By Preettygabbysz.

Hello everyone i'm really sorry for taking this long to upload. I kinda lost myself and lost what i wanted to write in this story. I lost inspiration and my bestfriend help me to start this again. well i hope you like it and tell me if i need to improve anything. Thank you to everyone who put my story as a favourite or on story-alert. LOVE ME.

Chapter 3

Naruto drove to their special place in a gloomy mood. Hinata's face when he apologized and watched him walk away from her was etched in his mind. Tears roll slowly down his face. He hates himself for hurting Hinata but he also hates himself for hurting Sakura he surely thought he loved her. He finally arrived at their special place, there rivebank and meadow all in one. He got out of his car and sat down on the log near the river with his hands in his face sighing. He was so confused and he didn't know what to do. Apart of him loves Sakura his girlfriend but there's this undeniable attraction between him and Hinata he felt it and he still feels it now that electricity it was a spark. A spark he never felt with anyone else not even his girlfriend Sakura. He decided that he would have to break up with Sakura and try to talk to Hinata and sort out his feelings. Feeling good like he made a good decision he drove home not before texting Hinata.

After watching Naruto walk away from her, she couldn't begin to explain how she felt as he walked away from her. Hurt, Anger, Confused and Heartbroken. Tears running down her face as she ran home and into her room. She looked around her room and saw pictures of her and naruto and anything he gave her or reminded her of him she picked them and chucked them all in a box and put in the garage. Feeling better she went back to her room and went to have a shower and decided to forget about her problems. As soon as she got out she changed into purple skinny legged jeans and a white singlet and black converse shoes and straightened her hair and put on some eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss and grabbed her bag and walked out of her house and picked up naruto's box of things and walked to his house.

At Narutos Houe.

Naruto was in the loungeroom watching tv when he heard a knock at the door, he got up and went to answer it and to his surprise found Hinata at his door with a box her facial expression was grim his smle turned into a frown immediatelu after he saw her expression.

"Naruto i have come here to give you this box" Hinata said with no emotion, she handed the box to him.

"Whats inside the box Hina" Naruto asked frowning and goes to open it and sees whats inside and his expression turns from curiousity to anger.

"These are gifts i gave to you, why are you giving them back" Naruto yelled angrily with a hurt expression on his face.

"I dont want them Naruto. Don't call me hina only my friends can call me that. Hinata yelled back angrily as she looked into his eyes she almost wanted to take back what she said his eyes full of hurt.

"So that's it then, your just gonna give up our 10 years of friendship. Just like that? Did our friendship mean nothing to you. Naruto questioned coldly.

Taken aback by his sudden coldness towards her she cringed. "I can't do this anymore, Naruto-kun you keep hurting me and i know you don't mean to. But i can't take it anymore. It hurts too much.

Stop confusing me and kissing me and saying you love me too and that your confuse. i just want to know whether you love me the i love you. Can you honestly tell me now that you love" She asked bravely.

Naruto had a painful expression on his face, his face in his hands. "Hina, Im sorry for hurting you, I really am. I don't mean to. All i know is that i feel something for you and its really strong and deep. Deeper then my feelings with Sakura. Don't say that your going to not see me anymore Hina-Hime i need you" he said pleadingly.

He walked towards her determinely and grabbed her hands into his and tried to look in her eyes, but Hinata wouldn't look in them. Because she knew one look and she would crumbled. She tried to push him away but he was too strong. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer him. He grabbed her face and made her look at him. He seatched her eyes pleadingly finally her gaze meeting with his, Tears were running down her face. As she looked at him.

"Please Hina-hime, Don't Go" Naruto pleaded hugging her tightly.

Hinata was shaking her head and tears were coming down her cheeks, "Tell me, you love me then" She asked hopefully. And he shook his head, "i can't, I don't know if i love you. I don't want to say something like that because its important and its special i want to be sure. Give me time please" he pleaded.

"Ok, Naru-kun, Only if you promise to break up with Sakura and you give us a chance" she said cutely.

He Nodded his head, and pulled her even closer and looked in her eyes, his heart pounding faster, he leaned down and kissed her hungrily. she moaned and kissed him back with more fervour. Her hands knotted into his hair and his hands sliding up and down her sides.

They part to breathe, and stay in an embrace. Hinata sighs happily and Naruto tightens his hold her.

"I have to leave now Naru-kun, My parent's will wonder where i am" she said sadly.

Naruto Pouted, "Ok, I'll drop you home then" Naruto said smiling widely. Hinata nodded and kiss his lips really quickly and walking towards the door. Naruto got his keys and follows her outside.

As he drives he can't help but glance in her direction every once in a while as soon as they both catch each other staring they both blush immeditately. Naruto looks back to the road and then feels something touch his other hand he looks to the side and sees hinata holding his hand blushing profusely. He grins happily and kisses her hand and she smiles at him and they continue on theyre way to her house.

Naruto Gets out of the car before her and opens the door for her and she giggles and gets out and they hold hands walking towards her front door. She turns around and kisses him again, he kisses her back and it becomes more heated and she pushes him away quickly. He frowns but pulls her forward and hugs her.

She laughs happily, "Good Night Naru-kun" she whispers slowly and he smiles and traces her lips with his fingertips and nods. "Good Night Hina-Hime" he said and kissed her slowly and savoring the kiss.

He kisses her one more time and walks back to his car and waits for her to go inside as she goes inside she waves happily and then goes inside.

Naruto decides while his driving to go see Sakura to end things. When he gets to her house, he knocks on the door. Sakura opens the door and squeals and hugs him tightly.

"I've missed you baby" Sakura said demurely. Sakura attempts to kiss him ,but Naruto moves away, she frowns at him. "I want a kiss" Sakura pouts sadly.

"We need to talk, Sakura. I need to tell you something" Naruto said seriously.

Sakura nods her head, 'Ok, baby you can tell me anything, what's wrong" She questioned worriedly.

Naruto grabs her hand. "Sakura, i like you i really do, but this isn't working out. Your great and i love spending time with you, but we can't be together anymore. I'm sorry". Naruto said.

Sakura's face turned from happy to sadness to anger so quickly, she slapped him in the face.

"I can't believe your breaking up with me, and this dumb excuse, Is it someone else" she questioned coldly.

Naruto held his face where it stinged, i deserved that he thought. "Yes it is, I have feelings for someone else thats why i can't be with you and i'm not with them either because i need to sort out my feelings. I'm really sorry, i really thought i loved you but then after the summer things changed" Naruto said sadly.

Sakura looks down sadly. "I'm sorry i slapped you, you deserved it but i shouldnt have done that.. You really hurt me, But i guess where not meant to be. We can still be friends" Sakura said smiling slightly.

Sakura hugs him, and Naruto hugs her back and apologizes to her again. "Who ever this girl is, Don't let her go. She sounds special. Ok Naruto-kun" Sakura replied smiling.

"I will, So i'll see you at school tommorow. Ok" Naruto said smiling cheekily. Sakura nods her head and waves goodbye.

Naruto gets in his car and smiles happily as he drove home. He goes and has a shower and goes to sleep.

Hinata wakes up the next morning feeling happier then she has ever felt. Finished her shower and she goes and picks what to wear. She's wearing a flowery lavender dress, with black flats and a cardigan and goes and eats breakfast and she gets a message from Naruto. She picks her phone up and sees a message.

Good Morning Beautiful! I'll see you soon =)

She smiles softly, and messages him back.

Good Morning Handsome! I'm waiting for you to pick up. =)

Naruto heard a beep and looked at his phone he grinned and left his house to pick her up.

"Hina-hime I'm on my way. I missed you =)

Hinata giggled happily at her message and heard a beep outside she ran out the door. Colliding with someone she looks up and sees Naruto standing there. Hinata blushes, and he slides his hands around her waist and kisses her hungrily. They stop for air and he starts kissing her neck, she sighs and moans his name. She pushes him away playfully and he pouts at her. She giggles happily.

"Time for school Mr" Hinata replied sexily swaying her hips towards his car. He groans and follows her to the car.