So, this is about how Remus and Tonks' relationship begins... Hope you like it!

It was a clear night, with a mild breeze. Nymphadora Tonks ran her fingers through her wild bubblegum pink hair, her palms were sweaty and she bit her nails with nerves. How would she do this? He always looked so damn beautiful; she'd happily look at him for weeks. He was a dreamy, perfect… werewolf. That part was the hardest. But she didn't mind, she found it intriguing, sexy and this thought made her slightly dizzy.

Reaching out her hand, she grabbed the doorknocker and knocked three times.

But before anybody answered the door, she heard a voice behind her that made her heart leap.

"Good evening, Nymphadora."

It was Remus. Perfect Remus.

"Don't call me that," she tried to say with a kind of menace, but it came out as more of a croak.

"I know you detest it, that's why I do it," he answered.

She glared at him, as Sirius came and opened the door.

"Hey, it's yoooouuu!" he said, clearly drunk.

"Hello, Sirius. What've you been drinking this time?" Remus asked, as they both walked into the house, Remus being a gentleman and letting Tonks go first.

There was a crash as Tonks tripped over an umbrella stand. She had been looking at Remus to much that she didn't notice it, or Kreacher, whose foot she stood on.

"Filthy half-bloods! Whatever would mistress say! And that despicable wolf in here! Mistress would be most distressed…"

He walked away, still muttering to himself about his mistress. Tonks sighed and picked up the umbrellas, she felt something cold on her hand and realised it was Remus' hand. He held it and her heart skipped a beat.

"I need to talk to you, in private," he whispered, his warm breath on her neck.

"Er, okay…" she said, her heart pounding.

He led her to his bedroom upstairs, still tightly gripping to her hand. Oh god, he thought, here goes. She liked his room, it was full of books and everything about it was so Remus.

"How are you?" he asked her, sitting down on his bed. He gestured that she should sit down.

"I'm okay, um, how are you?" You idiot, Tonks thought. Now he's going to think you're not interested.

Damn, Remus thought. She's not interested, she's small talking! Shoot, I'm small talking too.

"Remus, are you okay? You seem weird," she said, placing her hand on his forehead, "You're not feeling ill or anything?"

He loved it when she worried about him; he loved how cute she got.

Tonks realised her hand was still on his forehead and lowered it, but he grabbed it and kissed it.

She felt a tingling feeling, and wanted to kiss him back, but she just sat there, motionless, too stunned to move.

So he does like me.

Damn, you idiot, she doesn't like you, Remus thought.

Deciding it was worth the risk, just to see what it felt like, he stood up knelt down at kissed her lips.

Tonks felt electricity flood through her veins, she kissed him back.

Wow, Remus thought, maybe she does like me.

He felt a spark in his soul, and he knew that after this they'd probably end up doing it again.

Remus pulled away, and looked at Tonks in a half sleepy, half confused way.

"Um, what just happened?" he asked, thinking how beautiful she looked.

"We kissed, and after that, I probably won't be able to look my cousin in the eye for a year,"

Remus laughed, she loved the way he laughed.

Remus stood still for a moment, Tonks could hear his breath. She stood up and touched his face. She kissed his cheek, and then walked back downstairs.

Remus followed, but not too soon. Mad eye Moody was sat at the kitchen table and eyed them both suspiciously.

"Where've you been?" he asked.

"Bathroom," they answered at the same time.

"You were both in the bathroom?"

"Tonks went first, and then I went," Remus replied calmly.

"Ah," said Mad Eye, pushing the matter away as if it had never been brought up. "So how're you finding work Nymphadora?"

"Tonks. It's okay I guess. Could be worse, but the Ministry's still reluctant to hear Potter's side of the story. But I guess I don't know the lad, he could be a nutter," Tonks said.

"He's not," said Remus, "he's one of the brightest I taught two years back."

"When's he coming anyway?" Tonks asked the table, leaning over and giving a snoring Sirius a poke.

"Two weeks," Remus answered.

"So, you two seeing anyone?" Mad eye asked.

Thinking it was an odd question, Tonks said,


"Sort of," Remus said, again very calmly.

Wondering if "sort of" was another woman, Tonks stood up.

"I'm going to bed," she said, and she thought she saw Remus give her the cutest of winks.

Tonks undressed from her day clothes and pulled out some old pajamas from her suitcase. She got under the covers and lay there, thinking about Remus.

She heard a knock at her door.