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Now on with the show. Charissa gets paid a very interesting and alarming visit and makes a bad choice concerning it.

Let the Games Begin

Part 7 of the Not Over Yet series


It was the Monday of the week after her little adventure with Murdock to get to LA to make a surprise visit. It had gone well enough and the trip back had went better than the trip out. She had a pile of paper work to file and get through plus some meetings on some recent Al-Qaida developments. It was days like this that made her want to just run off, tell Director McCready where to shove it and go just be a part of the A-Team. But she knew better, for one thing it was a good thing to have someone friendly on the inside for them and two Face would probably haul her ass back to D.C. faster than she could blink. It was roughly noon and she still wasn't even close to being half way through what she needed to get done when the knock came at her door, "Yes?"

He strolled in with an air that suggested he owned the place and when she didn't looked up from whatever it as she was doing, it caused him to frown darkly, "Good afternoon Captain Sosa…" He paused, smiling waiting for her to look up.

"One second and I'll be right with you." She held up her index finger as she tried to finish reading a report she was almost done with.

"Or maybe Captain Peck is better?"

Instantly she lost track of where she was and slowly looked up, the second she did she recognized the guy, "I'm sorry?"

"Didn't you get married fairly recently in Las Vegas?" He settled himself onto a chair in front of her desk, "I have a copy of the marriage license, you have a very neat signature Captain." He pulled a folded piece of paper from his jacket pocket and looked at it, "Almost perfect."

She kept her cool outwardly, inwardly however she was swearing up a storm that would make a sailor blush. She sat back casually in her crappy desk chair and arched a brow, "Fascinating. Even I had no idea I was married, can I see that? Colonel Lynch isn't it?" She held out her hand to him for the paper he was holding, "And if it was true, do you honestly think I would take his name?"

Lynch faltered a little, she was good. Almost as good as Peck himself he'd wager, "Certainly and I'm flattered you remember me, after all it's been what? Two years or better now?" He handed the copy of the document over to her.

She looked it over carefully and held back the desire to frown, sure enough it was a copy of the actual license she and Face had signed, it was definitely her signature and his. Slowly she handed it back to the man, "Interesting. So to what do I owe this little visit? I doubt you'd trouble yourself with coming to congratulate me on a marriage that may or may not be fact."

He grinned slowly, "Oh you are good Captain. Your Husband must be very proud of how well you've turned out under his instruction. But you're right; I'm here for other reasons. Well related reasons. I know you know where Smith, Peck, Baracus and that insane Pilot are hiding out."

She grinned back, "I never needed schooling in matters like these, Colonel. As for the whereabouts of those Fugitives I have no idea."

"Really now? Why all the trips to L.A.? You have no family other than your Father and he's nearby." Lynch stood pacing about her small office watching her, knowing she was keeping a closed lid on her expressions.

"Are you here to threaten me, Colonel? If so I suggest you remember that while I don't technically outrank you I can still make your life a living hell. So stop with the grand standing bull shit and get to the point because as you can see I've got a lot on my desk right now."

The Colonel nodded slowly, "Threaten you? Oh no, we're beyond threats my dear I'm just here to warn you. I know you helped them escape again, how I'm not a hundred percent certain. I know you are in full contact with them now and I will get to them even if I end up having to go through you. You are not the only one with a lot on their desk right now." He moved towards the door of her office, "Just remember we are watching every move you make."

She waited until he was gone before she stood and walked to her door slamming it shut. She was bristling with anger as she stalked back to her desk, "Shit." This wasn't good; this was something she had been afraid of for a while now. She knew she was being watched, but not by the Feds. She reached down into her purse and grabbed the cell phone Face had given her; she almost called him, but stopped, turned the phone off and dropped it back down into her purse.

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