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Chapter Three

He Said She Said

Everyone except the struggling Reid was quietly rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do or say.

Reid was at loss for what to think, a first for him. What was going on? Was he still asleep and dreaming? Because this certainly was a nightmare in itself, oh please let it be a one of those false awakening dreams Reid pleaded as he laid his head back against the pillows feeling the stitches in his neck stretch.

The tears he left fall were tickling his chin and wiped them away hastily with his hands.

Dr. Willis gets out a light and tongue depressors and leans over Reid, "Can you open your mouth for me Dr. Reid?"

Reid obliges and holds still as the doctor shines his light into his mouth and watches as the doctor's brows contort into a frown…. Not a good sign.

When the doctor gets back up he looks at Reid and then towards the other members of his team with a thoughtful expression.

"Is everything okay doctor?" Rossi asks with a worried frown.

"I'm not sure yet, we need to do some testing. I'll be right back but when I return can you please wait in the hallway for a few minutes?" The doctor says as he leaves the room.

The team looks towards Reid who looks so terrified, but they can tell he is trying his hardest not to show it. His breathing was erratic and he was starting to sweat.

Morgan looks worriedly at his colleague and puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder and gives it a soft squeeze, "It's going to be okay Reid, don't worry, calm down." he says in his most soft and comforting tone possible.

Reid was trying to, with all his might to slow his shallow breathing, but the tightening feeling in his chest was gripping tighter.

Swallowing multiple times he tried to clear his throat or something to help his voice return but to no avail. His hands falls from his throat to grip tightly at the blankets, but feeling the pain in his right wrist at doing so he lessens his hold.

"I'm sure he just wants to double check things Spence, you know doctors and always wanting to be right." JJ tries to give him a smile but it seems forced as she pats his good leg.

"We'll be outside if you need us Reid." Hotch says with his usual neutral tone laced with concern.

Reid wanted to say he would, but then it hit him, hit him hard, how could he let them know he would need them? He can't say anything at the moment, so Reid just pushes is head further back into the pillows, closes his eyes and nods.

Garcia and Morgan seemed to have the hardest time following after the others as they left the room, gazes lingering on Reid.

Morgan decided to stay positive for Reid even if it was false, he put on a fake smile and grabbed Garcia softly by the arm and lead her out of the room saying, "Come on mama, you'll only be separated by glass and a door for a few moments."

"See you in a minute kid." he assures and leaves the room.

Reid was thankful for his friends trying to look like everything was going to be okay. Although he is a profiler to for goodness sakes and he could tell they were freaked out as well, which wasn't doing him much good in the freaking out level either.

He was trying to concentrate on the positive, racking through all the mental files of knowledge in his head. Although he doesn't know much about the medical field he knows enough, but even with enough he couldn't figure out what was going on.

The doctor comes back in with two nurses holding some sort of contraption that instantly alerted Reid he probably wouldn't enjoy much.

"Okay Dr. Reid, we are going put this camera down your nose to get a better look at your vocal chords; the nurse here is going to give you some numbing spray to help relax your throat muscles."

The nurse gives Reid the spray and after five agonizing minutes and the uncomfortable feeling of something shoved down your throat it was over. Reid breathed a sigh of relief and lifted the blankets up higher around him, feeling utterly frozen and vulnerable.

"I can't say for sure what is going on but from what I can assume I think your vocal chords are paralyzed. Different things that may have caused this... the E.M.T.'s might have nicked your vocal chords while intubating at the scene of the accident, or maybe it's from prolonged intubation. It could just be temporary; we would have to do more extensive testing to make sure."

Reid's face is crestfallen and his heart feels like it has plummeted to the floor. Like his world just shattered, it's his main form of communication. It's how he saves lives, protects himself, proves his worth, and does his job. The shock is too much; he doesn't even know how to process it.

"Do you want me to share this with your friends for you?" Dr. Willis asks softly.

Reid swallows a few times before he nods slowly but he is only looking at the sheets of his bed covers, not the doctor. Because for some reason he feels helpless and angry, angry at the doctors and paramedics for taking away his gift of sound, and angry at himself for becoming weak.

The doctor walks out into the hallway to expectant and worried faces.

"How is he?" Morgan demands urgently stepping away from the wall he was leaning on.

The doctor pulls a tired face towards him and answers, "Well, like I told Dr. Reid, it seems his vocal chords are paralyzed. It might have happened at the scene of the accident, or could be from being on the ventilator for a prolonged time. It could possibly be temporary; we just have to do more extensive tests to be sure."

The group's faces fall and look as if the air was sucked out of the room. JJ and Garcia seem to be almost at tears.

"I would like to advise you to keep an eye on him; I'm worried about him developing a depression from this."

The group gives several silent nods.

"When do you think he'll be able to be discharged?" Hotch asks.

"I think if all goes well tomorrow should be fine if he is up to it, but he'll still have to come back in for his follow ups." Dr. Willis states confidently and a moment later his pager went off, "I need to get this, I will be back later after rounds, excuse me."

After the doctor left JJ says softly holding her hands together, "Spence shouldn't be left alone in the state he is in now…"

Morgan spoke up, "I think the kid should stay with me, he might not like it but he needs the help and I got a spare room."

"I agree, but how are you going to convince him of that?" Rossi says head tilting towards the room.

"Hey, no one can resist my charm," Morgan says with grin placing his hands on his hips but then sobers immediately remembering the given situation.

"That is true mon ami." Garcia adds sweetly putting a hand on his arm.

"That or I beat it into him. He is stubborn but I'm relentless." He says with a determined gaze at the door.

The others smile a little at this and Prentiss states quietly, "That is true." then suggests more strongly, "If Reid is okay with it, maybe we should go to his apartment and pack some of his items up for him and go ahead and move it over to your place Morgan. That way Reid will be more comfortable."

Morgan nods as he rolls his stiff shoulders, "That's a great idea, that is if you guys don't mind?"

"It's not a problem." Hotch comments fixing his suit jacket.

"Oh wait, I've got an idea." Garcia runs off towards the nurses' station talking to a nurse quickly and animatedly, upon returning she shows the group the items in her hands: paper and pen.

"I thought these might be useful to our genius for the moment." She adds with a shrug.

"That was a great idea Penelope." JJ tells her with a small smile.

Reid was staring at the ceiling tiles while being left alone in his hospital room; he was starting to feel overwhelmed. Knowing the team was talking about him outside in the hall didn't make it any better either, but found counting the tiles a good distraction and got to 30 by the time the team filed back in.

He kept his head laid back passively but his eyes wander over to them giving them a questioning look.

Garcia steps forward with the paper and pen she acquired and pulls the side table over the bed and displays it for him.

"For you hun, to use, uh, at the current moment." She says rubbing his arm soothingly.

He gives her a small smile in return and stares at the paper. Not sure where to start and sadden by the fact that he has to use paper and pen now.

"The doctor says you can go home tomorrow, that's good news." Hotch tells Reid from his spot on the side of the bed.

Rossi gives a smirk, "I bet you're eager for that huh kid?"

Reid's eyes lower slightly and give a slow nod as runs a hand through his hair, because now that they mention it. What is he going to do once he gets home? He can't take care of himself at the current moment.

Morgan saw the anxious expression on his young friend's face, "Reid I think it will be best if you stay over to my place for awhile." He says strongly, as he crosses his arms over his chest.

The young doctor's head snaps up quickly to give Morgan an unsure look and purses his lips together. He doesn't want to be a burden. He's taken care of himself most of his life; it's embarrassing and unnatural for him to rely on others like that.

Garcia taps the desk, "Write it down sweet heart, that's what the paper is for."

"Its fine kid, it won't be a problem I promise." Morgan says in a comforting tone walking over towards the chair to call dibs before someone else does.

Reid licks his lips and with his sprained hand reaches out towards the pen and tentatively holds it between his fingers. It hurts a little but not too much where he can't handle it. He is debating on what to ask, because there are so many things and just settles on the one question that's the most important to him.

'What about work?'

And shoves the paper closer towards the edge where Garcia and Morgan could see.

They look at it and their eye brows rise up some and look towards Hotch.

Morgan asks for the kid, "He wants to know about him and working, Hotch."

Hotch's frowns and looks to be thinking but answers quickly, "We'll work something out. You still have your ability to profile Reid and you're a valuable member to this team. As soon as the doctors allow it, I see no problem with you coming back, but of course off active field duty. Reid this thing with your voice might not even be permanent remember?"

"Yeah Reid, just concentrate on getting better okay?" Prentiss reassures him with a warm smile.

Reid just nods quickly and bits his bottom lip, and writes again.

'I'm sure I'll be fine Morgan, I don't want to be a burden.' and looks up with an ashamed expression on his face towards Morgan.

Morgan huffed out a breath, and shakes his head back and forth gently and gives a half-exasperated look to his remark. "You are not a burden, just shut up and do what we say already."

Garcia looks back and forth between them and claps her hands together with finality, "That settles it then, I'll be over all the time to make sure you get all candy you desire."

Reid gives her a tired smile as thanks and the others laugh slightly. He still wasn't sure about bothering Morgan with his presence, he was fine when his leg was shot, sort of, and he managed fairly well. This was way worse after all, but he doesn't want to trouble his team.

Then Reid's eye brows shoot upwards with a slightly dawning realization, scribbles furiously then looks up with anxious eyes, 'What about the Reid-effect and Clooney?'

They read it and laugh once again, laughing was good in this situation. It lightened the tense air and worried thoughts and gave things a more normal feel too it.

Morgan chuckles reaching out his hand to mess up Reid's tousled curls, "You'll be fine, Clooney is a good dog I swear, don't worry."

Garcia chuckles softly, "I bet he is like Reid with candies, all you got to do is give Clooney some dog treats and he is all loveable and cuddleable."

Reid's jaw drops slightly and looks aghast and writes in his messy scrawl, 'HEY! Not true.'

An hour later and one apartment key less, everyone but Morgan was gone. Garcia said she would return as fast as possible with a surprise, whatever that ensured. Morgan wasn't really bothering him too much, mostly just leaving him to himself which he was thankful for.

Reid was looking at the wall across him with an unfocused gaze, not really thinking of anything. He wanted to sleep but figured he'd done enough of that once he was told he was in a coma for a week. He was tired from his friends' visit, but he was glad to see them even if it wore him out quickly. It was still scary knowing that for a whole week he was out of it, asleep to the world.

Shifting in his bed Reid's face pinched in pain, every move he made hurt and ached somewhere, and his hip never seemed to get comfortable. It was a good thing Reid thought, that he likes sleeping on his back or his side because he had no choice but to sleep on his back like this now.

Morgan sitting in the spare chair they had brought in so that Garcia could have the comfortable one, noticed the kid's discomfort and decided to comment on it.

"Hey kid, you okay there?"

Reid locked eyes with a concerned looking Morgan, licks his dry lips and nodded.

He then was suddenly jolted slightly by a thought that just hit him. He was so distracted by his weariness and his friends' visit he didn't even think about the pain medicine he was probably on.

He grabs the pen and starts to write hastily on the paper and show it to Morgan. 'How much pain medicine am I on? I want on the minimum amount!'

The older man sighs and gives Reid a look of sympathy, "You are on already on a normal amount Reid, and I don't think it will hurt you to -"

Suddenly the paper is ripped from Morgan's hand and Reid writes fast with strong pressure applied to it, 'Yes it will. I want the lowest amount now.' and gives the older man a hard stare.

Morgan could tell there was no way to argue his point and reluctantly nods, "Okay," and gets up to tell the nurses.

After the nurse that had adjusted Reid's pain medicine walked out, Morgan and Garcia both stride into his room.

"Look what the cat dragged in." Morgan laughs gesturing towards Garcia, who in return just swats at his arm.

"Be good now." She admonishes.

"I got you some goodies for our dear Dr. Reid!"

Putting her green bag she was holding into the chair she starts pulling out items to place them on the table near his bed.

"We got here some cherry and lime Jello packets," Reid's eyes light up at this, "a teddy bear," which turns into a sour pout, "some super hard cross word puzzles to keep you busy for like… five minutes," Morgan and Garcia laugh and smile, "and I got you these."

She lays out a 8.5 x 11 dry erase board, whiteboard cleaner and eraser, a soft cloth, and a pack of Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Assorted Colors, 8-Pack.

Reid looks up at her astonished by her loot. He was touched she went to such great lengths for him.

Garcia looks pleased with her offerings as she says, "I got you the one with the most colors, only the best for our genius. It comes in black, red, blue, green, pink, purple, brown, and orange. So when you are bored you can color. Or we could color together." She adds with a playful smile.

Morgan lets out a huffed laugh and shakes his head at her, "You are crazy woman, but amazing."

"And don't you forget it." Garcia says with a wink.

Reid lowers his eyes embarrassed and tried to cough nervously like he would have normally, but nothing came out. After swallowing tightly he gives her a sad but grateful smile, and reaches out to open the packages.

"Here let me help some." Morgan offers quickly and undoes the wrapping on the board and supplies while Reid gets the markers out.

Reid pulls his lips to the side thoughtfully trying to decide on what color to pick, and finally chooses purple and starts writing on his new marker board, 'Thanks Garcia, that was very thoughtful of you.'

"Awwh, anything for you honey, you know that." She says and smoothes his hair down and moves to sit down in her chair.

There was a knock on the door and they look over to see Dr. Willis was back and with a nurse. "Hello again, I wanted to check on you and see how you were doing and start you on your treatments."

Reid eyed them worriedly, fidgeting a little in his bed as the nurse checked his pluse oximeter on his finger and tells the doctor its number.

"It seems your oxygen levels are too low; we need to get your lung's strength back up and healthy. This thing here will help you." Dr. Willis points to the item the nurse hands over to Reid. "It's a volumetric exerciser; it will help to open up the capillaries of your lungs. You need to breath into this piece here, and breathe in and out with all your might for five minutes at a time at least three times a day. If you experience any light headed or dizziness to the point of passing out, please stop and just maybe just cut it back to three minutes and try again later."

"Everything else seems to be fine Dr. Reid; you should be out of here and home soon. I'll be back later, nurse Joy will help you get started, unless you have any questions?"

Reid shook his head 'no' and the doctor patted his good leg and left.

"So I want you to breathe hard enough for this yellow piece to hit this number okay?" Nurse Joy asks nicely.

After three minutes of painful breathing the nurse left a very tired and exhausted Reid.

"You okay Reid?" Morgan asks in a concerned tone standing next to the bed and pulling the blankets back up over him.

Reid just nodded slowly closing his eyes and running his hands through his hair. Reid winces when he finally touches the stitches on his head, with his fingers he felt around trying to count the number of stitches used, but stopped after it become too painful to touch.

Morgan was watching his young friend with amusement and worry. He would wince in pain, stop, and then wince again. Finally he had to ask.

"Reid what are you doing?" He asked in a stern tone.

Reid's eyes snapped to side to look wide eyed at his two friends watching him. He smiled sheepishly and dropped his hands from his head to clumsily grab a black marker and write out, 'I was,' he pushes his lips together in a thin line, 'counting the number of stitches on my head.' then shrugs.

Garcia smiles but says in mock seriousness, "Bad boy, don't do that or you might rip them out, you hear me?"

Reid lowers his eyes and nods his 'yes' to her. While Morgan just laughs at his friends.

When Morgan and Garcia started talking about their late night television shows that they wanted to watch that night and made fun of the five o'clock news anchor. Reid wasn't really paying them much attention anymore. They could talk all they wanted but he couldn't, it made him feel guilty for feeling resentful towards the friends who have gone up and out of their way to take care of him. He felt like crap and wanted to cry.

The nurse walked in and dropped a tray of food for Reid to eat on his table. But Reid didn't even acknowledge the nurse's presence or departure.

Morgan and Garcia exchanged worried glances at one another.

Biting her lip Garcia asks hesitantly, "Sweetums, are you hungry? The nurse brought you some dinner. Chicken I think."

Reid just blinks slowly as if he didn't hear her and pulls the blankets tighter around him.

"Reid?" Morgan's asks tentatively staring at the kid.

His voice must have broken the kid's trace because he quickly shifts his gaze to him with a confused look.


Reid grabs the button to raise the bed up some and picks up his fork slowly and starts pushing his food around and lifting it to his mouth to take small bites. He was super hungry but he didn't have much of an appetite.

When 9 P.M. strolled around Garcia had to go home but offered to stay to which Reid denied nicely, she left after a kissing two fingers to her lips and placing them to his forehead and promising to visit him at Morgan's.

Reid looked to Morgan, popped open a blue marker and wrote out, 'Morgan you don't have to stay you know? I'll be fine one night by myself.'

Morgan lifted one eyebrow at him, sprawled out in the comfortable chair now facing the television. "I know, but you just woke up Reid, and it's a lot to deal with."

Reid shook his head slightly and used the eraser to wipe the board and scribbled again, 'I'll be asleep the whole time and you can pick me up in the morning.' Pursing his lips together and gives Morgan a look of defiance.

Morgan lips form a frown sitting up straighter, eyes softening as he replies quietly, "Yeah but Reid, you can't exactly call for help if you need it right now and I would just feel better being here, okay?"

Reid's face falls and he looks so dejected but nods his head. Hated hearing his weakness put like that, but understood perfectly as he writes, 'I understand, thanks. I'm going to try to get some sleep now.'

Reid turns his head the opposite side, takes off his glasses, and closes his eyes; letting the full day he had hit him like a ton of bricks. Hoping the numb feeling that has taken over him drift him off to sleep.

Morgan sighed, "No problem kid, goodnight." He hated feeling so helpless watching Reid become more and more withdrawn by the hour, but he wasn't sure what he could do. Maybe once he got Reid out of the hospital the kid would cheer up a little and things could get better.




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