjoyment in seeing the scowl of Kyoya's lips and the heated glare he shot Ryoma every once in a while.

With a small bow towards the crowd I seated myself on the piano bench Ryoma brushed my shoulder slightly before standing close by with the microphone. So the performance started moving slowly and the swiftly through high and low rifts as our voices joined in smoothly. And when it ended there was a silence of awe before the place erupted with applause and lively chatter. Ryoma grabs my hand and we bow- he kisses me on the cheek in congratulations and the place only breaks into more chatter.

But I see the narrowed gray eyes, the sneer on his lips, and the clenched hands.

And I can only smile because I know he thinks that I am his and only his.

The next morning as I walk into my private room in the library and I gasp as I'm slammed into the door lips attack my own, hands divest me of my clothes, my back hits the rug placed in front of the lit fireplace, teeth nip my shoulder harshly and all I can hear is him saying, "You're mine.."

And I think, "How long are you going to avoid me after this Kyoya?"

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