Two days later

He sat on a billboard, hidden from view, as he watched the Titans fight the H.I.V.E Five. He didn't know what the Five were after but he didn't really care. All he cared about was watching Terra.


Dick pressed the comm, "Yes?"

"The longer you stay there, the more at risk you are of being seen." Slade's impatient tone bit at his ears.

He knew he should leave but he needed more.

Dick watched Terra as she hurled a chunk of the earth at Jinx. He took note of the yellow hue that radiated from her when she used her powers. Her hands also shook and she was often thrown off balance. Was it magic or an actual ability to manipulate the earth?

He really needed a closer look.

Before he could think better of it, he said, "How mad would you be if I went down there myself?"

The comm was silent, and then, "Angry."

"Like kill-my-friends angry or extra training angry?" he paused, his heart rate compelling him to continue speaking. "I need to see her up close, I can't gauge her from up here."

Silence. Dick could hear his heart thrumming in his chest. He could only hope Slade would see the value in getting a face-to-face interaction with her.

"Go but be smart," Slade said finally. "Keep the conversation to a minimum."

He didn't reply and sprang from his position and leapt down to the rooftop. He had two seconds top before someone spotted him, but he took the time to figure out his game plan.

Then, he threw a smoke bomb and jumped in to the fray.



The Titans and the Five's shouts clashed as the smoke cleared up. Despite him working for Slade for three months now, the Titan's still struggled with the name change.

Renegade only had eyes for Terra. She looked confused, she searched Cyborg's face but his face was hard as stone. She then glanced at Jinx, whose face mirrored Terra's confusion.

"Uh so is he on our side?" Gizmo pointed at the silver insignia on Renegade's chest.

All at once the Titan's attentions were focused on the silver S.

Cyborg charged, effectively breaking the confusion that kept the Titans stock-still. The Five fell into step near Renegade. He paid them no mind.

He used Cyborg's momentum to dodge his punch by grabbing onto his arm and twisting behind him. He placed a small explosive on Cyborg's back and detonated. Cyborg was propelled forward by the blast and into a nearby building.

Starbolts and dark energy started flying towards him but he somersaulted backwards and dodged them.

A flying chunk of sidewalk was hurled in his direction but Jinx cast her powers and it shattered the rock. He nodded at Jinx and used her distraction to throw an electric disk at Terra.

The disk hit its mark and she convulsed from the energy.

To his shame, he felt amused as she hit the ground. He took a step toward her but something stopped him.

Yellow energy burst from her hands and the earth began to shake under his feet. The ground underneath Terra split from the earth and into the air as she struggled to get back on her feet.

She huffed and brushed her hair out of her face. Her blue eyes startled him as she turned to face him. She yelled and soon rock came flying towards him. He ran in her direction and avoided it by flipping towards the rock and using his hands to push himself in front of it.

He rushed forward and crouched down and swung his leg underneath Terra's. Her legs buckled under his but she regained her footing and clawed at him. Her eyes glowed wildly as pieces of earth came flying towards him.

There was no rhyme or reason to her attacks, only blind rage and pure instability. A chunk of asphalt grazed his forearm. He ducked behind a car and took a moment to breathe and threw a smoke bomb.

He had seen enough to know what he was up against.

The black gas erupted from the bomb. Another piece of the earth came flying at him and this time it hit him in the chest.

The pressure on his chest made it impossible to breathe as he struggled to get back up. He fought himself and forced his legs to get up.

While he had been on the ground, he hadn't noticed that Terra's attack of flying asphalt hadn't just hit him. Beast Boy was pinned by the arm a few feet away from him. His green face was contorted in pain. When his gaze flickered towards Renegade, his eyes held a grief so deep it aged his face.

"Leave now," he heard Slade say.

Terra ran to Beast Boy and started apologizing profusely. He waved his free arm trying to play the injury down.

Renegade shook his head. So Terra was dangerous because she had no control. He had singled out her greatest weakness without putting in any real effort. If he could figure it out that quickly, he could only imagine what other villains would do with that knowledge.

He took a second to glance back at Terra and Beast Boy. Noting the look in Beast Boy's eyes when he looked at Terra, he raised an eyebrow. Another weakness.

He should leave before the Titans rounded up the Five and turned their full attention to him.

He turned around and Starfire stood inches before him.

"You must surrender Robin," she said.

Her voice sounded so soft and sweet, it made him sad. He turned his head back towards Terra as she lifted the rock trapping Beast Boy. If he focused on his original objective, he could block her voice out. But she was so close he could smell her perfume.

"You are turning into something you are not."

His eyes are torn away from Terra and he zeroed in on Starfire.

"You have no idea," he took a step back and dropped a flash bomb.