So guess what? I decided to update. It's been two years, so my writing style may be different. This is a drabble anyways, so ... yeah.

Harley: Guess what, Drewy?

Drewy: One, stop calling me that. Two, what?

Harley: You have to guess, sweetie!

Drewy: Fine, I don't want to hear it.

Harley: No! You want to hear this!

Soledad: Then just tell him already, Harley.

Harley: Must people want Brendan *squeal* to win May-Darling!

Drew: ... Soledad, please turn away. I don't want a witness.

Soledad: Don't kill him Drew. Don't do it.

Rival Chapter 3

"Your friends are really interesting, May. Their hair colors are so cool!" smiled Brendan as he walked side by side with his best friend through the streets of Alto Mare.

"Right? And they were surprised when they thought you had white hair. I have to get them a mirror sooner or later," May shrugged her shoulders.

The two friends were actually by themselves, alone, in this beautiful city. Soledad decided that Drew would eventually become a murderer of a certain league champion or murdered by the childhood friend of that certain champion if she didn't take him far far away to the art museum. Harley, of course, followed them, claiming that beautiful art inspired coordinators better than anything else. May wanted to go, too, but she wanted to spent more time with Brendan. Drew nearly snapped when he heard that.

Brendan sneaked a peak at May and grinned sheepishly.

Noticing his funny expression, May asked, "What is so funny?"

"Oh, I am not laughing. It's just that, it's been so long! I haven't seen or heard from you for several years," Brendan smiled softly, "I remembered to call everyone when I have time, but I never called you."

"Thanks, Brendan. I am not even worth a call," May faked an angry face.

"Hey, who are you accusing! You never called me either!"

"But I have a reason. I was traveling with Ash! Things were chaotic! And he hogs the phones to call Professor Oak!"

"Just admit that you didn't want to call me." Brendan gave him a kicked-pikachu look. "You didn't congratulate me on my victories."

"I didn't know you won!"

"Don't you watch the news?"

"Hello? We were traveling in different regions!"

The pair glared at each other. Fake sarcastic anger had just escalated into a real fight. They turned their back to each other and kept silent for a few minutes until they both faced the other again at the same instant.

Brendan sighed, "We shouldn't fight over something so stupid."

"Who said we were fighting?" May smiled.

Brendan laughed and straightened his hat. "No one did! Anyways, May, how is coordinator life treating you?"

"It's good. Contests are so much fun! Pokemons display their strength with beauty at the same time. It is truly amazing."

"You make it sound so nice. I never really seen a contest, because I thought it was boring. Do pokemons actually fight in a contest?"

"Yea, when you pass the preliminaries, you get to battle other trainers. But we have different rules than battles and we have judges."

"I bet that is the only thing you can beat me at," Brendan smirked.

"Oh, I can also beat you in looking good in a skirt!"

"You never know!"

The white hatted trainer laughed as his bandana friend blushed like crazy as she imagined her long-life friend cross-dressing. He grinned as he grabbed her hand and lead her safely onto a small bridge that over-look the streams that criss-cross the city. A small boat with visitors traveled below them slowly and the boat-man waved at them.

Brendan pointed at the boat with a sweet-smile and looked at May. The brunette smiled back as the pair set off to find a boat to take them on an adventure through the waterways.

*At the Museum*

"Wow, Latios and Latias were such beautiful darlings! It is such a shame that we can't see them in the flesh," cried a purpled hair man as he peered at the numerous paintings of the legendary pokemons. "Don't you wish they are here, Soledad-honey?"

Soledad looked at him and gave him a quick nod. She wasn't really listening to Harley, but was too kind to ignore him completely. She was staying by his side as he dragged her from hall to hall, but her mind was far away. This pink haired woman was too busy wondering where her green-haired friend had disappeared to.

She found him spying on May earlier that morning and knew that serious actions must be taken before he snaps on the poor, dense girl. She suggested that the entire group should go see the famous art museum, but Brendan explained that he had already seen it. He didn't mind going again, but Soledad knew he was just saying that so he could spend more time with May.

As a very understanding and mature mother-like figure, she told May to go somewhere else with Brendan. That way, the trainer won't be bored and could be together with his best friend. Drew was furious what she suggested that, but Harley shut him up with his pokemon-center-made cookies filled with love and a little bit of what no one wants to know.

Drew was knocked out for quite a bit and that gave enough time for Harley and Soledad to take him to the museum without any fuss or complain. When Drew woke up, he was still feeling the after-effects of those cookies and stuck by the adults in several halls. However, as soon as he felt up to beat, he had sneaked off while the older pair was distracted.

Soledad was desperate to find him before he could leave the museum and sabotage Brendan and May. She understood that Drew likes... heck, loves the girl, but May also has feelings. She wants to be with her friend that she had lost contact with for so long and Drew should respect that. Somehow, she felt that the white-hatted boy was also as dense as May, so there were no worries about letting them out alone. But Drew was crazy with his feelings and there is no doubt that he would assume the worst.

She remembered that Harley warned her about Drew's mental state earlier that day. He took Soledad aside when the young ones were distracted and told her that Drew was screaming in his sleep last night. He said the strangest things that worried him about a possible mental break-down. Soledad knew that Harley was exaggerating as always, but Drew did seem a bit pale. His green hair also seemed dimmer. Drew needed to calm down; Soledad knew that as a fact.

Thus, that is why they dragged him to the museum. They thought he was cooperating until he suddenly vanished. Soledad was searching for his green hair while Harley kept going on and on about the mysterious beauty of the legendary pokemons. Soledad groaned as she scanned the sea of people. There was some yellow and purple hair, but no green anywhere!

Harley smiled to himself as he watched Soledad from the corner of his eyes. He was the one that let Drew loose with the information that Brendan and May were taking a stroll in the alleyways of the city. Why did he do that, you ask? Well, he had been torturing Drew with the comments of 'total elimination'... and Drew's reaction was hilarious. So simply put, Harley was bored and wanted a good show.

"Soledad-honey, are you listening to me?" Harley growled with his hands at his hip.

"Yea, yea," Soledad replied.

"Honey, you look at the person when you lie to them!"

"Yea, that is great, Harley. Beautiful and mysterious."

Harley sighed and grabbed Soledad's shoulders in order to turn her around to face him. "Sweetie, Drewy is a big boy now. He will be fine."

"But Harley, you know his temper! I worry that something bad is going to happen!"

"Don't worry! Drewy can handle himself! Come on, let's go to the next hall!" Harley grinned as he pulled the blue-eyed woman along. He chuckled to himself silently, "This show is going to be so much fun!"