***Kaname's POV***

I was aware that as soon as I appeared at home, their would be inquiries...I did not want to give resolutions to. But that was just how Yuuki is and that's one of the many reasons I love her. She does couraging things, even if at times they are wrong. Nevertheless, she is probably the most bravest person I have seen in all my years. To think I, the most feared and cold hearted pureblood, could be brought down to my knees in a heartbeat for this one woman. I smiled and then frowned.

But it all soon gets to a point were she overstates things. Yes, she does have a right to worry for me. Though it is foolish. But any person would worry about their loved ones. Powerful or not. Right?

I dropped the documents on the table and sighed. I sat up heading towards the bathroom door, until I heard someone at the entrance to our bedroom.

"Kaname-sama, Ichiro-sama has arrived and would like to have a word with you" I heard Aido whisper on the other side of the door.

"Very well" I said lightly, stepping towards the door to this room, I gave the bathroom door one more penitent glance and strode out. After stepping out I made sure the door sealed shut, before going anywhere. Down in front of the entrance to the moon dorms was Ichiro, looking straight up at me.

"Ichiro, It is wonderful to see that you are well" I said, walking down the marbled stairs.

"En effet, la dernière fois nous avons parlé a été le moment vous avez tenté d'assassiner moi" was his barbaric reply ( Indeed, the last time we spoke was the moment you tried to murder me.)

"Oui, je vois Ichijo enfait ne pas faire ce qui est accordé" I stepped towards him, feeling the tension between all of the night class students (Yes, infact I can see Ichijo did not do as granted)

"We will talk about this in a more private matter during an advanced time," Ichiro waved off, I heard both Ruka and Aido gasp. A small smile creeped its way onto my face,

"Alright, let us extend this inside my bureau" I began walking to were the students were at, and then passed them, into the dark hall where many rooms resided in.

Once their I settled myself into one of the black wing chairs that were settled infront of the now ongoing fireplace.

"Please, have a seat" I gestured to the twin looking chair on my right

"How kind of you" was Ichiro's sarcastic remark

"Yes, well Im sure you did not just come here to make humorous annotations" I leaned my arm on one of the arms rests and looked straight at him. Crossing one of my legs over the other. (Ha!, bet you were waiting for that one huh?)

"Of course not," He also crossed one leg over the other and looked sternly at me

Over twenty minutes had passed before he actually started speaking about what he came here for.

"In actuality, I am here to discuss the matter over the council of elders"

"They are over and done with Ichiro" I gave him a glare, only to recieve one back from him. I wasn't expecting anything less.

"Yes, so I've been told"

"Discussing the matter will only bring calamity" I calmed my face

"I am aware that it is you that has assasinated the council of elders"

"Under some circumstances, yes"

"The only matter I am here to speculate about that providence is...why?"

I glared at him again, "They posed as a threat to my sister, theirfor my eliminating them, anything or anyone who wished to do harm on my fiance will end up vanquished by my hand, Yuuki is precious to me and any ditriment to her will come to those who initiated it"

"I see, very well then," He stood up, waiting for me to do the same," we will confer of this unruly affair presently, Kaname-sama"

"I have no doubt that we will" I began walking towards the door, knowing that he would trail behind me. I could feel the anxiousness coming off the foyer from each person present at the moment. When we reached the foyer I looked deliberately at them.

"You should all be in your quarters" I aforementioned and they all tensed before kneeling, and departing towards their rooms.

"Such insolence" I perceived Ichiro

"It seems that way" I concured as we both headed towards the front door to lead him out.

"This has been a...pleasant visit" He looked hesitantly at me

"Indeed it has" he stepped out into the night and dissapeared into a puff of smoke, I shut the door and made my way up the stairs. Only to be met by another nuisance.

"Kaname, what was it my grandfather needed?" Ichijo asked, leaning on the black elegantly piped rail.

"Nothing of importance," I looked at him with vehemous eyes, was he really questioning my affairs? Also the fact that he did not do as told angered me,"goodnight Ichijo"

"Goodnight Kaname"

I began walking towards the end of the hall, to my bedroom. I felt exhausted. First dealing with Yuuki, then Ichiro, and after that, Ichijo. To illustrate the fact that I still have to go back into my room and hopefully settle things between Yuuki and I again is taking it's toll on me. I opened the door and then shut it behind me. It was still day out. I hoped to get some sleep. But first things first, Yuuki. I searched the room for her and seen she was not there. I looked towards the bathroom door and knocked on it.


'Hn...no answer' I opened the door and walked into the elegant room. It looked so serene with the dimlited candles, and the rose petals in the bathtub Yuuki now sat in.

I turned to face her, only to discover she was asleep.

I sighed, shaking my head, "Yuuki"

(I have the most perfect song that could go with this moment, its by Brad White and Pierre Grill, its a lullaby)

I took in her form. She looked beautiful, how her face glistened while it was wet with water, and the light bouncing off her face. I felt so calm all of a sudden. Just seeing her like this. Knowing that she was safe in our home, made me relax.

I brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen infront of her face. She began to stir, I brought my hand back as if it had been burned. My heart skipped a beat the moment those big round eyes opened.

"Kaname?" She said my name as if she were dreaming.

I smiled and caressed her face with my right hand, "Yes"

"Forgive me"

I glowered, "I have nothing to forgive, I am the one who should be apologizing, I acted irrationaly towards you. I am not accustumed to the kindness you posses Yuuki. What you said was true," I brushed my hand against her cheek and she grabbed it, bringing it closer to her face, "you do have a right to worry for me"

"I know it's foolish because you don't need protection, I realize that" she said looking down into the water, I lifter her chin with my index finger

"It is not foolish, though again, you are right, I do not need protection, but I like the fact that you worry soo much for a monster such as I"

"You are not a monster!" she said, shooting out of the water aggressively. She grabbed ahold of my face,

"Yes I am", she glared at me, "If you are a monster, than so am I"

"You are beyond what could be portrayed as a monster Yuuki" I smiled and leaned our fourheads together

"Tell me Kaname, what does it take to be a monster for you to say that you are one too?" I took ahold of both of her hands in mine, giving them a light squeeze

"I have done unforgivable things...that I do not want to reveal to you"


"It will taint the way you think of me" It was she who clutched my hands this time

"Tell me Kaname, it is better to be said right now...than for me to attain this by someone else later on" We were both looking into eachothers eyes so deeply. Though I knew no one had known about this besides Ichijou. He would never say anything of the matter to anyone though. But I told her anyway.

"I...," I looked away for a brief moment before turning towards her gaze again, "I have...killed mercilessly without a second thought, Yuuki," I waited for her reaction, but none came, how...odd of her.

"Go on" she alleged quietly

"I murdered innocent beings...men, women, and children coldheartedly, without thinking if they even had loved ones"

I couldn't look at her eyes anymore. I felt ashamed. How could a being such as me, be capable of ascertain a pure person, such as Yuuki.

"So, what...your trying to tell me is that you are uncapable to love Kaname?" her voice sounded incredulous

"Never stopping to think that some of those men and women having families did not matter to me" I whispered

"Kaname if you were a cold-hearted monster as you claim to be," she yanked her hands from mine and I looked up, she was finally going to realize who I truly am,

"then how can you love me?," Yuuki grabbed my face and brought it close to hers, "how can we have this immense love we possess towards eachother?"

Realization dawned to me. That was all I needed to hear, I brought my lips towards hers. Sealing it with a kiss. How was this beautiful creature ever made for him?

I grasped her hips from inside the tub and pulled her out. I felt her put her legs around my waist to keep her from falling down, kissing her all the way towards our bed. I walked up the three steps infront of the mattress and layed her gently on the blood red silk blanketed round Mekong water bed with the thick silk Jane black canopy covering the view of the entire room. It had the opening of the three steps and around the entire bed was a circular river-like flowing fountain, and stroding along the water were white floating plastic sakura blossoms with lit candles on top of them. Giving off the room inside the canopy, a romantic and tranquil feeling.

"Thank you," I released myself from the kiss, leaning my fourhead on her own, "ma belle chanteuse" (Translation: My beautiful singer, Don't ask why. I think it's just because her blood calls to him. Oops, I guess I just told you why! Hahaha lol. I can't really take credit for this, I kinda got the idea from New Moon. Kinda. And if you haven't read that book, go do it. I assure you will like it.)

"Quelconque pour l'amour?" she looked innocently towards me. (Whatever for, love?)

"Pour dire les choses que vous ne" I nuzzled her cheek (For saying the things you did)

"Chaque mot que j'ai dit était vrai" Yuuki in return kissed my nose, (Every word I said was true)

I brought her lips towards mine again, grabbing her arms from around my neck and putting them down on the bed, sliding my hands up her arms to trap them above her head. We kept our hands intertwined throughout our moment. No one will be able to touch her like I do. No one will be able to realize this moment, as I do. And for that, I am greatful.

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