YUPP, this is an OHSHC MarySue story...it was actually quite harder to write than it might seem ^-^"

Anyway, I hope you guys like it :)

Tamaki and Kyouya walked into class to see everyone huddled into a group.

"I'm here everyone!" Tamaki said gracefully, smiling his host smile.

No one paid attention to him. Everyone kept staring intently at whatever was in the middle of the group.

Kyouya smirked, his glasses flashing. "If you all don't move, I will send my private police force after your families and make sure you're left with nothing."

This time everyone moved out of the way. The 'thing' everyone had been staring at had luscious blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a body that made super models cry in shame. She smiled with pearl white teeth that flashed like diamonds. Boys drooled, girls drooled. Girls glared, Tamaki glared.

She spun around in her seat and smiled at Kyouya,"It's not nice to threaten others."

"Christina Angelsnow, class 2-A of Ouran High School Academy. Women's rights activist, UNICEF ambassador, and an all around animal lover. Built mansions for the homeless, and have paid the debts for enslaved children. Build homes for all animals, and have been apart of every single UNICEF pledge since the age of 10,"Kyouya said,"Blood type AB+. Runs blood donations every other month."

"That's seems just about right," she grinned.

Kyouya smirked,"Christina Angelsnow...also known as Christopher Abersoft. Male."

Everyone watched as 'Christina' turned a deep shade of red.

"M-making false accusations l-like that..."She stuttered, shocked.

Everyone in the class looked at her evilly. Slowly, one girl picked up a knife that had been on her table.


The next day, Christina didn't come to school. On the news, it said that she had committed suicide but 2-A knew the real reason.

And they never spoke of it again...

Five minutes later...

"And class 2-A killed her...well they called in a yukaza to do it for them...so they didn't get their hands dirty" First years gossiped.


Kyouya heard them...

"I suppose that you shouldn't talk about this story...unless you want to end up like poor Christopher,"Kyouya said.

They ran away...

THE END! Didja like it?

Anyway, um...yeah :) I guess the story should be called 'The Mary-Sue that class 2-A killed, but don't tell anyone 'cause Kyouya will kill you'


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