~~~The next morning~~~

~Yuuki's POV~

I felt the rays of the sun splashing me right on the face. Who had opened the canopy? I groaned and turned my body away from the light. But the only thing I managed to do was crash into a wall. Wait, wall?. I began to feel around this 'Wall' and noticed it was soft and hard at the same time, it was warm and breathing. Now that definatly could not be a wall?. Realization struck me.

'What the hell?, the bed isn't next to the wall' I opened my eyes and noticed I had come in contact with a tan chest, I looked up to see another pair of burgundy eyes staring right back. The only difference between both of their eyes was that those eyes held amusement.

"Good morning love" he said, smiling

"Morning" I murmured while stretching out in his arms, I heard him chuckle, I actually stopped what I was doing and looked around, "what time is it?"

For some reason, Kaname always knew what time it was without having to look at a clock.

"It is sunrise" He kissed me on the lips, the kiss was meant to be chaste, but of course I couldn't help myself. What kind of a woman would I be to pass up the chance to make out with an attractive male. The idiot type of course.

I climbed ontop of him, the feeling of our naked bodies got me in an erotic mood again. Taking a hold of his tresses, I leaned down to kiss him again. I wasn't really intending on rubbing him down their, but it just happened by accident when i lowered my form on top of his. Laying flat against him. I heard a low groan come from his mouth. He gripped my thighs tightly. Who knew that I would be turned on, just with that little sound. My breathing became stimulate. Again, I "Accidently" rubbed against him. I though he would grip me tightly again, instead he switched our positions and began kissing me up and down my neck. My body ached towards his,

"Kaname" I moaned, god I felt so good right now. I hoped it never ended.

And after all that, every thought I had in mind, drifted away.

When I realized we were finally finished, Kaname collapsed ontop of me. Both of us breathing irregularly. I reached up to his head, streaming my hands through his main. His entire body relaxed above me, meandering his arms around me.

"Yuuki" he breathed out as he nestled himself more into me.

We stayed in that position for a while, until something started to bother me.

I felt sticky. Sticky in a good way, but still in a way that I wanted a shower.

I laughed.

He looked up at me puzzled, as if he was worried for my state of mind. "I think its time for a shower"

His face went back to its relaxed sentiment, but instead of moving out of the way, he layed his head back down on my chest. I didn't say anything about it either. I was comfortable exactly the way I was. But we both knew we couldn't stay like this forever. We had things to attend to. Like the rest of the nobles who were probably up by now. Well, everyone except Aido. I laughed again. Only this time Kaname squeezed me tighter.

"I am really considering your mentality, Yuuki" He calmly said,

"Oi, are you stating that your mate is mentally unstable?" I joked

Kaname stood on all fours now, staring right at me.

'How petronizing'

"Actually, I am" he teased back. A rare moment from Kaname Kuran, I felt kind of special knowing that I will be the only one who ever see's this side of him. I knew it took a lot for Kaname to just let his defenses down infront of me. Though he did want to be his true self when we were together, he still couldn't help but be that way, for my own protection. If something ever were to happen.

He kissed me fully on the lips for about a second and pulled away before I could even react.

"Your a tease"

"I am no such thing" Kaname simulated bewilderment

"Yes you are, mon amour," (My love) I grabbed the back of his neck with my left hand and brought his head down to my face, leaving our lips just inches apart, "I'll show you what a real kiss is" and then I crushed our lips together eagerly.

After breaking apart, we were out of breath. Again.

"Je croyais que tu voulais prendre une douche?" Kaname lifted an eyebrow, (I thought you wanted to take a shower)

I bit my lip seductevly and he growled, "Now that you mentioned it" I pushed on his chest so he would sit up. Our silk blankets now covering his lower half, but exposing my upper half. I stood up and lowered my hand so he would grab it. When he did, I helped pull him up, or...at least tried to. I am a vampire now and I still can't even pick him up. Huh...how sad for me. To make matters worse. Kaname began laughing at me. I gave him my puppy dog pout, and his laughter began to die down as he stroked my cheek softly.

"Oh, Yuuki" He leaned down to give me a peck on the lips before we both started towards the bathroom.

Turning on the water faucet and putting it on the right temperature, I turned towards Kaname who seemed to be deep in thought. Walking over to him did not seem to stir him, I reached for both of his hands and that's were I got a reaction from him.

I looked concerned in relation to him.

He smiled and began walking us to the tub.

Kaname lifted me up and set me in the water gently before climbing in himself. Once he sat down, I crawled to him and layed myself on him, resting my head on his cheast with his arms secured around me. I felt so content just being in here. I never wanted to leave his side. He advanced towards my shampoo and began to apply some in my hair. He rubbed my skull so skillfully that I sighed in bliss. I eventually had to sit up so that he could reach the other side of my head. So now I was sitting in between his legs. After he finished, I turned to my left and pressed a button that was on the limestone countertop that turned on the circular Ritmonio Euridice shower head. And blazing down came the warm water on both of us. But, I of coarse had to shut my eyes so that the soap didn't get into them, after I finished rinsing I reached for Kaname's shampoo and lathered his head with soap. Rubbing gently against his scalp, just how he liked it. Eventually I ended up on my knees with him, while continuing to spread the shampoo over his head. Kaname leaned his entire body towards me, he now had his arms wrapped around my form and my arms were practically hugging his head. Because I forgot to turn off the shower head. The soap came off easily without my having to move around so much. I continued to rub his head, even though the shampoo had been washed off.

It just felt so serene for us. The water was having a tranquil effect on both of us. Subsequently, Kaname lifted his head from my chest and stared into my eyes. Leaning up to give me butterfly kisses. Following up, we had to lather our bodies with soap to wash off all the sweat that was left from our...activities.

Once the shower was done, we both got ready to head down stairs to meet up with the noble vampires. Kaname, of coarse finished getting ready before me. Wearing black formal pants and a navy blue silk button up shirt, with a white dragon design on it. Man did he look sexy wearing casual clothes. Well that's as casual as he gets.

I on the other hand, wore something more intricate. Like a black Gabrielle mini dress that came with a small silver belt to hang loosely at my hips and also Steve Madden black satin high heeled sandals. After I was done, I stood up from our bed when I was putting on the heels and went over to Kaname. Accepting his stretched out arm, putting my left hand in his, and using my other hand to wrap it around the arm that we had clasped our hands together with.

With that we both stepped out of our room, only to hear screaming. Both Kaname and I had lifted an eyebrow. What the heck was going on?

"Hanabusa I swear if you don't get out of bed this instant I will call Kaname-sama to do it himself, now wich would you prefer?" this was heard at the other end of the hall, in Aido's room. We both headed over their, to be suprised at what we saw. Kaine was pulling at Aido's feet, while Aido was holding on to the headboard of his bed. (From Freaky Friday)

Kaname cleared his throat, immedeatly Kain let go of Aido's legs and bowed to the both of us

"Kaname-sama, Yuuki-sama, good morning"

Meanwhile Aido was trying to untangle himself from his bed sheets while saying, "Goodmoring...ugh...Kaname-sama,...god blankets!...Yuuki-sama"

"Aido" With that instant name, Aido straightened himself up and bowed to both of us aswell

"Forgive me Kaname-sama, I was having a delema"

I looked at the blankets that now rested on the floor, I looked surprised at him, "With your bed sheets Aido?"

"Huh, well...you see...-" He was now scratching the back of his neck sheepishly

"Hanabusa stayed up all night again" Kain replied monotoniously, and Aido raised up a fist at him "Akatsuki" he mumbled

"Aido, I know it's not easy getting accustomed to our new schedule, but you will have to" I spoke up, looking senseriously at him

"He was up with his trinkets, Yuuki-sama" Kain piped in again,

"You know what Kain..-"

"Enough" It was just one word, but with, oh so much power in it.

They both froze on the spot, "Kain, thank you for the information," Kain bowed and left, Kaname then turned towards Aido, who looked like he wanted to be 6 feet under right about now," Aido"

He jumped, "Yes Kaname-sama"

"Leave" Aido looked shocked and I surprised

"Yes" he bowed and left

Kaname then turned to me, he looked at my face of bewilderment "What is it Yuuki?"

"You just let Aido off?" We both walked back to the hallway towards the staircase,


"Why?" I was still bewildered

He sighed, "Yuuki you make it sound as if I punish him deliberately"

"I know you don't do that, but usually you give him some kind of punishment, even Aido was surprised"

"What a cruel creature you both make me out to be" I think he had meant it as a joke, but what he said made me go into a sad state, and this I noticed had stopped him short

"Don't say that again Kaname you seen how it irritated me last night"

"Forgive me" He pulled me into his arms for a minute until he let me go.

Well not completely, he wrapped his right arm around my waist and put his left hand on my shoulder. So we continued to walk like that, with me leaning on him.

Again we heard screaming, only this time it was from downstairs.

"He what!," This was Kain's voice

"Mhm, you heard me right, Kaname-sama let me go like nothing" I looked up at Kaname, "Well he sounds smug" he nodded "Indeed"

"I can't believe it" Now this turn it was Ruka's voice that came into term

"Aido" Kaname was the one that spoke this time, I chuckled. Everyone, kneeled as we made our entrance

"What will the verdict be, Kaname?" I looked up at him with a smiling face as we stepped down the marvelous stairs

Kaname smirked, and everyone gasped. This cannot end well for Aido.

Aido gulped, "Kaname-sama, I meant no offense, really" he was now waving his hands vigorously in front of him