Harley: "Looks like our little Drewy got himself a rival! Right, Solidad?"

Solidad: "A challenge is always exciting, right?"

Drew: "This is not a challenge, its a war."

Away from the three:

Brendan: "I felt a sudden chill..."

May: "Need a warm hug?"

Back to the three:

Drew: "Why, I otta...!..!..afnkdgndla" (Solidad had cover his mouth to stay hidden.)

Harley: "That is enough of a random little joke, let the real story begin!"

Solidad: "Please be warned that this story contains material from both manga and anime."

Drew: "And the author owns nothing, except her imagination... just like how I don't own May!"

May:"I can hear you!"


It was a beautiful and sunny day as the four hoenn coordinators, or the happy family (as Harley like to say), headed to the city of Alto Mare. It was May that demanded to see this city, after she heard the story of Latios and Latias from Misty. Harley didn't complain since he wanted a break anyways and Solidad was very interested after hearing the story. And Drew? Well, let's just where ever a certain blue eyed brunette wants to go, he is sure to follow.

"May, it is this type of goofing off that makes you a failure as a coordinator," Drew commented. His proud ego was really annoying Harley and Solidad, who were walking behind the two teenagers.

"Well for your information, I did win the last contest!" shouted May as she held up her shinny ribbon into Drew's face.

The boy simply batted it away and kept insulting her. Their fights were so regular that no one ever take them seriously anymore. They fight over one thing today, then something else tomorrow. But it was obvious that they were good friends and worked well together.

To show their closeness, May was just about to straggle a smirking Drew when Harley shrieked girlishly and pointed to something.

"A kid with white hair! You guys have to see this!"

Solidad and Drew turned their heads immediately, while May shrugged, "I travel with three people that have purple, pink, and green hair. White is not that interesting."

The pink haired women grinned, "He looks pretty cute, May!"

Drew tried his best to ignore both of their comments. "He looks familiar... I think I have seen him on TV and magazines... A pokemon trainer?"

Harley squealed after he got a good look at the teenager. "Oh my goodness! I know who that is! Drewy, how can you say a pokemon trainer? He is a pokemon champion! He defeated so many leagues as the younger trainer! He also fought in battle frontier and battle pyramid! On top of that, he is really good looking and nice to everybody, too! The prefect male representative!"

All three looked at him, "..."

After a bit of awkward silence, May asked, "What is his name?"

Harley scratched his chin, "Hmm... something Birch... Brendan Birch! Yeah, that's it! Brendan Birch of Litteroot town!"

Suddenly, memories from May's past flooded her mind. From a fierce Salamence to a soft first kiss in a meadow.

"Brendan!" May called out loudly.

The white haired boy turned and his eyes widen at the brunette calling to him. "May?"

May didn't waste a second as she ran towards the white hair trainer, leaving her "happy family" behind.

Brendan opened his arms wide as May flung onto him, giving him the hug of his life. He laughed and spun her around, attracting glares and mostly "aww" from by-passers.

Drew was one to glare.

When the spinning stopped, May smiled at the boy that was several inches taller than her. "I've missed you!"

"Same goes for me," his ruby red eyes gazed deeply into her sapphire blue ones.

Harley interrupted the sweet reunion, much to Drew's happiness. "May darling, is he your friend?"

May let go of Brendan and smiled at them, "Yeah! He is Brendan, my child hood friend since I was 4!"

Harley grinned like crazy as he introduced himself, while Solidad gave a nice calm hello. Drew decided to play it cool by flipping his hair, "FAMOUS coordinator, Drew."

Brendan smiled at all of them, "Nice to meet you all, thanks for taking care of May. She is one big mess, isn't she?"

May puffed out her red cheeks, the same way she does when Drew teases her. The green haired coordinator was not pleased.

"Anyways, Brendan, we haven't seen each other for so long! Six years, right?"

The trainer nodded, "Yeah, its sure been a long time. But I heard from dad that you were doing fine, great even. So I was relieved, sad that I never bumped into you though."

May was about to reply when Drew interrupted, "Since you two are such great friends, why don't you guys go catch up with each other." He, of course, said it in a "I am not happy" voice, but we all know how dense May is.

"That is a good idea, Drew! Thanks!" Drew's jaw dropped as May was about to leave with Brendan.

"Wait! I want to know why your hair is white, Brendan!" Harley called out in a fangirl voice.

"Actually, its a hat." Brendan pulled out a bit of black hair to show the other clueless coordinators.

"Wow... it actually look like your hair," smiled Solidad.

"Humph, I bet he is covering up something." Another flip of green hair.

Solidad was about to lecture Drew's rudeness, when May suddenly looked a bit sad.

Brendan seemed to have notice as well, so he patted the left, top side of his hat and smiled, "Its fine."

Then with a small wave, he pulled May away and disappeared into the crowd.

"What the heck was that?" growled an irritated Drew.

"Looks like you got yourself a rival," Solidad ruffled his hair.

"By the looks of it, more like elimination," grinned Harley, earning him a punch from the other two.