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Chapter Four

Sweet Repression

When morning came Morgan felt pretty well rested, it was the most comfortable chair he'd slept in all week even if his shoulders were still painfully stiff. Turning his head over he sees Reid's face is screwed up in discomfort but his eyes remain closed, so he isn't sure if he is still asleep or not.

"Good Morning Pretty-Boy, are you feeling okay?"

Reid rotates his shoulders around and slowly opens his eyes to look at Morgan. Reaching his hand out for his glasses, Reid puts them on as the other finds the red marker and writes to him very slowly and sleepily, 'I'm fine. Just can't get comfortable.' Then his eye snap open more and adds on, 'Oh, and good morning to you to Morgan.'

Finding the remote control and pressing the button to raise the bed to lean forward more. Reid tries to get situated but the blankets got pulled and his feet were hanging out exposing cold feet to even colder air. Using his right foot he tries to kick the blanket back over but fails, tries again but only fails and jars the bed harshly.

Morgan sighed heavily, "Reid do you need help?"

Reid gives Morgan a sideways glance and stubbornly shakes his head 'no' trying to suppress his obvious discomfort.

The older man props his elbow on the chair and rest his head on his palm and warns, "You're going to hurt yourself."

Reid exhales loudly with a huff and gives up the war against the blankets with a pout.

Rolling his eyes Morgan gets up from his chair and leans over to swiftly and efficiently cover the young man's feet back up. "There."

A nurse steps in holding a tray of food with a smile, "Good morning, after you're done eating some breakfast Dr. Willis wants to take you in for some tests." She checks his chart and machines before walking back out.

Reid just stares at the food.

Morgan saw his thin friend tense and twist the blankets within his fingers, and leans forward to place his strong hand on Reid's arm to stop his fidgeting.

"Hey, it's going to be okay. As soon as they are done you get to break out of this place." He soothed.

Reid reached up to start scratching at the bandaged on his neck, it was becoming annoying and the tape was starting to peel off and pull on his skin.

Morgan smacked at his hand, "Hey, stop that!"

Reid's brows pull down into a confused look and his lips part open as he tried to say 'Hey' but nothing came out.

Morgan saw how sad his friend became and wanting to give him a distraction asks, "Aren't you hungry?"

Blinking and taking a slow breath in Reid shakes his head 'no' slowly, staring intently at the blanket and thumbing its edges.

"You should try to eat something at least; you barely ate at all last night Reid."

Reid picks up the fork and stabs his weirdly looking eggs and gives it a look of contemplation, after fifteen minutes he finally just pushes the tray away.

Morgan sighs, "Here drink some water then." pouring him a cup and putting a straw in it and placing it on the table.

Reid takes a tentative sip of it, and then drinks greedily not realizing how thirsty he was till now.

"Thirsty much?" Morgan laughs gently.

Reid gives a silent laugh wiping a hand over his mouth and nods quickly.

Morgan gets out of his chair to stand and stretch his cramped muscles, looking over to see Reid uncapping a marker and write something on his board and flipping over to show him with an expectant look.

'You should get something to eat.'

"Nah, I'll grab something to eat while you're doing your tests. I'll be fine kid."

Reid gave him a look like he was debating on arguing but must have decided to drop the matter, because his gaze shifted down to the blankets and started to pull on loose threads.

Morgan reaches over and grabs the remote flips on the television and sits back down in the chair reclining his legs out in the other.

The two fall in companionable silence while Morgan flips through the channels and lands on CNN to catch the news.

As soon as Reid heard the channel land on something longer than 10 seconds it got his attention and raised his head to look. He was deadly interested in what the news had to say, he was behind on a whole week of events and wanted to play catch up as fast as possible. Staring intently at the screen zoned completely into it and paying attention to the stock reports finding it intriguing, but was zapped back to the present when a couple of nurses show up at the door.

"Knock knock," One of the nurses says, "We're going to take you down to get a CT scan, a couple of x-rays, and do some more tests on your vocal cords, are you ready to go?"

Taking a deep breath but looking nervous Reid nods his head and smoothes his blankets down.

"We need to get him ready; can you leave for the room please sir?" The nurse asks Morgan.

"Yeah sure," he said, then reaching over he squeezes this young friend's wrist, "I'll be here when you get back."

Waiting outside in the hallway Morgan turns around when he hears Reid's door open and watches as they wheel Reid out. After the kid was far enough out of sight, he walks back into the room and grabs his to-go-bag to change in the bathroom and heads down to the cafeteria and grabs a bagel and coffee to go. Going outside to give Hotch a call and see if his place was ready. Once he closed his phone he started back inside, he knew Reid would probably be awhile but wanted to be there just in case he was needed.

A little over an hour later a very tired looking Reid was wheeled back into his room where Morgan greeted him with a warm smile.

"Hey there kid."

Reid was so tired all he could do was lift his left hand in a lazy half wave.

Soon after Dr. Willis walked in holding x-rays and a chart in hand.

Morgan got up as soon as he saw the man and went up to stand next to Reid's bed for support.

"I got your tests results back in. Your breaks are healing nicely." Dr. Willis says holding up an x-ray to the light on the wall and flipping through them, "You'll have to be off your legs and on bed rest for awhile I'm afraid, but I do want you to become mobile as soon as possible, coupled with the assistance of physical therapy. I see the nurses have changed your bandages already, you'll need to keep that up as well to make sure there is no risk of infection."

Reid blinked a few times, his eyes felt very dry all of a sudden. He was hesitantly holding eye contact with the doctor as he spoke, somehow he had a feeling it wasn't going to be all pretty and wasn't going to like what he was going to hear. He felt his chest tighten a little as his nerves grew. He just wanted answers.

Dr. Willis then started flipping through his chart's pages and reading as he talked, "Nothing on your CT scan showed signs of why your vocal cords are paralyzed, also nothing conclusive came out of the tests we received on your vocal cords either I'm afraid." Looking up at Reid he concludes, "In terms of vocal paralysis it could just last for maybe a few weeks, to nine months, and or be permanent. We'll have to wait to find out. I'd liked to try and prescribe you an anti-inflammatory medicine to see if swelling is the problem. Try this medicine for a week, and if not any better discontinue its use. I've informed the nurses at the desk to give you the referral to a specialist and prescribed for you to take vocal therapy when up to it."

By now Reid's eyes had dropped down to stare at the blankets as he fiddled with the edges of the blankets, ringing them in his hands slightly. Feeling like the strength in him was zapped away and nothing but a hard road to recovery was ahead for him, whether the results of that recovery were what he wanted or not.

Dr. Willis writes on his pad and hands Morgan some small papers, "Here, these are his prescriptions. I assume you'll be helping him out."

Morgan nods to the doctor with determined eyes, "Yes I will be."

Reid starts writing on his board and shows the doctor, 'I do not want any narcotics.'

The man's eye brows knit together, "Are you sure Dr. Reid?"

Nodding his head Reid gives the man a stubborn look.

"Okay, then instead I will give you a strong dosage of non-narcotic pain killers to help manage the pain."

The doctor writes out one more paper out and gives it to Morgan as he walks over and undoes Reid's IV and gives him a small smile, "Take care of yourself Dr. Reid; please take it easy for awhile." and leans over to shake Reid's slightly shaky hand and then turns to shake Morgan's.

"Thank you, Doctor."

Dr. Willis nods before quickly leaving the quiet room.

Taking a deep breath in Morgan exhales slowly and turns to face his broken friend. "Ready to get out of this place?" he says in a hopefully optimistic tone.

Reid just stares at the blankets, fingers thumbing the edges back and forth and very slightly nods his head.

Morgan helped the kid get dressed, after he gave Reid his spare clothes to wear, completely forgetting to go pick up Reid's some of his clothes to wear home. Morgan was thankful that he still had some clean work out shorts the kid could fit over his casted leg that was stashed away in his bag, along with a button up shirt that was easy to change the kid into. Reid looked almost comical swimming in Morgan's t-shirt.

Reid looked tired and about ready to jump out of his skin, he hated having to have help getting dressed. Feeling so embarrassed and his cheeks flushed but he didn't see any alternative. Everything hurt and he was so sore, he could do it himself but it would take ages and be more painful.

The trip from the bed to wheelchair was enough to make Reid's face stay in the state of agony.

"Maybe the doctor should have kept you longer kid? You don't look so well." Morgan asks with skeptically, concern written on his face as he helps Reid put on his shoes, which thankfully weren't ruined in the accident.

Reid just shakes his 'no' while gritting his teeth and mouths with pleading gaze, 'I want out of here, I'm fine.'

Morgan only caught a little of that but with the look in the kid's eyes he says, "Okay but once we get home you're not doing anything but sleep and rest you hear me?" It wasn't really a question more like an order by the tone in Morgan's voice.

"Here hold this; it will make you feel better." Morgan teases as he places the teddy bear Garcia got Reid in the young man's lap.

Reid just huffs out a breath of air of annoyance but holds the teddy bear steady to keep it from falling, as Morgan pushes him out of the hospital.

The drive home was uneventful; Morgan parked his vehicle in his driveway and glanced sideways at Reid, "Home sweet home." Opening his door he got out and walked quickly over to the backseat and got out the wheelchair the hospital let them have, opened Reid's passenger side door. "Ready?" Putting his arm underneath Reid's and placing it behind the young man's back, Morgan helps support most of his weight to transfer him to the wheelchair.

Once inside Morgan closes the door behind him, turns on the lights in the dimly light house. He is instantly greeted happily by his dog Clooney.

"Hey boy," he says patting him on the head, while Reid flinched when the dog came close enough to him, the young man's eyes wide and sitting perfectly still.

Whenever Reid would come over to Morgan's, the man would put Clooney in the backyard or laundry room to stay. "Clooney, go." He orders pointing to the dog bed in the living room, the dog reluctantly obeys.

Morgan turns his full attention back to Reid, "You doing okay there kid?" He waits but after not receiving a nod, he steps around to get a better look at the kid's face, what he sees makes his heart break a little more. The kid's face was pinched in pain and he looked white as a sheet.

"Let's get you into bed and settled in then you can rest, okay?" Once again he waits for a response of any kind, after a long moment he sees a slight, very slight nod almost not visible but enough for Morgan. He pushes the young man down the hallway towards the guest bed room. It's a door before Morgan's and right across the bathroom.

The guest bedroom matches the rest of the house in style, modern and urban design. The room has cream white walls, dark woods, a brown comforter, orange decorative pillows on the made bed, nightstand, a simple desk and chair in the corner, and a dresser on the other wall. Most of Reid's items and books were already seen around the space.

Morgan turns the bed down for his friend and fixes the pillows more comfortably to lie on. "Come on Reid let's get you in bed, I'm going to have to carry you, ready?"

Reid breathes in deeply and sighs, nodding his head in confirmation, letting his strong friend practically lift him in the bed single handedly. Once Reid hit the soft mattress and very comfortable pillows, he sighed in relief and buried deeper into the fluffy oasis covering him up.

Morgan pulls his glasses off and places them on the nightstand beside the bed, "If you're alright, I'm going to go ahead and unpack."

After a long pause Reid finally nods, his eyes closed and already off dozing off. Not moving around for a week, being all banged up and broken has exhausted him to the point of passing out. He felt so heavy and was too tired to even be embarrassed about being carried most of the way home.

Morgan smiles at his silly friend and leans over to mess his hair up, and leaves for a moment only to come back into the room placing a notebook and pen, and Reid's cell phone on the night stand within reach. Walking to the door and turning the light off but cracking the door enough for light to come in.

After gathering the stuff from the SUV and raiding his near empty frig for a soda Morgan slumped down onto the couch feeling so drained and ready for a nap of his own. The feeling of something wet touching his hand alerted him that Clooney was nuzzling his hand and demanding his attention while wagging his tail animatedly. Scratching behind his loyal dog's ears he closes his eyes for a moment.

Morgan awoke to the noise of his front door being knocked on and jolted up out of the sofa nearly tripping over his dog and stumbling across the room to hastily open his door. Standing there in all her bright colorful glory was the one and only Penelope Garcia smiling brightly at him.

"Took you long enough sugar," She says walking in passed him into the threshold, petting the eager Clooney, straightening up to face him she asks, "How's our tall and skinny boy wonder?"

"He was asleep last I checked," Checking the clock on the wall he saw that was two hours ago, "damn… I fell asleep on the couch without meaning to." Morgan says in a frustrated tone, he stalks off towards the guest room to peek in at the genius.

He found the said boy wonder still passed out asleep, and caught himself watching to make sure Reid's chest was moving steadily before breathing out a sigh in relief, only to jump a slightly when Garcia's soft voice came up behind him.

"Awh… so adorable," She cooed, hand sliding with temptation towards her cell phone to take pictures.

Morgan chuckled and walked back towards the living room with her following suite. "The doctor said pretty much the same thing he told us yesterday, basically told us his voice might be gone for a few weeks, to nine months, and if not permanent. He's going to give him some medicine to see if swelling is the problem. The kid needs to stay on bed rest for a while but needs to move around and build up his strength soon."

Garcia placed her shiny purple purse and another larger bag on the coffee table, "Well I know Emily said they found Reid's old crutches and stashed them somewhere, good luck finding them."

Picking up his forgotten drink and throwing it in the garbage, Morgan reached for his keys and asked, "Can you watch him for awhile? I need to go fill up his prescriptions and get some much needed groceries."

Making a shooing motion with her hands Garcia grins as she replies, "Sure, sure dove. Now get a move on, I promise to behave."

Quirking a disbelieving eyebrow up at her he grins, "Yeah sure like I'd believe that…Thanks Baby Girl." Morgan says with sincerity, and is out the door.

Turning her gaze from the front door to the dog that was now sitting on the couch, Garcia cocks her head to the side and says devilishly, "I'm in charge of you boys now, bow before your queen."

She gets an answering whine from Clooney, going into the kitchen she opens the refrigerator and grabs a cold bottle of water and heads quietly back to the guest room to check on her baby genius. Peeking her head through the small crack of the door she walks over to the bed, and sees his face is that of one in distress. Probably having a nightmare she thinks. His lips are moving very faintly, if his voice was working properly she bets she would hear him talking or whimpering most likely, poor baby.

Reaching out gently she brushes her fingers through his hair, "Reid honey, come on you need to wake up. It's just a nightmare." Not seeing much of a difference she says a little more strongly, "Wake up. Honey, it's okay. Reid, wake up!"

His eyes snap open and he gasps in air looking startled and confused, and he mouths, 'Garcia' with fear in his eyes. As soon as it slips passed his lips and heard nothing, he screws his eyes shut frowning and turn his face away from her.

Reid was having a horrible nightmare, one of which he was thrown into a black nothing pit and he was going to scream for help but nothing came out. In his dream he saw his friends walking over its edge but didn't see him, and because he couldn't scream or talk they didn't find him and he was all alone, scared, and in the dark. His eyes started to swell with unshed tears he refused to fall remembering the dream.

She pulls his chin towards her, "Oh love its okay," her hand brushing his hair soothingly, "it was just a dream, don't worry."

His shoulders sink more into the bed and starts wringing his hands together nervously, he wants to tell her that it was practically real life, and that the dream wasn't over...

Concentrating on the gentle massage her fingers were giving his scalp he was starting to relax, but then became very aware of how badly his hair probably needed a proper wash. Figuring he probably was on the receiving end of sponge baths while in his coma at least, but not so sure about his hair though, and grimaced at the thought.

Garcia noticed the look and gave him the notebook and pen and asked, "What is it Hun?"

Writing out as neat as humanly possible at his angle he was in, he wrote looking very embarrassed, 'It is probably not wise to touch my hair Garcia, I assume it's dirty and disgusting.' He felt a tint of pink colored his cheeks and was suddenly very glad for covering darkness.

Biting her lip Garcia holds back a laugh, "Oh.. Baby Einstein, guess what? I don't care." The last part she says very slowly emphasizing her point.

A faint smile graces Reid's lips at this, Garcia always has a way of making him feel comfortable and also at the same time extremely uncomfortable, it was a conundrum of gift she possessed with him he thought.

"Here drink some water," She hands him the bottle and stuffs some pillows behind him to help prop him up better.

Drinking the water slowly but relishing in the cool relief it gave his parched throat, Reid let his eyes wander over the room for the first time. Realizing a lot of his items were already here, it surprised him a little.

Garcia followed his gaze and commented lightly, "We'll have to make that chocolate muscular man of ours bring in a television or something to keep you preoccupied. Need to keep those genius muscles moving."

He smiled up at her with a genuine smile this time, and she patted his arm and said, "There we go, we need more of that around here."

He let his smile fade a little at that, still not in the mood to be all joyful. Reid then wondered where Morgan was, figuring the man would be bothering him with questions on his health or hovering. His eyes narrowed towards the door craning his neck to look then wrote, 'Where's Morgan?' his fingers nails scrapping the side of the spiral notebook making little noises as it went.

"He went out to get some groceries and your medicine, he should be back soon."

Letting his eyes lower to the bed and still feeling tired, deciding he just wanted time alone. Reid scribbled out slowly, 'I think I'm going to go back to sleep.' then raising his fingers up to scratch his chin.

"Okay sweet heart, if you need something. Send a text to my cell alright?"

Nodding in response and pulls the soft and fluffy comforter further up around him, he watches as she walks to the door and closes it halfway.

Frowning Reid turns his gaze to stare at the wall, glad it was only semi-dark in the room. It was enough to let him rest well but not too much to engulf him in darkness. He was really feeling the pain in his body now that he was awake, it wasn't as bad as when he got home but more like an annoying throbbing that was torturing him. He found himself wanting and missing the morphine he was on… Letting an air out in frustration he lets his head fall back with a loud thud against his pillow.

An hour or so later Morgan turned the key into his door and opened it bringing in handfuls of grocery bags as he came in. Once all settled in he goes into the living room and spots Garcia knitting on the couch. "Hey baby girl, how's it goin'?"

Garcia looks up resting her items in her lap, "It's going good handsome, just relaxing and day dreaming of you of course. Reid woke up after you left; he was having a nightmare the poor thing. But he went back to sleep right afterwards, I got him to drink some water though." she said looking worried.

Morgan shook his head sighing, "He needs to eat something. He's barely eaten since he woke up from the coma."

"I think he might need a bath to, he was worried about his hair when I was petting it, saying it was disgusting and such. It probably made him feel self conscious." Garcia says with sympathy laced in her voice, Reid just brings out the mothering nature in her.

Morgan nods along, rubbing a hand from his scalp down his face. "I'm going to get started on dinner."

"Oh, I wanna help!" Garcia chirps in bouncing off the couch, making Clooney's face snap up in alert.

Morgan smiles at her and heads to the kitchen.

After getting the meal started, he let his baby girl take over from there as he went to check in on Reid.

Reid snapped his eyes close as he heard Morgan approach, his footsteps loud against the silence of the room. Hoping he could pull off pretending to be asleep, not in the mood to be around others right that moment.

"Hey Reid."

The bed dipped slightly and Reid was trying to maintain a steady breathing pattern.

"Are you awake?" Morgan asked softly.

No response, Reid swallowed hard with Adam's apple bobbed up and down, hoping he was maintain his cover.

"I know you are awake Reid…"

'Damn.' Reid's mumbles the words silently defeated, and his brow pinched as he turns to look up and see Morgan's amused expression and the pointed stare that followed.

"Why are you trying to hide out in here kid?" Morgan asks pursing his lips together.

Reid shrugs and begins to pick at the back of his hand and stare at it.

"C'mon, Pretty Boy," Morgan cajoled, leaning forward to try and establish eye contact.

Frowning, Reid just shakes his head. Mentally scratching his eyes out, because of course Derek Morgan won't quit till he gets what he wants. He is always the persistent one and used to getting his way, and not to mention relentless in his prying when it came to Reid.

Reid reaches out and clumsily grabs the notebook on the side table, almost knocking it to floor but managing to keep hold and write out nonchalantly, 'Just wanted some time to myself. To you know? Think.' Sucking on his bottom lip and eyes shifting around, he pushes the notebook towards his partner.

Morgan scans the words, believing the part about the kid probably thinking. Over thinking things most likely, which was probably not always a good thing he assumes to be trapped in that complicated head of his. It's weird for Morgan; he's never heard Reid be this silent since he's known him, and it scares him. The kid has always been hard to pry information out of it, and with no voice it's only making things more difficult. He just hopes the kid doesn't shut down completely and let him passed those walls once again. Sure they've gone more distant over the year or so since the time he became temporary unit chef, and let the stress and roles of the job push each other further away. But he always thought the kid knew he was there and had his back if he needed him.

Morgan was about to try and ask more but Garcia's voice rings out throughout the house, "Food is almost ready my dark and white chocolates!"

Closing his eyes and letting out a small laugh, grinning Morgan looks towards Reid. "Ready to eat?"

Reid could feel Morgan was watching him, intently so, and nodded. Morgan got off the bed and help Reid sit up better, supporting almost all his weight and helped him gently get from the bed to the wheelchair.

Gets his glasses off the night stand and putting them on Reid then takes the notebook and pen before leaving the room and putting it in his lap.

Licking his lips he writes out, 'I need to go to the restroom first.' then holding the notebook up in the air for the older man to see.

Morgan's eye brows rise and asks thoughtfully, "Do you need help?"

Biting the inside of his cheek, Reid shook his head and mouths a 'No.'

"Okay well don't lock the door alright? If you fall or something, I don't want to bust it open if I don't have to, took me awhile to install that thing." Morgan asked and his grin was gentle.

Smiling appreciatively Reid nods his head and wheels it slowly into the bathroom. Before he could try to reach behind to close the door Morgan had already leaned over and closed it for him. Reid says his silent 'Thanks' to the man before he disappears.

Staring at the bathroom like it was some obstacle course Reid is mentally analyzing the best way to precede without further injury. Remember to lock his wheels in place, he hands grab hold of the counter beside the toilet seat and uses his upper body strength, however weak that was, to pull himself out of the chair. Placing all his body weight on his right leg for support he swivels around slowly, sweaty hands almost losing his grip on the slick sink he lands hard on the toilet seat.

Eyes shut tightly Reid gasps out in pain from the volt to his hip and leg at the rough treatment he just succeeded in putting himself through. He should have taken Morgan's help.

After finishing his business and flushing the toilet he levers his body up once again and fixes up his fallen shorts. He was judging the distance to the sink to wash his hands, but no amount of hobbling would have made him reach it without falling he concludes. Maybe he can reach it from his chair. Grabbing hold of the wheelchair handles, Reid manages to lower his body down more slowly this time, not resulting in excruciating pain. He was proud of himself and smiled while mentally clapping himself on the back, then backing the chair up some and he reaches over to wash his hands.

Opening the door was difficult to get the hang of, but he managed fairly well. Rolling out into the hall he sees Morgan standing the hallway his brow line creased in worry. He must have taken a while and worried the older man.

"Was getting worried about ya kid."

Spencer gives a shy smile looking up beneath his long eyelashes and says a silent, 'Sorry' and goes into the kitchen. The aroma of the food already making Spencer's mouth water and making him realize he was starving.

"Hey there, sleepy head." Garcia says lightly placing bowls and silver ware down on the table. "Morgan fixed an awesome meal for us to have." She informed the curious Reid.

Titling his head to get a better look at what she placed on the table he rolls closer to the table, trying maneuver around in order to avoid hitting his broken leg.

Morgan breaths out a small laugh, "It's just some vegetable soup and grilled cheese, nothing huge, but the soup is my grandmother's recipe, so I do have to say I believe it's the bomb." He states while moving a chair out from the table to make room for Reid.

Morgan and Garcia sit down on either side of Reid and they start eating their meals in silence for a few long moments.

"Oh this is delicious hot stuff." Garcia says taking another spoon full of soup to her mouth.

Reid gives a polite toothless grin and nods his head in agreement.

"Thanks." Morgan replies with a smirk, after taking a sip of his drink.

Taking a sideways glance Morgan looks at their youngest to see him staring at his food seemly absentmindedly in thought, now taking slow mouths full of his soup.

When they were done Morgan and Garcia went to putting away and cleaning the dishes.

Reid was fidgeting and picking at the sleeves of his borrowed shirt. Not sure really what to do with himself, until Morgan fixes that by placing a glass of water and some pills in front of him, accompanied by his volumetric exerciser. Rising his gaze he gives the older man a look that would best be described as a pout.

"Here, you should start taking your medicine. Some said to take with food. You can do your breathing treatments after." Morgan stated calmly, patting Reid lightly on the shoulder and heads back to the sink to clean the dishes.

When he was done swallowing his pills and heaving in and out with his breathing treatments, Garcia walks up to him and gives his hair a light stroke.

"Do you want to play game Sweetie?" She suggests.

Raising an eyebrow and giving her a quizzical look is enough for her to continue.

"I brought some board games, one of them is Scrabble! I know how you like playing that." Garcia offered, leaning against the table while letting Morgan finish up the dishes on his own.

Reid's eyes widen with surprise then narrow with skepticism at her. Because he does, he likes that game. Although from what he's experienced and knows, his team members don't like or don't ever want to play that particular game with him since he has a tendency to always win.

"Or we could watch a movie?" Morgan suggests, drying his hands off and leans against the kitchen wall putting his hands behind his back.

Running a hand through his hair Reid debates it, he doesn't want them to pity him but maybe winning will give him a much needed ego boost. So he shakes his head earnestly, and mouths 'Game.' Hoping they got the message. He finds that he doesn't want to write everything out all the time, finding it depressing when he does so and rather mouth it to his friends instead when possible.

Garcia's claps her hands together excitedly, "Okey Dokey Pokey, be right back. We can play it in here on the kitchen table."

Derek chuckles lightly and deadpans, "Sounds like fun."

Reid's gaze drifts towards him and lets out a little evil smirk play across his lips.

More than happy to see something other than a frown on the genius's face, Morgan will take losing any day and rolls his eyes at the young man across him.

"Whatever, I let you win. You know that?" Morgan grunted playfully, walking to sit down back at the table as Garcia set the game up.

Reid looks at the older man incredulously and scoffs, relaxing back into his chair with a smug look on his face as he writes out, 'Do not. You are just a sore loser. But maybe in your dreams there is a possible probability that the outcome could arise in your favor, since it is your dream in all.'

Morgan stares at him blankly, with a gentle smile tugging at his lips. That might have been the longest sentence the kid had written since being released from the hospital, and that was a good improvement in his opinion.

Playing Scrabble was fun at first; Reid excitedly kept putting down triple word scores and words that the other two just had no clue what they meant and were at awe at times. They were used to his genius intelligent by now, but still the boy always amazed them at times. Or course, the boy with the eidetic memory who reads the updated version of the Dictionary every year would win; they expected as much and smiled at his enthusiasm.

Reid was practically bouncing his seat, concentrating completely on the game at hand, his brown eyes shifting rapidly in the air as he racked his brain for the next word quickly. He kept biting his lip and tapping his finger impatiently but good naturedly when waiting for Garcia or Morgan to take their turns, eager to put his new word down on the board.

Despite having fun Reid was starting to get frustrated the more the game continued, rubbing his hands together so rough that there was bound to leave red marks. Because when he would put a word down and his two friends would ask what it meant he wanted to explain out loud, but instead he had to write it out. He wasn't as fast at writing as he was talking, writing was more disruptive, and by the time he gets out the first part of what he wants to say he gets distracted and partially gives up the rest of his speech, leaving him feeling so defeated.

It didn't help that Garcia or Morgan would add a word down on the board that got the two talking about something Reid wasn't knowledgeable about, or having to listen to the two of them bantering back and forth. It was making him angry inside to top it off, like they were flaunting it. Reid wasn't sure if the stinging sensation in his eyes was because he was angry or sad or a mixture of both.

Reid let his hands fall to his pants he griped them so hard his knuckles turned white and his sprained hand protested. He knew they were trying to involve him in their conversations as much as possible and cheer him up, but it didn't have its affect and was wasted effort. The game was ruined, the one thing he was happy about since the day began and it was tainted as well.

Halfway through the game and their laughing, Reid was staring at the board as if his glare could burn holes into it. With the overwhelming sense to get the stupid thing out of his sight, he just had enough. So without thinking, Spencer flicks his hands out quickly and violently shoves the game across the table making it fly and hitting the wall with a loud clash, pieces of the tiles scatter and bounce away in the now quiet room. Reid's breathing was harsh and ragged, he swallowed and his nostrils flared as his shoulders sank. That felt good, it was over, the stupid board was gone finally. Feeling his right hand searing in pain he clutches it quickly to his chest. Finally tearing his eyes from the site where the game hit the wall, he glances to see his two friends staring wide eyed at him with a mixture of shock and disbelief written on their faces.

"Reid, what the hell man?" Morgan demands loudly, watching him with a concerned face and pointed look.

Biting his lower lip to keep it from quivering Reid lowers his eyes to stare at the hurting hand cradled to his chest.

"Are you okay?" Garcia's hesitant voice asks softly, hand outstretched towards him but not sure if she should touch him just yet.

Shaking his head slowly and sadly, Reid lowers his hands down hastily to start wheeling himself clumsily away. Far away from this room right now, he doesn't want to do anything but run to his room and have his own little sanctuary and lock everything away.

The young agent almost got two feet in distance before Morgan appeared in his exit path. The muscular man's strong arms flying out to land firmly on the wheel chair's handle bars to effectively and quickly stop Reid in his place.

"Damn it, Reid." Morgan exhales loudly and his eyes show he is worried, "What is going on? Let us help you. What was that about?" he questioned, keeping his voice deliberately as even and calm as possible to try and ease the young man.

Reid's finally looks up at him, his hands are shaking and he is angry, there's also a rising panic in his eyes that tells Morgan not to pry and pleading for his friend to let him be.

"Please." Garcia asks from behind him.

Her voice was quivering with probably unshed or already falling tears Reid assumes.

His gaze falling into chaos, Reid stares at the friend ahead of him but not really looking at him but passed him, he was in his mind filtering through his emotions. Not sure what to do or say.

Reid hears Garcia's heels clicking across the floor to stop and land beside him, she places the notebook and pen within reach for him to use if he wants it. He refuses to look at her, afraid of what emotions he'll see on her face. Will there be pity or fear, is being near him like watching a caged wild animal go rabid?

Morgan's hands loosen their hold of his chair and he rises up waiting patiently, his brows knit together and lines crease his forehead.

After a long period of silence Reid's hands tentatively grab hold of the items offered to him. From his peripheral vision he can see his friends' posture visibly relax, but then that changes the second he throws the notebook across the room. Backing the chair up enough to give him space to maneuver around, he flees down the hallway to his room barely missing the grab Morgan made for his chair once again.

"Reid, REID!" Morgan says sharply, his tone growing stronger.

Garcia's hand goes to Morgan's arm and halts his attempt to immediately follow, "Let him have a moment to himself. Let him cool down." she says sadly.

Reid makes his way through the door, throws a hand back and pushes the door shut as hard as he could. Wheels hitting the side of the bed with a soft thump, he leans forward and practically crawls his way into bed gasping with tears in his eyes. The pain killers he took after eating already fading, he knows he should be more careful moving around, but he's passed caring. He's already done enough damage for one night, what's one more thing to the list Reid reasons miserably. Shifting to lay on his back, he pulls the comforter up around him, making a nice cocoon around him. As if it will protect him from anything and everything, including himself.

The room is darker than when he left it earlier, the shadows dance across his blurry tear filled vision. Reid closes his eyes as silent sobs wracked his thin body violently, hands wrapping restless around the blankets, and hopes sleep finds him quickly.




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