Nice to meet you…again.

Author : Aceccentric.
Fandom : Alex Rider.
Pairing : Can be consider friendship or very, very slightly slash. Yassen/Alex (You may have to squint really hard.)
Rate : T

Warning : Again, slightly slash. OOC. Slow updating. Bad grammar. (Sorry about this, but English is my second language and I have no beta.) Names maybe misspelling 'cause I don't have English version book.

Summary : Alex Rider lose a bet to a teenager pickpocket who he met by chance at a street one day and make it his life mission to find out who the hell is this boy. But all Alex knows right now is that his cerulean eyes look so familiar and his name is…Cossack?

Note : This story will focus on Yassen and Alex interaction. . I'm just start writing so I still have a lot to learn but I'll try my best.

Disclaimer : Alex Rider belongs to Anthony Horowitz.

I. In which a spy and a thief met.

Alex Rider felt lost.

The past week had been the worst week of his life. Not because there was a mountain of homework waiting for him to finish, nor was it because there was only two week left before the final exam which Alex was quite sure he wouldn't be able to pass.

But because Jack was gone.

She left him.

"I'm sorry, really sorry…Alex. But I couldn't take it anymore. A year ago, you were just a normal teenager, but now….now…" Jack said in trembling voice, sobbing. "…you always gone off to God know where, doing things that could kill your life and all I can do is praying and hoping. Then you came back battered and bruised…looking less and less alive every single damn time…and today, when they came…I can't…" She chocked back another sob.

After another suppose-to-be an easy mission, getting hurt and almost died (yet again), Alex came back only to find his house burning and his house keeper on the hospital bed, wailing her eyes out.

From what he gather from MI6, seemed like some members of the terroristic organization that he just blown up had decided to take revenge.

And Jack became their victim.

Fortunately, MI6 was, for once, came on time and saved her life. However, being assault in her own house was the last straw for Jack.

Living with a teenager was hard, a teenager spy was harder.

She really, really loves Alex and would always stand by him, but the past year had been stressed for her and she, like everyone else, had her limited.

And he knew.

"I'm really, really sorry,..Alex"

So he let her go.

Now he was wandering the street at night showered by the street light, having nowhere to go. MI6 had agreed to let him live alone, taking care of himself and already provided him a new house, but he didn't want to stay there. It just felt so…

…not home.

Sighing and trying to get rid of his depressing thoughts, Alex continued his walk when a teenager boy wearing a cup bumbling into a fat, chubby man next to him.

"Be more careful!"

"Sorry." The boy said but didn't stop walking as if he was in hurry.

Alex knew better.

A pickpocket.

Though almost missed it, Alex's hawk-like eyes caught the action.

It happened in less than a second that they collided; the thief slipped his hand into the man suit, came out with a black corpulent Hermes and swiftly shoved it in his jean's pocket before walking away.

His prey didn't suspect a thing.

Alex let out a whistle, feeling both amazed and astounded by the thief's skill. Even he, who had been trained to do it since ten-year-old, couldn't be that good.

Intrigued, Alex followed the teen. There was nothing better to do, anyway.

The pickpocket expert surveyed the crowd with his blue eyes under the white cup, assumingly choosing a new target. It was still early in the night, several people roaming along the road.

A couple was dating at a restaurant. A man in old charcoal suit was reading a book while waiting at the bus stop. A drunk was sleeping at the side way. Between the two men a women caught his eyes.

Around twenty in age, dressing in a none-sleeved shirt and skirt so short that Alex thought she shouldn't bother to put it on and just go off naked. She stood in front of a shop, typing eagerly on the phone, oblivious to all her surroundings. A purple purse peer out of the Bellino hand-bag which dangling on her bare shoulder.

She would be the easiest target ever.

Alex watched as the teen moved closer to the woman and stretched out his hand.

Suddenly, to his surprised, the thief drew back when it almost reach her and stepped aside, buying a drink from the slot machine at the opposite side of the street and leaning his back on the nearby wall, as if he didn't attempt to do anything from the start.

Alex titled his head in confusion.

Curiosity won (as always), He walked slowly towards the other teen and stood beside him. The taller boy didn't move or acknowledge him in anyway, still watching the woman. But, Alex saw, from the corner of his eyes, his shoulder tensed up slightly.

A moment of silent passed.

Both boys locked their gaze at the lady.

"Why didn't you steal her purse?"

The other teen look a bit startled as he turned his head towards him. Alex still kept his eyes at the girl, pretending not to be too interested. Though, he could feel those sharp blue eyes under the cup examined him thoroughly for a long moment.

Then, the thief turned back to sip his drink. Just when Alex almost thought he wasn't going to answer, he spoke.

"Because…" His voice was bass and smooth with no accent. "I'm not stupid enough to thieve an officer."

Now it's Alex turn to look at the taller boy, raising his eyebrows. The pickpocket didn't elaborate so he tried to inspect the woman again.

She was now sitting on the footpath, showing her white, long, slender legs to the world and still not stops playing her phone. There was nothing out of place and Alex couldn't imagine someone with her personality in a police uniform, but the other boy certainly sure about his assumption…

A mischievous idea popped into Alex mind.

"Let's bet." Alex said, catching the other's attention. "I bet she is just a general woman, you could find in any night club and you bet she is an off-duty officer."

The thief raised his eyebrows, still kept a stoic expression, but Alex noticed amusement glint in his blue eyes. He took it as a sign of interested.

"If I'm wrong, I'll treat you to Haagen Dazs."

"And if you're right?"

"Then you treat me." He stated, giving the teen half mock half challenge smile. "The Hermes you've got from that man should be enough."

Alex knew this was quite childish, but, hey.., he is only fifteen, he allowed to have some fun. Besides, it could be interesting.

The other boy still looked a bit hesitate, he gave the women another glance.

"She was not off-duty. I believed she is a decoy." spoke the thief before turn to look at Alex "How are you going to proof it?"

"Well, at first I thought we could just ask, but if you insist she was working then we can wait and see what happen. If she is really a decoy, whoever they're trying to catch must appear soon." Alex replied, shrugging nonchalantly. "So... what do you said?"

The pickpocket tugged his cup down to cover his eyes; a very tiny smirk crept up on his lips

"You're on."

An hour later, Alex found himself sitting with the thief, eating Haagen daz…

…and paying.

A/N :Hehe…so now they met.

Diana Meacher is the nurse in Ark angel. I'm suck at thinking up a new name, so I usually use anyone I found in the original book. I even put him in the same room as Alex. ;p

Until next time.