A month later

Things had gotten worse.

He had tried to exploit her weaknesses. He tried to take Slade's guidance but the Titans refused to give up on Terra.

He fucked up and he knew it, but he had to prove she was dangerous.

So he had cornered her away from the rest of the team. He had gotten her to run down to the tunnel system on her own. He'd waited to corner her until someone had the Titan's attention.

Renegade approached her silently. He could hear the Titans above and he felt the earth shake occasionally above them.

She looked at him then, fear stopping her from getting any closer to him.

He regarded her again before he spoke.

"You can't control your powers."

"That's not true," she said, looking down.

He was now inches away from her. She could feel his warm breath on her face, sending chills down her spine.

"You're going to hurt people," he said, narrowing his eyes. "You're a liability, one that I can't afford."

Terra looked down at her hands. They were shaking and to her dismay, yellow energy surrounded her fingers.

"You don't know me," Terra said angrily.

"Don't I?" he taunted. He moved away from her and started to walk around her. "Tara Markov?"

She spun around to face him. The earth around them started to shake and gravel fell loose from the walls. "Stop," was all she could say.

He took a moment to watch her fear take hold of her. Yellow energy started to burst uncontrollably from her fists.

"You'll lose control and end up killing someone you care about, like Beast Boy," he said, looking pointedly at her hands. "Leave Jump City, or I'll make sure the Titans will know about your control problems."

"Shut up!" she yelled. Gravel from the walls started flying off and started to kick up around her. She looked up at him, her eyes completely glowing with yellow energy. He backed away, his hands brushing up against the wall.

He thought to himself then that maybe he had overestimated her instability. He hadn't said much, but what he had made tears stream down her face.

He could feel the earth start to tremor beneath his feet. He took a step back. As the seconds passed, he could feel the tremors getting stronger. The flying gravel started spinning faster around her until he could hardly see her. The yellow energy emitting from her was the only way he could make her out.

It looked like she was hovering above the ground, in the center of it all. She had her head in her hands and was cradling herself like a baby.

Feeling anxious at her meltdown, he called Slade over the comm.

"She's going to trigger an earthquake."

He didn't get a response. He didn't know how he could stop her. The damage of his words had already done too much.

A large chunk of the wall came flying at him. Dodging it, he tried again to contact Slade.


"Let her."

He looked at Terra again. If he let her do this, it would prove his point. The Titans would be safer without Terra, hell, Jump City would be better off too.

Before he could try and talk himself out of it, he turned and bolted, leaving Terra in her mess.

She ended up triggering a 5.6 earthquake, destroying a portion of downtown. There were casualties and a death. Dick knew he was at fault.

It only brought the Titans closer together. By trying to warn them and get rid of Terra, he gave them a real reason to hate him.