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Chapter Six

A New Line

Morning came faster than expected, and had actually slept in a little. Morgan was tossing and turning all night, worried to death that something would happen to Reid while he was asleep since the kid couldn't call out for his help. So he kept periodically waking up every so many hours and checking on him, even Clooney eventually did the same since he was now sleeping at his feet.

Getting up and out of bed Morgan groans and stretches his aching muscles as he walks to the bathroom before starting a pot of coffee and breakfast.

Once he has the coffee going and eggs and bacon done, he goes to wake up Spencer.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed Morgan reaches over the blankets and gives his sleeping friend's shoulder a shake.

"Reid, Reid? Time to wake up kid, I got breakfast ready." Morgan presses, leaning over to pull back the blankets down from around Reid's face.

Eventually two sleepy brown eyes look up at his blearily, blinking slowly a few times to get him into focus.

Morgan's brows furrow and eyes narrow, "Kid, you really shouldn't sleep with the blankets pulled over your head. You'll suffocate yourself." He scolds.

Reid's eyes narrow in an annoyed fashion and rolls his eyes at the older agent, and makes to pull the covers back up and fall back to sleep.

"Nah-uh, youngster. Get up, up, up!" he says adding emphasis by pulling the blankets down with each word.

The young man's face turns into his kitten pout and scowls.

Morgan sighs; he doesn't want Reid to be irritated at the start of the day. And decides to try and play nice.

"You can lie back down later if you want. Right now you need to eat something and take your meds, okay?"

The response he gets in return is Reid rolling slowly on his right side and trying to raise himself out of bed.

After helping Reid get up, they both make their way down to the kitchen.

Reid's eyes widen and mouth hung open slightly when spotting all the food Morgan fixed. He was used to eating cereal or just opting for a coffee usually in the mornings.

Morgan spotted his friend's reaction and raised a curious brow and said, "What?"

Realizing he was caught ogling at the food, Reid closes his mouth and writes out, 'You made too much food, cereal could have been just fine with me.'

Shaking his head with a grin Morgan replies, "I did not make too much, I made a normal amount. You just don't eat enough." Punching the younger man's arm playfully and continues, "And its fine, I'm used to making myself breakfast anyways, no biggie, so stop fretting already." He abolished when noticing Reid fidgeting in his chair.

The younger man sighed and relented as he grabbed a fork and started to dig in.

After Morgan finished reading the paper and Reid taking his medicine and doing his treatments they both went to get ready for the day.

Few minutes later Morgan returns to Reid's room to help him get his clothes out for the day out. Holding out the items in question for the genius to nod his approval, before tossing them in his lap just for Reid to fold them neatly back up, giving the older man an indignant look each time.

"Do you want to give yourself a sponge bath and wash your hair in the sink, or take a shower?" Morgan asks, leaning back against the dresser crossing his arms.

Chewing on his lip Reid gives it a few moments of thoughts, he really rather take a shower and get clean finally but that seemed like a lot of work. Not to mention his stomach was starting to cramp up, and was not up to the task of figuring out how to get his cast in the shower without it getting wet.

Reid sighed, running a hand through his hair then reached across the bed to his left where he placed his notebook earlier, grabs the pen and writes out, 'I guess I'll just try to wash off for now, and think of a way later to figure out how to take a shower with my cast.' He finishes by rubbing the knuckles of his right hand across his jaw.

Morgan nods and starts off towards the door, "Let's go to the bathroom then."

Reid's eyes followed his friend's departure and pressed his lips together, he felt guilty for putting Morgan through so much trouble. He knew he would be a burden.

Rolling into the bathroom Reid saw Morgan had already had the sink filling up with hot water and laying out a few hand towels and a couple of body towels beside those on the counter.

Morgan goes to the tub and grabs the body wash off its corner as he states, "I'll pick you up some dry shampoo next time I'm out in town," then teases with a grin, "that way you don't always have to do so much work to get that pretty bed head look of yours Pretty Boy."

Reid nodded, keeping his eyes downcast and scratching at the bandage placed on his neck nervously.

Morgan sighs, noticing his friend's discomfort he asks softly, "Reid, everything okay?" Tilting his head to the side and watching the younger man closely.

Looking up the Spencer catches his gaze and gives him a sad but grateful smile, and bobbed his head up and down in assurance.

Slowly Morgan nods back, "Okay well, I'll help you get your hair washed over the tub if you want?" he asks, keeping his voice calm, although he was worried inside.

Reid nodded with a frown, running a hand through his greasy dirty hair, grimacing as he did so.

Spencer puts his clothes on the sink's counter before rolling over closer to the tub, where Morgan had already turned the water on and was adjusting the temperature, and had a large cup on the edge.

"Here, put this around your neck." Morgan orders as he places a body towel around the younger man's shoulders and helps him lean over the side. "Oh, wait, it might be better if we take that huge bandage off your neck first maybe." He suggests, while keeping a firm hand in place on his shoulder.

Reid blinks, a little surprised because he had forgot about it. Reaching up he takes the bandage off slowly and carefully, wincing as the tape pulled at his skin as it peeled off, and throwing it in the garbage can nearby with surprising good aim. Causing both men to look shocked and smile.

Morgan chuckles with a small grin, "Good job man." he praises and gives his shoulder a gentle squeeze. Reid lowers his eyes embarrassed but gives a lopsided smirk.

"K, so I know you can wash your hair on your own, and probably will insist on it. But I want to stay here in case you fall out of your chair or something, alright?" Morgan explains sternly sitting on the edge of the tub next to him.

Even though he ended it with a question Reid knows it's really not, and just nods his head in acceptance.

After washing his hair, Morgan helps him rinse it out using the cup of water. Trying to make as less of a mess as possible, which is hard to do in his awkward sitting position and clinging to Morgan at the same time.

Towel drying his hair haphazardly and thoroughly, Reid was staring at the tile on the ground, finding it suddenly very interesting.

"Do you need any help with the rest?" Morgan asks, concern painting his voice. As much as helping a friend take a sponge bath was low on his list of things to do, he really didn't want a mute friend hurting himself, finding him sprawled out on the floor and a trip to the ER today was even lower on his list of things to do.

Reid shakes his head a 'no' and straightens his shoulders some to give a look of confidence, he doesn't want Morgan wasting any more of his precious time worrying over unworthy him.

"Alright, if you say so, I'll be out here if you need me. Knock on the door or something if you need me… remember don't lock the door please." He insists, his eyes evident of his worry as he frowns and makes his departure through the door, closing it softly behind him.

Tearing his gaze from the door to the sink, he starts to carefully undress himself, shirt first. Taking a hold of a hand towel, Reid reaches over and dips it in the hot water and applying some of the body wash Morgan laid out for him to use. He'd have to remember to ask for his own body wash and shampoo next time, not that he minded smelling like Morgan, but still having his own stuff would be nice.

He washed his under his arms first, figured they might needed it the most. From what knowledge of sponge baths he has, he knows it is better to do it part by part. So he washes the area, then rinses back on both arms. He gingerly washed the area around his neck, shutting his eyes tightly as it stung a little. Next he dips the cloth back in the still hot water and places the cloth on his face, relishing in the relaxing feeling it emanated in his body. It felt so good. Pushing himself to hurry and get finished before anyone decided it was time for a random visit, he removed the cloth from his face and moved on to other places.

After what felt like forever Reid finally conceded that he did an okay job and gave up, and started working on shaving. Once all finished he changed awkwardly into his clothes, setting his jaw tightly as he was starting to feel sore and in pain. Putting on his pants had hurt so badly, he should have asked for help. But he decided he needed to start getting used to it, Morgan wasn't going to be with him 24/7 after all, he had to go back to work eventually… which Reid wished he could do also.

He was just finishing up putting his glasses back on and replacing the bandage on his neck when there was a knock on the door, startling Reid and causing his breathing to go a bit faster.

"Reid, are you okay in there?" Morgan's voice vibrated through the door, and he sounded worried.

Sighing he pushed his chair back enough to knock back, knowing Morgan would take that as an invitation. He wasn't disappointed, not even a second after he rapped his knuckles softly against the wooden door, Morgan opened it urgently but cautiously. Eyes roaming around the room, scanning for any sign of distress and the relief on his face was highly visible when saw none.

Writing on the notebook that he had snatched back up as Morgan was doing his quick assessment he wrote out with a face of exasperation, 'I'm fine, don't worry. I do want to lie back down though.' Reid raised his eyes to meet Morgan's with a side-shifted gaze, as he shivered uncontrollably.

The older man's eyes narrowed slightly but nodded slowly and backed out of the way for Reid to pass. Scratching the back of his neck as he watched the young agent wheel himself slowly towards his room, Morgan was beginning to feel anxious, although he would never let it show. There was something off about the kid's demeanor, and it saddens him to see Spencer so hurt and not be able to instantly fix it.

A couple of hours later and a few silent check-ins on the kid, confirmed he was sleeping or at least resting by the looks of it. He was watching some movie on TNT on mute, but had the captions on. Morgan wanted to be able to hear Reid if he needed to. Petting Clooney's head which was rested on his knee, he leaned back against the cushions and let his eyes rest. As soon as he did though, his cell phone buzzed in its holster on his hip before its ringing blared out in the otherwise quiet living room.

"Morgan." He answered tiredly.

"Morgan, it's Hotch."

"Hey Hotch, what's up?" he answered quickly, opening his eyes.

"Wanted to know if today seemed like a good day for the team to come visit?" Hotch asks.

"I think so. Reid knows you'd all be coming over probably today. He already took a bath and got changed. Right now he is taking a nap and resting though." Morgan replies, lifting a hand to pat his dog's head. "But it should be fine. When you all wanting to come over?"

"It would take us awhile to all gather anyways. I was thinking that maybe we could all pick up some food and eat in together." Hotch suggests.

Morgan nods to himself since he knows his boss can't see him, "Sounds great, maybe someone could pick up a movie or two on the way too. That way talking wouldn't be a big issue, but we can still show our support." He requested with enthusiastic hope in his voice.

"I'll make sure to call the others. See you in a few hours." Hotch declares.

"Thanks, bye." He replies before hanging up the call and closing the phone and placing it back in its holster.

Pushing up off the couch and inevitably waking up his dog from his lazy position in front of the couch, Morgan gets up and starts to check around the house to make sure it is presentable enough for more guests to arrive, before taking a shower of his own and getting ready.

Reid was covered in his blankets, wrapping them tightly around his body. Tucking them in under his arms and sides as much as possible, he couldn't stop shaking.

He felt so cold, and his stomach was in knots.

Guessing that maybe it was nerves getting the best of him, nervous about all of his friends coming over. He hadn't seen them except Garcia, since he was in the hospital when he awoken to this nightmare. Closing his eyes tightly he buries his head further in the pillow and tries to get comfortable.

A knock on the door wakes Morgan up from his spot on the couch. He didn't know he had drifted off, more tired than he thought he was.

Opening the door he is greeted with Rossi standing there, giving him a once over and with a smirk on his face he exclaims, "You look like Hell."

Morgan shakes his head dismissively and steps out of the way allowing the man to enter, "No need for flattery now Rossi, I'll let you enter." He counters good-naturedly.

"Good to know." Rossi replies, nodding his head slightly as he enters the living room and placing a large bag on the table and asks, "How's the kid doing?"

Morgan sighs, running a hand across his face slowly. "He is doing okay, has his ups and downs. He was asleep last I checked. Seems to be in pain, but of course... he won't mention anything about it." Shrugging a shoulder then offers, "Do you want something to drink?"

"No thanks, I'm good." Rossi answers sitting down on the couch that Morgan just vacated a minute ago.

Taking the chair across from him Morgan sits down heavily, arms resting on the chair's sides.

Rossi giving a glance towards the tired man in front of him, and then to the mute television with its captions weren't lost on the senior profiler. "You know I came early, so I won't mind staying up if you want to catch a few Z's till the others arrive later." He offers staring intently at the agent across from him.

Morgan presses his lips together tightly; he wants to keep an eye on Reid himself but is honestly totally exhausted.

"You need a break; you won't be any good to him if you wear yourself out. You look like you haven't slept all night." Rossi states bluntly staring at him knowingly.

Sighing and stretching his arms out, popping a few joints in the process, Morgan relents and nods his head as he rises from the chair. "I'll be down the hall. Oh, and leave his door open if you check in on him."

"Okay, don't worry. He'll be fine, go rest." Rossi reassures as he makes a shooing motion with his hand, and grins as he watches the dark-skinned agent retreat to his bedroom reluctantly.

As soon as Rossi was sure Morgan was in his room he got up and went to check in on Reid since he said last he checked he was asleep and wanted to make sure for himself.

Peering through the crack in the door, confirmed his fellow agent's last assessment. He appeared to be sleeping, or at least breathing evenly and resting. He thought about waking the young man up, but thought twice about it since maybe he needed all the rest he could get before more people visited.

Reid was in pain. Breathing was shallow and his neck had a cramp in it. His hands resting protectively over his midsection, he felt queasy and wanted nothing more than to throw up and get it over with. Maybe he ate to much greasy food for breakfast, he wasn't used to eating that much after all. At least his body was starting to relax from getting changed and taking a bath earlier.

Now he was just bored. He went to reciting books in his head, which didn't last too long. Moving on to categorizing the items in the room around him, matching an item with a particular bit of knowledge relating to the object that he set his gaze upon, one at time he did this, but didn't move an inch, just his eyes.

It helped keeps the ruse of sleeping intact and effectively being left alone before the enviable of being smothered later that night. Even if in the end he had a headache from lying down too much and a heavy feeling of grogginess in his bones. The thought alone was making him anxious; he wanted the company sure, but yet didn't want all the unwanted attention.

Drumming his fingers together on the edge of the book he was reading Rossi stopped mid-sentence when he heard noises down the hallway. Placing his book down on the coffee table and getting up to investigate, he arrives in the hallway to see a ruffled up looking Reid leave his room and cross the threshold to the bathroom, seemingly not even noticing his presence not too far away.

Few minutes later the youngest agent exits the bathroom only to stop mid-roll and his eyes widen in surprise for a moment till his eye brows lower and gives an embarrassed tiny side-smile with a half wave towards the senior agent propped up against the wall watching him.

Rossi nodding his head in greeting says nonchalantly, "Hey Kid, thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing. Morgan is resting right now. So I'm all yours."

Reid bites his lower lip and gives a side-shifted glance towards Morgan's room. Feeling guilty suddenly seemed on his list of emotions today. Wheeling closer to the living room he watches Rossi go in first and head straight towards a bag on the table.

Spencer's eye brows rise curiously at this, and leans his body somewhat to be able to peer inside the mystery item.


Reid's gaze snaps up at the man and nods his head, and absentmindedly rubs his hands together.

Lifting a newly bought glass chessboard out of the bag Rossi announces, "Thought maybe you would fancy a game with this old timer." and smiles encouragingly.

The young man's face lights up and grins with an open smile as he nods vigorously. Grabbing the notebook stashed on his side he writes out quickly and in messy scrawl, 'Yes, very much so. Thanks Rossi.'

The senior agent smiles at his enthusiasm and replies softly, "You're welcome kid."

And the two of face each other across the coffee table and start setting up the game pieces quietly. The only sounds heard throughout the otherwise quiet house are chess pieces clinging against glass and the scratching of pen on paper.

Morgan walks slowly down the hallway, still sort of groggy from sleep. Glad he had a set an alarm on his phone so he could wake up before the others came, not wanting to sleep all day but very glad for the nap. Knowing that someone was there to watch Reid for him helped Derek sleep immensely well compared to the sleep he had received over the last week or so.

The house was quiet. Morgan took that as a strangely good note, usually one for turning the TV on just for the background noise but now it was a welcomed calm. Clooney seemed to have been let outside in the backyard again, playing by the looks of it when he looked out the window earlier. When he gets to the living room he sees a sight that makes him smile.

Reid was grinning at the chessboard before him, with a thoughtful expression on his face. While Rossi's looked to be the one of amusement and content, as he leaned back against the couch's cushions that were propped up behind his back.

"Hey guys." Morgan calls.

Their heads whip around to meet his. Reid's eyes look less haunted and just a little less purple, as he gives him a typical lopsided smirk and waves.

"Have a nice nap?" Rossi asks sitting up straighter.

Morgan nods, "Yeah I did thanks. Nice chess set." He says pointing towards it.

"Thanks, I thought the kid might like it." Rossi responds with a shrug.

Reid's eyes widen at this and lips part open slightly. He was confused. Lips forming a thin line, he writes out slowly and tentatively, 'I can keep it?'

Leaning over Rossi reads it and replies, "Of course you can, I bought it for you Reid."

Biting his lip, eyes darting around the room feeling suddenly embarrassed Reid writes back fast, 'Thanks.'

"No problem." Rossi insists shaking his head.

Morgan was suddenly very glad for Rossi's presence. While Rossi might not be very close to Reid, he is patient and is one for the quiet and calm, a calmness that Reid needed at the moment.

As compared to Garcia who can make him feel comfortable but at the same time make him nervous with her bouncy nature. Or even Hotch as to who he would probably feel the need to prove himself even in his weakened state to the man he respected.

The door bell rang and Morgan went to get it as the two men in his living room continued the game they were on. Opening the door revealed no other than Garcia in all her bright blue and green-ness.

"Hey Baby Girl, come in." Morgan greets her warmly with his trademark grin.

"Thanks Hot Stuff." She says sweetly, giving him a quick hug, "I got goodies, and movies!"

Handing the cookies off to Morgan she warns, "Don't you dare touch any mister, not till everyone gets here!" then looks around, "Where is my Boy Genius at?" she asks swiveling on her toes.

Heading to the kitchen calls over his shoulder, "In the living room playing chess with Rossi, probably whoopin his ass at it too."

She nods and bounces happily into the room, "Hey sugar plums. Mama's here." she chirps happily walking over.

Reid gives her a small smile in return, and lays his hands neatly in his lap from where they were hovering over a chess piece when she came in.

Spencer finds himself suddenly wrapped up in a warm and tight embrace by Garcia, and jerks back from the contact when she gives him a kiss to the cheek in surprise. Rossi chucks softly across from him and Reid gives him a mock glare.

"Oh sweetie, how have you been feeling?" Garcia asks quickly, oblivious to his previous discomfort. "Oh your hair is everywhere sweet cheeks, here let me go get a hair brush."

Before he can even react to write out an answer to her question she was already scurrying off towards his room and passed a confused Morgan on her way. Who just shook his head not even bothering to know what was going on, like it was a normal day for him.

A couple of knocks on the door later and Morgan let Hotch, Prentiss, and J.J. in the house, when they entered the living room it caused them all to smile slightly at the sight that welcomed them.

"Hey there, I see Reid is getting pampered." Prentiss remarks, upon seeing Garcia brushing Reid's hair thoroughly with more fun than she should be having.

The youngest agent paused in his game of chess with Rossi to turn and look at them, feeling his ears burn slightly with embarrassment and gave the group a half wave.

A while later they were all watching the second movie Garcia had rented, and enjoying the snacks she brought and the pizza Hotch had ordered for them. Everyone looked so content and happy; it reminded Spencer of some sort of party, although he wasn't sure what they were celebrating.

Morgan seeing the confused and familiar look on the genius's face signaling he was thinking about something, decided to distract him. "Hey Reid," Waiting patiently for his gaze to come back into focus and look at him.

Reid looks at him expectantly a frown on his face.

"What you thinking about over there? I see your gears a turning." The dark-skinned agent quietly requests, from his spot in one of the arm chairs.

Reid shrugs his shoulders in a 'whatever' kind of matter adverting his gaze back to the movie, and scratches his neck quickly.

By now the others are trying to discreetly pay attention to the two of them, and Reid sighs in defeat when noticing it.

Grabbing his notepad he writes out reluctantly, 'I was just thinking that it seems like we are celebrating something.'

Morgan who had leaned over and read the words, eyebrows raised slightly as he smiled softly and answered, "Of course we're celebrating."

Sitting up a little straighter Reid's brown eyes searched Morgan's looking for an answer.

"Celebrating that our boy got back safely to us. Duh." Morgan said lightly and slaps a hand playfully on his good knee before falling back in his seat, but the seriousness of his words was evident in his dark eyes.

"Of course." Garcia chimes in from her spot beside Reid on the couch, "I wouldn't know what I would do without my Boy Wonder here." She says and pats the side of his face gently.

Smiling a small smile at her, he looks at the others one at a time and sees the same emotions on their faces as well. Each different in their own way of showing it, but they all do care.

Reid's breath hitches and his throat closes up on him, he tries to swallow but fails. He is overwhelmed. His eyes must be dry because they are prickling. He is so touched by his friend's just being there for him, that his chest feels tight. If he could talk, he didn't know if he would even have the ability to do so at that moment.

Not knowing what else to do he reaches over at the table of snacks and pizza and he takes his first slice of pizza that night. He wasn't really hungry when they were first placed in front of him, luckily it's still warm. Now he just needs something to distract him from thinking too hard, and to keep the tears that threaten to fall under control.

Taking a bite of sausage pizza Reid didn't realize how hungry he was till he took another, then another until he was already down to the crust.

As the main guy in the movie was weaving in and out on screen in a car chase scene, Reid felt his stomach churning uneasily. Left hand draped cautiously over his stomach, as if that would make it feel better somehow and his face screws up in discomfort. Shifting in his position between Garcia and J.J. on the couch with his leg propped up on the table.

"Spence… Spence are you okay?" J.J. asks quickly, her tone laced with worry.

Opening his eyes more, Spencer gives her a sideways glance and fails at giving her a reassuring look.

J.J. presses her lips together and looks hesitant when asks, "Are you okay? You don't look so well." And her hand outstretches towards him like she wants to catch him in case he falls.

He swallows tightly against the uneasiness quaking through him, and bites his bottom lip hard. Great. Can't even give his friends a peaceful afternoon without him ruining it with his problems.

A burning sensation is fighting its way up this throat, and it's getting harder to breathe while trying to keep it down.

"Reid?" Hotch's voice cuts through his ears, piercing his efforts to concentrate on keeping the burn down.

Looking up towards his boss he shook his head quickly feeling suddenly very pathetic, his hand gripping his shirt so hard his knuckles began to turn white.

"Is it your stomach?" Prentiss asks, her voice even and controlled but with the hint of worry escaping.

He gives a slight nod of the head, practically holding his breath as he reaches out in the air for someone to help him up off the couch. He needed to get up before he ruined the sofa, or worse.

"Do you feel like you're going to throw up?"asked Morgan quickly standing up and walking swiftly over to the boy.

Reid's swallows thickly his Adam's apple bobs up and down.

Garcia gets up and moves out of the way making room for Morgan to help Reid up as J.J. holds his hand for support.

Shutting his eyes tightly as the sudden movement of hands helping him up back to his chair makes Reid feel even worse.

Reid made it as far as down the hallway before he felt his stomach flipping as it had decided now was the time to revolt. Feeling something rise inside his throat, he brought a hand to his mouth as he lurched up whatever little food he ate that day to try and hold it in, only to make more of a mess on himself… at least most of the floor was saved. Tears fell in his eyes as the vomit covered him and he had just taken a bath earlier that day to…Damn.

"It's okay." Morgan said soothingly as he rubbed Reid's back in small circles, "You're alright."

Reid felt himself being pushed gently the rest of the way down to the bathroom, keeping his eyes shut as he felt his stomach clashing it out like a demolition derby. Next thing he felt was his glasses being removed and a warm wash cloth pressed to his face, wiping across it slowly. It felt refreshing, and oh so good.

Squinting up he saw it was J.J. wiping his face, he wanted so badly to tell her he was fine and to say thanks, but couldn't, didn't even have the strength to smile a fake reassuring smile for her.

J.J. smiled softly at him, keeping a hand around his shoulders to keep him from falling, "It's okay Spence, don't worry about it." She soothes as she continues the wiping motion around his neck. Knowing he was probably embarrassed about getting sick.

He just doubled over and puked in the porcelain toilet in front of him, hands gripping the edges. His black wrist brace in dark contrast to the white edges of the porcelain. From the corner of his eye Reid faintly registered Morgan walking into the bathroom with what looked like extra clothes in his hands.

Morgan had cringed sympathetically towards the young man when he heard the painful sound of retching, and walked up next to Reid and knelt beside him.

"Feeling better?" he asks.

Reid kept his eyes tightly shut and didn't reply.

J.J. and Morgan exchange similar glances to one another.

Garcia's voice breaks through Reid's harsh and ragged breathing, "I got Angel Face some ice and a nice cold wash cloth to use." She says as she walks over and hands it to J.J. who smiles and mouths a silent thanks to the tech, before placing it on the back of Reid's hot clammy neck.

"I'm going to help Reid get changed into some clean clothes." Morgan stated calmly, trying to be subtle with Reid's tendency to be shy about his body.

The two mother hens got the hint and nodded, "We'll be out here if you need us." J.J. says giving Reid another glance before walking out and closing the door gently behind her with Garcia at her side.

Reid's back was hunched over, and sobs raked his slender body as he painfully dry heaved. Reid felt like crap, his mouth tasted so horrible the smell and taste alone was enough to make him sick again. He was so exhausted and frustrated at himself…

Morgan held the icy cold wash cloth on Reid's neck and rubbed his arm soothing with his other, "You need to calm down; it will only make it worse, kid."

"You ready to change clothes?" Morgan asked when he finally heard Reid's breathing stabilize awhile later.

Spencer nodded and flushed the toilet before trying to push himself into a sitting position, although he didn't have to as Morgan's hand on his shoulder helped pull him back instead. Reid sat back and looked up at Morgan with tear streaks drying on his pale sweaty face.

Reid hated being sick, it always made time seem to last longer and it was pure agony.

Undressing Reid was like undressing a ragdoll, his eyes were glazed over and his eye lids looked their dark purple once again. Morgan rinsed out and used the wash cloth J.J. had used earlier to wash down the kid's chest and arms before pulling a clean fresh t-shirt over his head. He had decided on going ahead and dressing him for bed. Helping Reid get out of one of gym shorts Morgan had loaned him that were now covered in vomit. The kid looked so defeated, and Morgan could tell he still felt sick.

"Almost done, kid, almost done, then you can lie back down in bed." The older man assured helping him finish getting dressed.

Reid brushes his teeth quickly before being pushed back into his room and being helped back into bed.

Morgan smiled when he noticed someone had already brought in towels and placed them on the bed side floor and placed a garbage can next to the head of the bed just in case, and were even thoughtful enough to leave out some bottles of water on the night stand.

Helping the young man into the bed, Reid sucked in a breath through his teeth and sighed when he landed in his soft pillows and blankets.

"Reid, I need to know… when did you start to feel sick?" Morgan asks seriously sitting on the edge of the bed handing the kid his notebook and pen.

Reid's eyes meet his warily and he lazily writes out, 'After I took my medicine sometime after breakfast. It got worse after I took my medicine again later before I ate the pizza. And then you know...' He lets his hand fall limp after the last letter and shuts his eyes heavily, letting his hand rest above the blankets over his stomach.

Morgan's face contorts into a frown, "It sounds like one of the side effects of your medicine, kid. The pharmacist warned me about that, but I thought eating food near the times you took it might help. I guess it didn't. Sorry."

Reid curled up his lips, but they fell short of a smile as he closed his eyes and exhaled a large puff of air through his nose. He picks up the paper again and writes out quickly, pausing mid way to lick his dry lips, and continue, 'Tell the others… that I'm sorry.'

Morgan's eyes widen in surprise and demands, "What do you have to be sorry for Reid? You didn't do anything wrong, everything is fine. I promise."

Taking a large gulp of water from the night stand, Reid shakes his head looking so defeated. Placing the bottle back on the stand he answers, 'For ruining the night's fun.' He silently sighed, running a hand through his hair.

Morgan searching his friend's eyes, "You didn't ruin anything." he stated, and after pausing he teases, "For a genius you sure do miss a lot of things, kid. Don't worry." Shaking his head he gives his friend a warm smile and a pat on his shoulder. "I'll let you rest for awhile." Morgan pulls the blankets up closer over Reid before getting off the bed.

Reid rolls his head over to the side and stares at the shadows the light from the crack in the door makes. He lifts a hand experimentally towards the air, blocking the light's path, finding it extremely interesting. Maybe he was going stir crazy already…

Feeling the exhaustion hitting him like a ton of bricks, weighing him down into the black nothing of unconsciousness.

It was inviting. Oh was it ever.

But still he wanted nothing more than to be out there with his friends now, to be having a normal conversation… to be normal. Ha, that was a joke. Him, normal? That was never Spencer Reid. Maybe this was just a new line in a long line of sketch marks to his palette of uniqueness. To challenge him, it was depressing, but nothing was ever easy for him. Why should it be now?




A/N: Hehe, I like making him take naps, mostly because I myself LOVE taking naps lol. Those waiting on Heartstrings, it will be out soon hopefully. I need to beta it super bad. This story just seems easier to write sometimes ^-^. Hope this chapter didn't suck. Thanks for reading.