Hell's Gate 20 years after: Memoirs of an scientist

November 10, 2170 Pandora, compound formerly known as Hell's Gate.

20 years! I cannot believe it has been 2 decades since we decided to remain in this place with the illusion that we could continue our research so it would be of use at some point. No ships from Earth came again after the departure of the Venture Star and no transmissions from Earth of any kind have been tangible for over 10 years. Many of us just buried ourselves in our silly useless research so we would not go mad. Many of us are worn out at this time now though, we are not getting any younger and is getting increasingly hard to maintain this facility. At least 2 of our group became crazy enough to think they could both start a new life as couple on this world and even somehow raise a family! The deluded fools went to live on a remote place with the help of an aging habitat module. They lasted for 5 months then the Na'vi found the Habitat destroyed and their half eaten remains inside. Sarah who was a friend of mine was 3 months pregnant when she found her end eaten by Viperwolves in what she thought would her new own safe home.

We are making a primitive rocket and we plan to launch it so it goes into deep space it will carry this and many other messages from my fellow colleagues. They will our last testament that we once existed. Hopefully in a billion or a trillion years or so some advanced civilization will find it, just like they will with Voyager at some point as well. This is the best course of action we have to maintain some sort of legacy after we are gone and the jungle consumes this place and all traces of it and all memory of us and who we were is erased in this world.

It's funny really when I first came to this place I had so many hopes and dreams that this new world could bring salvation to our own dying planet. Many plants were brough back and the results were promising. It is the reason that I decided to stay behind so we could continue our research and someday it would be of use back home. That looks like lifetimes ago now. Oh well I got to go back to my duties.

I hope that if a civilization ever finds this message they take heed in what happened to us, to humanity and make sure the mistakes we made are never repeated.