Since you all demanded...err...requested an epilogue, here you 's short and to the point, but I did it for you guys so don't complain. Ha. I definitely didn't check this for errors so ignore the typos and whatnot. =P

He anxiously walked into the building. He had been doing this for years now and it still didn't change the happiness he felt after giving. He walked past the doctors into a familiar office and smiled at the white haired man. "Jesse, you don't know how much this means to us all. We are so grateful for this donation." Jesse smiled as the elderly man shook his hand. "Perhaps you'd like us to rename the center after you?"

"No," Jesse replied almost immediately while shaking his head. "This is done as charity only. I want nothing in return. I have a soft spot for people trying to get clean, I guess." The man took the check from Jesse's hand and smiled sincerely. "Anyway, I must go. I just wanted to drop this by." He turned on his heel and walked back outside into the cold. He grabbed his cell phone and quickly typed out a message before flagging down a taxi.

He was tired. The day had been rough, to say the least. He had helped Jake and his wife move into their new house. By "helped" he of course meant that he had done it all while they suspiciously disappeared. "Here we are," the driver stated while pulling over. Jesse pulled out his wallet and paid the correct amount of change before getting out. He walked slowly into the building before running up the three flights of stairs. He unlocked the door and bounded into his apartment.

He walked into the bedroom and smiled at the girl finishing her hair. "Hello, dear," he whispered while walking over to the girl. "How have you been?" She turned around and gave him a quick kiss before turning back around to look in the mirror.

"Someone got a haircut," she teased. He pouted before pulling away and throwing himself on the bed. "I'm kidding, Jesse, it looks good."

"My wife made me do it," he grumbled. "She's insane. I don't know how I put up with her." The brunette scoffed before turning around to look at Jesse.

"I'm sure she isn't that bad," she replied while walking over to the bed. He laughed and held his arms out for the girl to climb into.

"You're right. She's amazing." She smiled before laying her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and smiled. Things hadn't always been good for them, but there had never been a dull moment in the relationship.

"She thinks you're messing up her hair," she whispered into his chest. Jesse laughed loudly before ruffling the dark hair.

"She could be bald and pull it off. I think she'll be fine. Plus, isn't that what the hair and make-up is for? They don't get paid to sit and watch you do your own before shows." She rubbed her fingers blithely up and down his stomach. "I love you, Rachel."

"I know you do, Baby," she replied. "Let's let the understudies get a chance to shine tonight. I feel like staying in with my husband."

"My goodness," Jesse replied in mock shock. "Rachel Berry missing a show? Unheard of!" She swatted at his hands playfully. "I think it's a perfect idea," he whispered before placing a kiss on her temple. She sighed before pulling away from his embrace. "What's wrong?"

"I was just thinking about my clothes." Jesse raised an eyebrow at the girl lying beside him.

"Your clothes?" She nodded. "I don't understand. What's wrong with your clothes?"

"Nothing," she whined. "I just hate that we're going to have to buy more." Jesse sighed dramatically when the girl got out of bed and walked over to their closet. He leaned himself against the headboard and looked at the brunette.

"Rachel, we share a closet. It's a big one at that but I'm not sure how much more of a hit my side can take. It's like my space in the medicine cabinet. I have a little bitty square," he retorted while holding his hands parallel from each other. "See, like this," he added while motioning to his hands.

"You're such a goof. What did I see in you?" He shrugged his shoulders before he lay back down on the bed. She waltzed back over to him and straddled his lap playfully.

"I don't know but I'm glad you did," he joked. "Now, why is my closet space going to take another hit from Hurricane Rachel?"

"Well," she whispered while rubbing his chest, "I'll have to be buying more clothes, you see," he nodded. She leaned down close enough that their breaths were mixing. She could smell the spearmint from the gum he loved to chew. She smiled. "Pregnant women usually gain weight," she whispered. She pulled away and looked at him carefully.

His eyes widened in shock and his mouth dropped. "Are you serious?" She nodded. "Don't play with me, Rachel," he yelled while fighting a grin. He felt his eyes sting with tears of joy as he pulled the girl back down for a kiss.