a/n: written for fun not profit.

Flannelette...one foot in sea and one on shore.

Just when you thought it was safe...

Despite well-timed


There are hazards still

To face;

The raft on which they're clustered

Is still resolutely sinking.

The crew are quite exhausted

From their harrowing ordeal

And packed like big sardines,

As standing room persists in shrinking.


They almost,


Make it back

Before disaster strikes;

With craft disintegration

And one single plank afloat.

In hindsight, as two sharks home in,

Quite thrilled to find dressed food;

If ever they repeat this trip

They'll need a bigger boat...


Flannelette moves swiftly,

(Bless her little



She swims towards the predators,

Gives crew the time to act.

They splash towards the shore,

Like drowning men with one last chance.

(That's less a casual simile,

And more an actual fact. )


The sharks

See Flannelette approach,

Her wide

Enchanting smile;

Jaws drop as they are overwhelmed,

And smitten shark brains whirl.

One heartfelt plea from Flannelette

Is all it ever takes;

They both commit to lifetime vegan rules

To please this girl.


Job done,

She turns to check

The soggy rabble

On the shore;

Each one a tad bewildered

At how quickly things went South.

She rushes to the blacksmith,

Lying still, and part-submerged;

Prepared to do her duty;

CPR (or mouth to mouth).


She cups his head

So gently,

Puts her lips

Against his lips;

While somewhere, just off screen,

Her erstwhile friend is quietly seething.

Flannelette continues to inhale,

Exhale in turn,

Though all the others gathered round

Can clearly see he's breathing...