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As soon as Hinata walked away he reluctantly went with sakura to their next class together all the while feeling incomplete and sad like something was missing. He didnt understand why he was feeling like this. She was just a friend wasn't she?. I sat down in class and i was zoning out thinking about hinata i was so lost in my thoughts that i didnt notice class has ended. Sakura calling me to go. I got up and walked towards her and she held my hand and somehow it felt wrong, she smiled at me and i couldnt help but grimace.

"Are you okay?" asked Sakura with a worried look on her face.

Naruto sighed and nodded his head, Sakura pouted at him and he couldnt help but smile and kisses her pouty lips. where was the sparks he felt this summer its like they have dissappeared. he feels strange kissing her. He pulls away and drags her to lunch .

As they got theyre food and went to the table where all theyre friends are sitting he looks around and searches for hinata and cant find her. He frowns and tells everyone hes going to find her and kisses sakura goodbye and walks out the cafeteria and walks outside and sees her sitting down under a sakura tree theyre favourite tree when they want to hang just the two of them. He smiles seeing her and looks at her closely and sees her eyes arent theyre usual glimmer they look dull, he frowns and walks towards her.

"Hina, what are you doing here" Naruto asked sitting down next to her, she gasped and looked at him with unusual shyness and goes beet red and brushes her hair over her face to shield herself from him.

He chuckles and brushes her hair behind her ear and waits for an answer.

"I didn't really feel like being in anyone's company today since our last encounter" she replied frowning at him.

His smile dissappears. He graps both of her hands in his making her blush. "Listen Hina, I don't know how i feel for you. Sometimes i feel these strange feelings whenever im around you but theyve never been there before. Ever since you told me you loved me more then a friend i havent been able to look at Sakura the same. But i do love her, but my feelings for you confuse me. I dont want to ruin our friendship or jeporadize what we have" Replied Naruto.

Hinata nods her head. "I understand Naruto, but i can't be friends with you anymore because ill always want something more, and ill always be sad and wishing it was me everytime your with somebody." she replied tears slipping down her face. She removes his hands from her hands and moves her body away from. His face shows a different kind of emotions from shock to anger to pain to dullness. Tears still running down her face she hugs hims and whispers she will always love him and a goodbye and then she leans forward and brushes her lips softly with his. Then gets up and smiles at him and leaves for the next class.

Naruto sat there shocked and watching her walk away kept replaying in his head and her words she just said not long ago. He remembers when she kissed him all the emotions he felt all came tumbling after another oness with another person and how he felt electricity sparkle through him when she hugged and kissed him a moment ago. It was pure bliss, he touches his lips and cant help but miss her already when she just left a moment ago.

He gets up and leaves to his next class thats with Hinata, when he walks in class has already started and he gets yelled at for being late and has to find the remaining seat available which just happens to be next to Hinata he looks at her and she pretends to look at her book. He smiles seeing her blushing from lunchtime. He sits in his seat and just stares at her the entire time.

"What are you doing, stop looking at me like that" she whispered harshly, blushing profusely.

Naruto smirked, " Obviously i'm looking at you hina-hime" he replied teasingly.

She looked at him in shock and blushed bright red, she was so shocked he was flirting with her. Her emotions were showing like a movie. He couldnt help but like to make her feel flustered or embarassed.

"Stop, what ever your doing, naru-kun" she said sadly and looked to the front and payed attention to the teacher.

He kept trying to get her attention but she flat out ignored him. He sighed and tried to listen to the last few minutes of class as soon as the bell rang to go home. Before Naruto could speak to her she already rushed out of class. He quickly ran out after her yelling her name she kept running until he caught her accidentally making them fall with her on top of him. They looked each other in the eyes, and both blushed at the proximity. They got lost in each others eyes Blue and Lilac glued in one gaze.

Then the trance was broken and Hinata leaped off of him and apologized profusely, Naruto couldn't help but find it amusing and hugged her to him, and told her not to worry about it.

She was frozen on the spot until her body relaxed and she hugged him back and she looked at him and smiled shyly, he couldn't help it, he cupped her face and bought her lips on to his and as soon as theyre lips touched fireworks exploded in there heads and she responded immediately and encircled her arms around his waist and continued to kiss him untill they stopped for air.

When he tried to kiss her again she pulled away. "Whats wrong" Naruto questioned frowning slightly.

Hinata shakes her head from side to side and tears started to form, "We cant do this, you have a girlfriend remember" she whispered desparingly.

He nodded and stayed back even though his body and heart and mind were telling him to comfort her he couldnt because she was right i still had a girlfriend and im still confused with my feelings for her and sakura.

"Im sorry, Hina" he replied regretfully and left her standing there and walked back to school to go home.

Tears repeatedly fell down her cheeks as she realise that he still dosen't love her as much as she does. And walks dejectedly home.

Naruto ran back to school his head confused and jambled with emotions and feelings that he ignored everyone calling him to stop and talk to them and he jumped in his car and drove to his place of thinking and peacefullness. This special place that only he and Hinata knew. There place called Midnight & Sunny Place.

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