UGH! Finally, I've uploaded the 4th chapter to this story! . Quiet frankly, I'm not so into this fic anymore T^T I've lost all interest in it. I don't know what to write next. As it is, this chapter was kinda point less. It's just mostly based on Aido. But eehh...oh well. Here it is. I feel...fairly disappointed in this chapter *smh*

~~~Normal POV~~~

"I can't believe I'm doing this" Aido muttered annoyingly as he scrubbed as hard as he could on the Porcelain floor.

Ruka laughed, "Now this is definitely a suitable job for you"

"Keep quiet Ruka!" Aido screamed, throwing soap water at her.

"AHHHHHHH! WHY YOU LITTLE BAKA YARO!" She reached to grab him by the ears and started to pull them (Stupid Bastard)

"OW, OW, OW, OW, RUKA!. I'LL KILL YOU!" He swipped at her and she jumped back. (From the actual show)

Ruka pointed her nose in the air, crossed her arms, and walked away to take a shower.

"You should have never messed with her Hanabusa," Kain leaned against the wall

"Did you not see how she almost ripped my ears off or what?" Aido growled at him and continued scrubbing. He had to do the entire hall and the stairs. Kami the stairs!, their were soo many of them at least twenty eight in total. Thank the heavens their was only one stair rail.

"Yes, but you always tell women they are right or else then you will be in a world filled with pain"

"I will not submit to a woman!, especially one that isn't mine!" He barked again, but this time he was on the other side of the hallway

"Your right she isn't your woman, but she's my woman, and I don't want you disrespecting her Hanabusa, If you do I would personally recommend that you sleep with one eye open"

All of a sudden Aido was right in front of Kain's face with the brush dripping with water, "Is that a threat Kain?"

"No, it's a warning" Then he walked away leaving a seething Aido behind

"Wow, you seem to be making a lot of enemies lately, Aido" Someone laughed behind him,

"Ya!, well it won't be soo-..." he turned around, only to come face to face with Yuuki, he dropped to the ground and bowed," forgive me Yuuki-sama, I was just riled up, whatwithRukaandthenKain,andthenhisinsults...-" he was cut off short by Yuuki

"Aido, calm down!"

"Forgive me"

"And stop begging for forgiveness, it's beneath you" Yuuki walked passed him towards the library

"Uh...yes Yuuki-sama!" and he got back to scrubbing

~~~Kaname POV~~~

It was so quiet.

Yuuki was off in the library, while I was in our bedroom finishing some papers the Senate had sent me.

Though I was looking straight at the documents, my mind was elsewhere.

My thoughts concentrated on one person only.


This one petite woman has come to change my life so much. I hardly even recognize myself when around her.

She brings out a different side of me. A side that should never be let out.

If for one moment I falter, something dreadful could happen.

Finally I just gave up on the documents and threw them back on the table.

What was the point in working when I could not concentrate.

Maybe a walk will help.

I stepped out of the room and headed down the staircases.

Scrub! Scrub! "Ugh!" Bang!

"Aido, is their a problem?"

"Huh!...ah, no problem Kaname-sama" he turned around quickly

"Hn" I nodded and headed off towards the library.