My whole body swayed to the music, back and forth, following the rhythm. Bob Marley's voice shivered down my spine. I smiled, leaning my head back against the body molded to mine. One hand on my hip, the other with a beer bottle dangling from his fingertips. I brought the blunt to my lips and took another drag, Draco lifted it from my fingers as I brought it away and took a hit of his own.

Mhmm. Mhmm. Mhmm. This boy of mine.

A faster paced song came on and the bodies around us moved to a quicker tempo but Draco and I kept moving slowly. We were in a different world, then again, we always were.

The song ended the same time the joint did. He took the last drag and put it in an ash tray as we walked past, heading to his room were I planned to let him have his way with me.

"Miss. Darling!" I winced. Oops. Fell asleep, haha. Oh well. "Miss. Darling, I must implore that you stay awake for my class or I will have to issue a detention."

Boy-Wonder eyed me from across the room. I raised an eyebrow, not that he could see.

"And do take off those glasses, they are against the school dress code- I don't want to have to say it again."

I leaned back into my chair and feeling Draco's arm across the back, I leaned into him.

"I'm sorry Professor, it won't happen again." I smiled charmingly, sliding my sunglasses back in my hair. "The sun seemed particularly bright this morning, it does seem to be happening more often. Then again, what with all those green house gases and global warming I don't expect much change anytime soon."

Global Warming my ass. I was running late to class and forgot my eye drops. But the more McGonagal and all her little golden minions didn't know the better.

"Just try to stay awake, Miss. Darling,"

I smiled pleasantly. I win.

As soon as she turned, Draco leaned over and placed a searing kiss on my neck.

"Get a room," Blaise yelled from two rows back laughingly, our friends joining in. Draco gave him the middle finger.

"Mr. Malfoy, hands to yourself."

My hand slid to his thigh. Glancing over at the Gryfindors I saw the golden trio watching us intently. Draco followed my gaze, just in time for the bell to ring signaling the end of class.

Curious. Very Curious.