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Deidara didn't move. Rather, he couldn't move even if he dared to, for his limbs were frozen with terror. He hardly breathed, and not a part of him stirred aside from his nervous eyes.

His attacker, very much snakelike, slowly began to ease the knife further into Deidara's neck. "Any last words before you die, boy?" he hissed, his voice foul and venomous.

Deidara could think of no words to say, after all, one rarely thinks of what they will do before they die, but even in his panic, he forced himself to think and act clearly. Only mildly shaking as he did so, Deidara began to speak, reaching a hand slowly and stealthily into his clay pocket. "I-I don't think there's much to say…." He said, already having grabbed some clay and forming it in his hand.

"On the contrary…many of my previous opponents had quite a lot to say...about their families…their children…their loved ones… It was a shame I had to silence them early…" the man replied slowly, tensed and dangerous like a snake poised to strike.

"And like your previous opponents…" Deidara retorted, forcing his voice to stay still as he began to ease his clay figure out of his pocket. "I'm afraid, you too must be silenced." Then, in the man's confusion, Deidara tossed the bomb over his shoulder and slid out of his grip, the kunai knife only slightly grazing his neck before he escaped. In a matter of seconds, the explosive had detonated, but Deidara's attacker was still far from defeated.

Furious and bleeding, he attempted to chase after the young man, but soon gave up and settled for shouting, "Well, played, boy! …But we'll see how you fare against a hundred of my kind!" he roared, his sinister laugh ringing in Deidara's ears.

As Deidara fled, he gathered the courage to turn his head and take one quick glance at his slow pursuer's appearance, but just one look proved too overwhelming for the artist. A large portion of the man's face had been rid of flesh, all of it melted away, but still some burnt patches of skin hung off of the wounds. Blood gushed from the man's several other wounds, flowing like a crimson river under his feet. Miraculously, although the effort was horribly labored, he still walked with so little strength that he stumbled and fell, but still attempted to drag himself after the young artist.

Deidara had never thought himself capable of such damage, of such destruction, and oddly enough, most of the boy's disgust was directed not towards the hideous and disgusting sight behind him, but towards his own deadly capabilities.

Still, even with his stomach churning in revulsion, Deidara did not stop running; he swept through the village gates and past many confused villagers until he reached his destination. His home seemed like the only safe place left from the terrifying images in his mind and immediately, with just a step in the door, he felt relieved.

"Father, Mother…Are you here?" he called, rushing throughout the house. His heart was still racing when his father leaped out from behind the doorway.

"Good Lord, Deidara….Where have you been? We've been searching everywhere…." He whispered with conflicting relief and irritation. Deidara's father embraced his son for a moment, then pushed him away and shook him by the shoulders. "Why didn't you come straight home? We could have helped…Oh what does it matter now…Thank god you're back…"

"Father, you have to listen… I-"

His father interrupted before Deidara had a chance to speak. "Your face…you're as pale as death itself…What has happened…? What is wrong?"

Deidara swallowed hard and choked back tears, lowering his gaze to the ground. "…Father…Hirsoshi sensei is…"

A loud clap of thunder drowned out Deidara's words, replacing them soon with panicked screams.

"Ambush! Ambush at the North Gates!" The cry soon echoed amongst the people in the streets, building off of each other until the warning rang from every corner of the streets.

The result was chaos.

Villagers piled out of their homes like frightened animals, only to be met by well-trained swordsmen who killed them within seconds. Screams hung suspended in the air, accompanied by rolling thunder and flashes of lightning. The strongest of men stood helpless in the streets, stripped of their weapons and courage as they stood face to face with death.

The village of the rock was slowly being reduced to sand.

Deidara stood by his father's side, staring out the door, sickened and terrified into immobility by the massive slaughter before him. His terror was so great, in fact, that he hardly recognized his father leaving his side and running outside and towards the gruesome scene.

"Deidara, flee the village! Leave, Go! Don't look back!" Deidara's father called over his shoulder, arming himself with a sword discarded on the blood-soaked earth.

"Wait…Father, no!" he cried, but was soon left stranded, confused and trembling. How long did he stand there? ..Minutes, Hours..? Deidara did not know, but eventually he was brought out of his shock and he slowly began to move. Deidara made his way slowly through the halls of his home, not sure where he was going, but desperate to escape the growing stench of death that hung in the air. Every strained breath made his heart pound louder in his ears until it finally drowned out the sound of the screams in the distance, creating an eerie and perilous silence.

Danger rung loud with each step Deidara took towards the back exit and the wood under his feet creaked loudly. Deidara swallowed and stopped just feet away from the door, every fiber of him screaming to turn away, but his father's words overcame them. "Don't look back." The artist swallowed hard and reached his hand towards the handle, but the door began to open before he even had a chance to touch it. With a whimper of panic, Deidara bolted to the nearest room and hid in a small closet, closing the doors and holding his breath.

"Did you hear something?" A tall man wondered gruffly, looking about the house in suspicion.

"You're a fool. All the houses are cleared, so nothing could be in here but money…and money can't talk, dumbass." The other hissed, his voice hauntingly familiar.

"You have no place to insult me with an appearance like that," the tall one chuckled, "Damn, that kid messed you up good…I'm surprised you were able to partially heal the wound, even with your skills. Well, one thing's for sure…no amount of medicine can fix that new hideous face of yours, Ryuu." A threatening growl and a punch across the face silenced the man at once.

"That little brat….when I find him, I'll cut his throat open.." the man named Ryuu snarled, making his way into the room Deidara was hidden in, tearing through drawers and cabinets in search of valuables. Deidara peeked through a small hole in the wooden door, half curious to see if the man who was speaking was the one that he had injured so badly. To his dismay, the man's ugly face matched the mangled one that Deidara had seen just minutes before, but all blood and swelling flesh was cleared mysteriously away; what remained was an ugly, scarred mass of skin. The artist swallowed hard and bit his lip, all hopes of escape lost.

After several minutes of careless plundering through Deidara's family belongings, the tall man laughed noisily and nudged his partner, holding up a picture frame with Deidara's mother and father. "Well would you look at that! It's that blonde girl we killed…She didn't put up much of a fight, did she?"

Immediately, Deidara realized that they were talking about his mother. Fury spread through Deidara's body, blurring his vision and bringing fire to his limbs. As if another power had overcome him, Deidara sprang out of his hiding spot, snatching a carelessly dropped sword from the ground and thrusting it through the tall man's throat, piercing him through the back of the neck.

The man staggered backward after Deidara pulled the sword from his throat, and he held his hands to his neck as blood came gushing out of the wound. What would have been a cry for help came out as a raspy gurgling sound, and the man collapsed onto the floor, drowning in a pool of his own blood.

Ryuu, his partner, could only stand in shock, staring down at his dispatched companion. "I knew you were there," He said at last, drawing a sword from its sheath, "The only reason I didn't alert my cohort here is because I wanted to finish you off myself. Thank you for saving me one kill…I would have killed him before you, but now that he's taken care of…I suppose I have only you to finish off."

"I'd like to see you try!" Deidara snarled, charging at the man without hesitation. Blade met blade with a sharp clash as Ryuu circled around Deidara in his uniquely snake-like fighting stance.

"She was your mother, wasn't she? The woman I killed. I knew from the moment I saw her eyes that she was related to you. I might have spared her otherwise… but I had to get revenge for this curse you cast upon me." Ryuu gestured to his ugly, melted face with a wave of his hand. "How does it feel, boy? …How does it feel to be the one responsible for your own mother's death?"

"Shut up!" The artist roared as he tightened his grip on the sword, deep blue eyes brimming with unshed tears.

"She had an awful lot to say about you, you know. She begged me not to kill her…she said that she had a son that needed her and then she pleaded for me not to harm him…I wonder what she would think of her darling son now that he's a murderer!"

"..I said SHUT UP!" Deidara screamed again, this time aiming his blade at the man's heart.

With ease, Ryuu deflected his attack, knocking his weapon and Deidara to the ground. With his deformed face twisted into a dreadful grin, the man sliced his sword across Deidara's stomach then brought his foot down upon his chest. "Now how about I do exactly what you did to me…Just wait until your father sees his son's corpse with its entire face melted off! They won't even bury you with animals with an appearance so hideous…you'll end up right where you deserve…" Ryuu raised his sword and hung it precariously over Deidara's neck, and with a laugh, brought it down to slice his throat. "…Buried with the garbage!"

Deidara closed his eyes and braced himself for his experience of death, but to his surprise, the pain never came. "Is death really this sudden and painless…?" He wondered for a moment, until he had the courage to open his eyes.

His father, his hair and his clothes disheveled, was standing above Deidara, holding back Ryuu's blade with his bare hands and gritting his teeth. "You will keep your hands off him!" he roared with a voice too enraged for Deidara to recognize, slowly raising the sword with his bleeding hands.

"What a determined father!" Ryuu laughed sinisterly, smiling so wide that part of his wounds opened up, causing blood to drip from his deformed face, "I'll have fun killing you!"

Deidara felt that familiar rage creep up in his chest, and he began to crawl to retrieve the sword when he heard his father's voice cry out.

"Deidara, no! This isn't your fight! Run, just go!" Deidara's father screamed, his strength beginning to falter as the sword cut deeper into his hands.

"Go ahead and run boy! Leave your father to die!" Ryuu laughed again, more violently this time.

"Don't listen to him! It doesn't matter what happens to me, I will not let you die! Now go!"

Reluctantly, Deidara turned to flee, tears streaming hot down his face as a flash of lightning illuminated the room, the silhouette of a sword piercing through his father's body projected on the wall. The sight was soon accompanied by an agonized scream, confirming that Deidara's worst fears had become true.

He was the only one left.