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The girl with the long blue hair walked into her first hour class and sat down next to her best friend. Naruto Namikaze the most popular guy in school, I still couldn't believe that he was my best friend. He was perfect, the star football player, the bluest eyes like the ocean, smart, nice and of course gorgeous. Or at least he was in her eyes. He smiled at her, as she sat down, innocently not seeing the truth. While she thought of him as 'perfectly not hers', he only thought of her as his best friend that had lived down the street for as long as he could remember.

Which made her very sad, people often wondered how I was best friends with such a loud and popular person, because I was the opposite of Naruto. I am shy, and a people refer to me as a geek. But Naruto has always protected me since my first year of high school. She sat there as he told her all about his summer break. He met a girl; her name is Sakura Haruno. My heart breaks as I hear him talk about her and the way she is and his eyes light up as he describes her. His new girlfriend. I pretend to be happy for him. Trying to not cry. I hug him and he thanks me. The bell rings and class has ended. I quickly leave saying that I need to get something from my locker. He frowns and walks the other direction. I run to the toilets and lock the door and cry my heart out.

The boy I love is in love with someone else. I sob even louder, and I hear my phone beeping. I look at the screen and see naruto's text message.

Did I say something wrong? Why did you run out on me after class? Where you are English has started? Naruto x.

I wipe my tears away. And leave the bathroom and walk in to my English class late. As soon as I walk in Naruto looks at me and he can tell I was crying. He frowns and looks down.

'Hinata, you're late'. Murmured . She bows and apologizes and he waves his hand for her to go find a seat. She looks around, not looking in Naruto's direction and sits next to Kiba. He looks up and smiles at her. 'Hey Hinata-chan' shouts Kiba. She smiles at him and looks to Naruto's direction and he's looking at her with a hurt look in his eyes. I usually sit next to him. I smile at him and look at the front. With Naruto's eyes burning gaze staring at me.

As class ends I quickly leave class and go to my locker. I hear footsteps I look up to find Naruto standing there looking at me.

'Hina why didn't you sit next to me in class' he asked confused. I close my locker and look at him. 'I just felt like sitting next to kiba' she answered as she starts to walk away he grabbed her wrist. She looks at him in the eyes and starts to waver, as he blue eyes captivate me.

'Hina what's wrong. You were crying before class. Did I make you cry?' he asked with a painful expression on his face.

I sighed knowing I can't escape him. 'I LOVE YOU' I blurted out. He froze, and then smiled. 'I love you too hina-chan'. He exclaimed. 'No Naruto, I love you. Not in a friend way but in a boyfriend and girlfriend way' she said looking down.

Naruto stood there shocked. 'I don't know what to say Hina' he murmured sadly. She starts to cry. 'I understand' she murmured and ran away. Naruto stood there shocked. He ran after her without a second thought, he caught her wrist, as she tried to get him to let go of her arm. She sobs even harder as he grabs her and hugs her. 'I'm sorry' he kept whispering in her ear.

As her tears subsided, she tightened her arms around him, he sighs knowing he doesn't have an answer to her declaration of love for him. He loves her but in that way. How can he say that, without breaking her heart. He brushes her hair away from her eyes and looks at her eyes; she looks so lonely so defeated. His heart breaks, he started to notice how beautiful she was. He blushed looking at her breasts straining against her shirt. Touching his chest. He feels this warm feeling inside. Warmer then what he feels when he's around Sakura. He closes his eyes as he embraces her and then reluctantly lets her go. She smiles at him and then walks away.

He watches her walk away, as he feels hands on his eyes. 'Who is it?' Sakura said huskily. He frowns. He feels like he's cheating on Hinata. But why he smiles reluctantly. 'Is it my beautiful girlfriend Sakura' he whispered. And he hears her giggle. And her hands move and he sees his girlfriend right in front of him. He smiles and grabs her waist to him and kisses her hungrily. She moans into the kiss. I watch from the side. And smile sadly at him and walk away. Naruto looks up and sees Hinata walking away. He frowns and hugs Sakura to him.