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The Damage Has Been Done

Chapter 1: missing you

Artemis Fowl sat at his desk, staring out of the open window blankly. The night breeze caused his curtains to billow. It rustled the papers in front of him, sending them flying across the room. He ignored this. Anyone that knew him well would be able to see right away that he was deep in thought. A small frown creased his features and he rested his head in his hands, oblivious to the world around him.

There was a soft knock at the door. Artemis jumped about a foot in the air, knocking the remaining papers to the floor as he did so. He quickly recovered and hurried over to open the door. It was Angeline Fowl.

"What is it, mother?"

Angeline studied her wild-eyed son. He was a far cry from the aloof, impeccably neat individual she had known up until a month ago. Now, his hair was in crazy disarray around his head and his clothes had a flung together appearance. His shirt was untucked and the buttons were askew. She had wanted him to dress casually, but this wasn't smart or casual. This was a mess. The thing that worried her most though was the fact that he looked as though he hadn't slept in about a week. Something was wrong with him, and she intended to discover what it was. She walked into the windswept room, shutting the window softly before taking a seat on the bed. She gestured for Artemis to sit down beside her and he did so grudgingly. He knew what was coming.

"Arty, what's wrong with you?" she put a hand on his shoulder.

Artemis tried hard not to shrug it off. He didn't like physical contact. "Nothing's wrong, mother." Angeline snorted.

"Artemis. You've barely spoken a word to anyone in days, you look like you've not slept and you haven't eaten a single thing all day. Something is obviously wrong so please don't insult my intelligence by pretending that everything is fine. Something is bothering you. What is it?" Artemis sighed.

"It's nothing. I've just had a fight with a friend, that's all." Angeline looked slightly relieved.

"Oh, a bad one?" Artemis nodded. 'Bad' was an understatement. He was pretty sure that the friend in question was never going to speak to him again.

It had been a month ago. Holly had stopped by after a routine kraken watch mission and they had been catching up. Long story short, (pardon the pun) Artemis had accidentally let slip the fact that he was in love with her. He remembered his mortification as the words had slipped out. They had been talking and laughing about something completely different, and Artemis had just broke. The pent up emotions, the weakness that he had been denying for so long had slipped from his lips. He had covered his mouth with his hands; trying to stuff the words back in. but it was too late.

He shuddered as he remembered her face. One moment, she had been fine, unsuspecting. Then, as she processed what he had said, her expression had changed to one of what Artemis could only describe as horror. Not exactly what he'd been hoping for in the back of his mind

"A-Artemis," she had stammered, standing up. "I thought we were over this years ago." He had just sat there, saying nothing. Holly had understood. "You were never over it, were you?" he had shaken his head slowly. "But that was…" Holly counted out loud. "Fourteen… fifteen… sixteen… seventeen… that was over four years ago! How in Frond's name did you keep something like that bottled up?"

"With great difficulty." Artemis had replied. "Holly, please don't let this stop us being friends. Look, forget that I ever told you. It was silly."

Holly had shaken her head. "I cant do that. Us, it would never work. You know that just as well as I do. And how can I be friends with you knowing that you'll always wish it was something more?"

"I don't care, Holly!"

"Well I do. I can't hurt you every time I see you. These… feelings you have, they've lasted far too long. It would be better for the both of us if I just leave. Then you can move on." she had stood up and made her way towards the open window.

"Holly! No!" Artemis had reached out and grabbed for her arm, but she had already shimmered out of the visible spectrum. A small, disembodied voice had whispered in his ear.

"I'm sorry, Artemis, you won't see me again." He had lunged for the source of the voice but had found his fingers clutching at thin air. She was gone.

His mother's voice jerked him back to the present. "Arty." He zoned in and tried to pay attention. "I asked you a question." He shook his head to dislodge the memories.

"Sorry, mother. What were you saying?"

"I asked if there was anything I could do to help." Artemis smiled ruefully and shook his head.

"Not particularly. The damage has been done."

His mother ruffled his hair and stood up, heading for the open door. "Don't worry, son. I'm sure it will all work out."

'If only it were that simple.' Artemis thought as Angeline left.

The next morning, he dragged himself out of bed and into a freezing cold shower, trying to wake himself up. Once again, he had only gotten a few hours sleep. His brain wouldn't shut down long enough for him to drift off.

'Thirty-two days since Holly left for good.' He thought dully as he dressed. The thought of never seeing his friend again made his insides wrench apart for the millionth time. And then, for the millionth time, he would get angry with himself for his weakness, for allowing someone to become close enough to hurt him.

He caught sight of himself in the mirror. An extremely dishevelled, ill looking Artemis Fowl stared back; his mismatched eyes a cruel reminder of what he had lost. He looked away quickly and headed downstairs. Butler greeted him in the kitchen.

"Breakfast?" Artemis nodded resignedly. Even though he had eaten nothing the previous day, he wasn't hungry.

"Just toast please, Butler." He sat down as the manservant prepared his breakfast, setting it down in front of him. Artemis picked up a slice and took a small bite. It tasted like cardboard. Then again, everything he ate these days tasted like cardboard. He ate a few more bites and then pushed it away. Butler looked down at the plate pointedly. Artemis sighed. "I'm sorry old friend, but I'm really not hungry." Butler nodded and began to clear up. He couldn't force his charge to eat.

"Your mother told me she had found out what was wrong with you. She said you'd fallen out with a friend." Artemis nodded and Butler took a guess as to the identity of the 'friend'. "Holly?"


"Oh." Butler didn't need to ask any more. He knew how long the elf could hold a grudge. He also suspected how much his young charge cared for her.

After breakfast, Artemis found himself heading back upstairs. He wanted to do some work, to take his mind off things. He was currently attempting to cure every disease known to mankind. Just for something to do. Just for a distraction. He entered the sixteen-digit code on a keypad and entered his study. He was greeted by quite a shock. Standing not two feet away was a tiny pixie, her dark eyes glimmering with malice. Twin orbs of magic glimmered at her fingertips. Opal Koboi smiled.

"Miss me, mud boy?"

she cackled and sent a bolt straight at Artemis. He was unconscious before he hit the ground.

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