This evolved from a PM conversation with nytd about OCs in pirate plots, and kept going, with her encouragement :)

Thanks to nytd and Lemon Zinger for support and feedback.

Any mistakes are my own.

AU but there are spoilers for "Curse of the Black Pearl"

I do not own any aspect of Pirates of the Caribbean, and make no money out of them. (Flannelette is not mine either- she is her own woman.)

The Adventures of Flannelette the Pirate Maiden


This simple tale

Begins upon

A stolen naval


The task; to rescue Lizzie Swann

From ghostly pirate clutches.

It features, with the usual cast,

The lovely Flannelette;

Who, as she makes her way through life,

Transforms each heart she touches.

And so the tale begins...

The sister of

Jack Sparrow



Of course she is quite beautiful

And erudite and witty.

The blacksmith's not entirely sure

Quite why she's on the ship.

She does not help the plot advance,

Just sits there, looking pretty.

She's wise beyond

Her tender years,

Her talent knows

No bounds.

Her smile is bright, her hair divine,

Her speech, anachronistic.

She banters with the pirate crew,

They hang on every word.

She is a girl of many parts,

But none are realistic.

And thus she wins

The blacksmith's heart.

(She has not read

The script.)

He soon forgets fair Lizzie Swann,

She meets with no resistance.

She knows that things will work out fine,

True love will find a way.

(She married Legolas, the elf

In a previous existence.)

to be continued...

Will the course of true love run as smoothly as she hopes?