Beauty and the Bat

Chapter 1: Stopping By

I love the Harley Quinn/ Batman love stories on here. I realized however that there are way too few of them. So I decided to make my own Harley/Batman fanfic. I hope you like it!

Harley Quinn was scribbling on her cell walls again. For the millionth time she wrote Harley and Mista J on the wall, it was a wonder she was able to find a space on the wall. She wrote the love saying with her red lipstick, the only thing she was able to sneak into Arkham.

Harley had her blonde hair pinned up in two ponytails. The only thing she wore was her Arkham cell suit. She felt kinda naked with her Harlequin outfit and makeup, but at the same time she was glad she didn't have to wear all that gunk, it took too long to put on. It felt good to just walk around as herself every now and then.

Suddenly Harley heard the door to Arkham burst open, causing her to jump. The love saying she was just finishing up veered across the wall, making a red streak through some of Harley's other love writings. She growled angrily to herself and walked over to the cell bars. She watched as Batman came down the hall, dragging an unconscious Mad Hatter behind him. Mad Hatter had just escaped two days ago and kidnap a young girl with blonde girl, claiming that she was his "Alice".

Harley never really liked Hatter. He creeped her out and he was always obsessed with little girls, blonde little girls. She didn't feel a bit sorry for him that he got caught by the big bad bat.

Jarvis Tetch had always gave Harley the willies. She remembers one time he had come to her thinking she was Alice, due to her blonde hair. He had started invading her personal space and a quick kick to his little man parts gave Harley her much needed distance for the obvious child molester. She would have loved to have beaten him with her bare fists but she didn't want his nasty blood on her.

Harley wasn't the only one who despised Jarvis. He had no one here to call a friend, even the other inmates were disgusted by him and some had tried to kill him on multiple occasions. She even remembered when Mistah J found out he had gotten grabby with a elementary school girl. Her pudding had broken his left arm and, although she had no idea how he had managed to sneak it into the asylum, had taken a knife and carved the words, "Child Molester", into his chest. Despite the act being a bit gruesome, none of the staff were saddened to see this done to him. Joker had barely even gotten punished for the act. Guess it says a lot when if the Joker is disgusted with your actions you truly are a horrible person.

As Batman was passing her cell he stopped. The Dark Knight turned and gazed at her, right into her blue eyes. It also made her blush when he did this. He never so much as looked at the other inmates, but every time he came to Arkham Asylum Batman would always stop by and just stare at her. It made Harley feel special.

"So Bman, you brought Tetch home did ya." Harley said, in her usual cheery tone.

"Yes. Jarvis will think twice before he escapes." Batman replied, in his gloomy and slightly bored tone.

"He'll probably try to escape tomorrow ya know." Harley countered.

"I know." Batman answered, and moved off with the Mad Hatter without another word.

Harley watched Batman until he was out of site. As soon as his big flowing cape turned a corner she raced over to her bed. She pulled the mattress down and lovingly traced her finger around the small saying in-scrawled on the wood. This love writing was for her eyes only. No one else knew about it, not even her best friend, Ivy.

She said the message to herself over and over again, it tasted sweet on her lips and made her tingly all over.

"Harley loves Batman." Harley said to herself.

This chapter has been redone a bit due to inconsistency in later chapters. Thanks to reader Leonard for pointing this out to me. I try to do the best for my stories and readers and pointing out mistakes and positive criticism is always welcome. Thanks!