Chapter 1

Before The Sorting.

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Kayte woke up to sunshine flowing into her bedroom and her alarm clock blaring in her ear. Her little sister Ally and her little brother Max were smiling at her while laughing quietly.

"What are you guys doing?" she asked them still half asleep.

"Mummy says you have to come to breakfast!" Ally and Max said in unison.

"Tell her I'll be down in a second." Kayte told them before ushering them both out of her room.

After that she changed out of her purple and black pj's and into a a black V-neck with a white mini vest and some dark wash skinny jeans. She then brushed her hair and teeth, took one last look in the mirror and walked downstairs to greet her family.

"Morning sunshine!" Kayte's dad greeted her as she walked downstairs.

"Hey daddy!" she smiled and hugged him.

"Morning dear." her mom told her before kissing her on the head and laying down a plate of eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, and a glass of oarnge juice.

"Goodness mum! I don't know if I'll be able to eat all this!" Kayte laughed as she saw the mound of food on her plate.

"I know but it's gonna be hard letting you go off for a whole year!" her mum smiled lovingly but she could tell she'd miss her daughter.

Kayte just smiled and started eating some of her food. Today she would be leaving to go to Hogwarts! She couldn't wait!

"She was here! Finally she was here! At platform 9 and 3/4! Amazingly she was a little nervous even though she'd been awaiting this day her entire life. At first she'd just stood by her family and took in everything with amazement but soon she heard the train whistle blow signaling they were about to get on.

"Oh! Bye darling!" her mother said tears in her eyes before hugging her daugher tightly.

"Bye Mum!" Kayte told her before hugging and kissing her dad good bye and telling Ally and Max bye and finally running off to board the scarlet steam engine.

Kayte boarded the train and started looking for a place to sit. She found one a few compartments down that was empty except for one girl. She looked lonely.

"Mind if I sit here?" Kayte asked the mystery girl.

"Hm? Oh of course not! Come sit down!" the girl said to her smiling all the while.

"Hi! I'm Kayte Wood. What's your name?" Kayte introduced herself smiling.

"Oh my name's Hannah McDonald!" Hannah said slightly more comfortable.

"You have any siblings?" Kayte asked inquisitively(sp?).

"I have an older brother and two younger siblings, a boy and a girl. Daniel, me, Noah, and Zoey." Hannah answered easily.

"Oh really? I have an older brother and two younger siblings too! Logan, me, Ally, and Max." Kayte told her.

"Oh Logan Wood? I know him! Daniel told me about him once!" Hannah said happily.

"Maybe they're friends. I wouldn't know. Logan thinks I'm a little kid. But he's only a couple years older than me!" Kayte deducted.

"May-" Hannah didn't finish her sentence before an old lady came by and asked if they wanted any candy.

"Sure!" they said in unison reaching for their money to pay for some treats.

"Well, I think we've covered everything about our families!" Hannah laughed after they'd spent a couple hours talking.

"Yeah seems so but i think we're almost there!" Kayte said excitedly.

"We are." sombody said suddenly from outside their compartment.

"Logan? What are you doing?" Kayte asked him angrily.

"I was passing by! Don't worry! And I just wanted to tell you. Ready to get sorted?" Logan asked his sister seriously.

"I think." Kayte said uncertainly.

"Better be! Hope your in Gryffindor because if your not you do realize I can't say your my sister right?" Logan told her playfully.

"LOGAN!" she yelled while smiling.

"Hey time to get off. Have fun on the boats. Don't tip!" Logan teased her knowing she didn't like the idea of the boats.

"LOGAN!" she yelled seriously this time.

"First years over 'ere!" Kayte saw Hagrid yelling for all first years. Including her.

"Go!" Logan told her before pushing her in the direction of the boats.

"Ah Miss Kaytie!" Hagrid greeted Kayte with her nickname before telling her which boat she was on.

"Come on! Your with us." A boy told her before pointing to a little black boat near the front, he looked really familiar but she couldn't put her finger on why.

Finally Hagrid pushed them off and they started on their journey across the lake to Hogwarts.

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