The end is only the beginning!

Winx girls & the guardians!

Chapter 1: first day

In a big city called Heather Field where people were walking to school, parents driving to work and where 6 girls were going to attend a school called Sherifield, kids were talking; laughing and some were playing pranks on the nerds of the school.

Their was a group under a tree five girls and a boy, their names were Will, Cornelia, Irma, Hay-Lin, Taranee and Matt; this was their third year in the school and they were also very special because they all had powers, different of course.

The bell rang which meant all the kids had to go to their classes, Will, Cornelia and Matt went in their first class "history" Taranee, Irma and Hay-Lin went in their first class "math's" and as everyone took their sets ready for a boring period of History, Math's but that was going to change when new girls were going to join the class.

Cornelia and Will sat in the second row in the back, just sending each other notices, Matt in the third row in the front; suddenly the door opened and everyone turned to see the principle standing by the door smiling. "good morning class I have 3 new students joining this class" they all stared waiting to see who it could be, "girls you may come in" as soon as she said that 3 tall girls with beauty that made all the boys mouths drop open, and the girls stare in awes.

The first girl had long blond hair touching her bottom, she wore a green mini dress and high hills with a green head band on top she smiled at the boys; the next was a girl with long brown hair the same length as the blond, she wore a mini pink skirt, a mini top, leggy pink socks, dark pink high hills shoes, and a green ribbon around her neck. And the last girl had long red hair also the same length; she wore a mini blue striped top with hearts on it, a mini blue ruffled skirt, blue leggy socks, blue boots and a pink arm band.

The principal asked them to introduce themselves before she left, when she did the three looked at each other before speaking; the blond spoke up first "hi, I'm Stella and I come from out of town" the brown was the next to speak "hello, I'm Flora and also from out of town" the last was the red head who seemed quiet calm "hey, I'm Bloom and I'm…" she stopped which caught everyone attention.

"Miss Bloom are you ok?" asked the teacher

"oh… yeah everything is cool" she said put her hands in front of her making the biggest fake smile Will and Cornelia had ever seen. The teacher pointed to their seats in the back right behind Cornelia and Will; they sat in the seats looking at each other with smiles on their faces, but all through the lesson Will kept turning to see the three girls; the blond named Stella played with her hair, the brown named Flora was making notes of what the teacher was saying, the red named Bloom was resting on her face on her hand well staring out the window like she was waiting for something.

Taranee, Irma and Hay-Lin were in the second last row in the back giggling about something Hay-Lin wrote on a piece of paper. That was until the door opened and the whole class turned to see who it was but to their dismay it was the principle standing there smiling about something; she spoke to the class "morning class, we have 3 new girls joining the class" the whole class waited for the three to show their faces "girls come in" when she said that the 3 walked in, like in the history class the guys mouths dropped and the girls stared in awes.

The first girl had two long piggy tales, she wore a greenish-blue long sleeveless top, arm high sleeves and bluish-green jeans with runners, the next girl had short purplish hair and wore a mini purple, a purple pants with a mini skirt over it and boots; the last was a African girl with long blackish hair, a purple mini sleeveless top, a green mini skirt, leg warmers that covered her sneakers.

The principle told them to introduce themselves, she left the room and the three looked at the class smiling, the first was the African girl "hey I'm Layla and I'm from out of town" the next was the purple hair girl "hello I'm Tecna and I'm also out of town" the last was the girl with long black piggy tales saying "hi I'm Musa and I'm also out of town" the teacher showed them their sets in the back behind Taranee, Hay-Lin and Irma.

But as the lesson went on during the period the three turned to look at the new girls, the long black haired girl named Layla was watching the time going by, the purple hair girl was writing things down what the teacher was saying, well the long piggy tale girl was looking around the class like studying it or something.

When it was lunch time everyone ran out the classes with joy, happy to be out of a boring class but when the new girls past through the halls every boy stopped what he was doing, staring at the 6 girls walk as a group. When they were in the cafeteria they sat in the middle of the room at a table near Will's table; but as much as the five girls wanted to talk to them, none of them knew what to say so they remained quiet watching them.

One of the boys walked up to their table with a camera wanting to take a photo, the blond was more then happy to pose for it but the others refused and sent him away, and for some reason the red head girl named Bloom stood up walking out the room alone.

"Hey what did the 3 girls in your class say?" asked Matt

"Well, their names are Tecna, Musa, Layla and they said they were from out of town" Hay-Lin replied

"Strange so did the other 3 but their names are Stella, Flora and Bloom!" Cornelia told them

"But something strange happened in the class" Will said

"Like what?" asked Irma

"Well before Bloom told where she was from she totally froze" explained Matt

"So do think that is why she left?" asked Taranee

"Maybe but I'm going to talk to her before the next class start's "Will told them before heading out the room, leaving the rest still staring at the five new girl laughing.

Will walked down the hall to see the girl standing by her new locker, so she walked up to her then spoke "hello there" the girl jump turning around so fast her hair fell on her left shoulder; the girl looked at Will "are you crazy, you almost scared me to death!" she turned back to her locker.

"Sorry about that I'm Will" she put out her hand but the girl turned around closing her locker and just gave a smile "well I guess you know who I'm sense we're in the same classes!"

"Can I ask but why did you freeze like that in class?" Will asked

"oh…that I thought I saw a snake but nice meeting you" she said then the bell rang which was weird sense she said goodbye just as the bell rang, she watched Bloom run to her next class with her two friends next to her; well the other 3 walked to their next class.

Will knew very well that in this school they had no snakes which meant she was hiding something and was doing a good job at it; Will, Matt and Cornelia headed to the same class as Musa, Tecna and Layla well Irma, Hay-Lin and Taranee were in the same class as Stella, Flora and Bloom.

Will watched the three new girls carefully, seeing Musa and Layla sending each other notes well Tecna was writing everything the teacher said; Cornelia leaned over to Will whispering "these girls seem to have all the boys attention"

"No kidding, but I don't think they care about it" she whispered back

"You think they really are from out of town?" Cornelia asked

"Yeah look at they way they dress and act" she replied

Both leaned back watching the three girls with wonder running through their minds.

"Man, these girls are really beautiful but mysterious" Matt thought looking at the three new girls in the back

Irma and Hay-Lin couldn't help but stare at the three new girls who seemed less interested in the lesson like Stella who played with her hair, Flora well she was a little interested in the lesson then Bloom who was staring out the window with a very serious face.

"Hey what do you think is bother her?" asked Irma

"I don't know but Stella acted like Cornelia when getting ready for a date with Caleb" stated Hay-Lin with a little giggle

"At least Flora pays attention in class" Taranee told them

"Check the guys out, they can't stop staring at them" Irma show Hay-Lin and Taranee; they looked around seeing the guys signing at the three new girls.

Suddenly the bell rang that school is finish kids ran out the room, the three walked out the class following the new girls who met up with the others; Will, Cornelia and Matt joined Irma, Taranee and Hay-Lin.

When leaving the gates of the school they saw the 6 new girls were heading down town talking, Hay-Lin and the others were heading to the Silver dragon which was down town too, so the followed them until they'd reached the Silver Dragon.

They heard the girls talking "it feels funny going to a school with guys in it" Layla said

"No kidding it was really strange having the guys staring you all the time" Musa added

"At least they noticed us" Stella played with her hair giggling

"It's not that strange to me, sense I was in a school with guys all the time and having guys as your boyfriend's friend" Bloom told them

"So who was the guy?" Stella asked hooking her arm around Bloom

"Not saying, so leave it at that" she replied

Will and the others reached the Silver Dragon then went inside; they went to their usual table in the back. Then sat down only to be greeted by Ms. Lin and Caleb, Matt sat next to Will and Irma well Cornelia sat next to Taranee and Hay-Lin.

"Will, what did Bloom say to you before class?" asked Matt

"Who's Bloom?" Caleb asked confused

"Oh, she's a new girl at our school with five other new girls" hay-Lin filled him in.

"Plus those girls are her friends" Irma added

"My, so where did these girls come from?" asked Ms. Lin

"They said out of town but they act really strange too" Cornelia explained

"Anyway I asked her what made her freeze in class" Will returning to the question

"And what she say?" asked Taranee

"She told me she thought she saw a snake" Will told them

"She'd hiding something" Cornelia said standing up; Caleb looked interested in the girls and why they came to the girls and Matt's school only to hide something.

"Next problem, Blunk says theirs a portal under the bridge where you girls practice" Caleb told them

"Well let's close it before something comes out of it" Will said getting up followed by Matt, the girls and Caleb who followed the girls out the Silver Dragon. They headed towards the bridge to close the portal that a smelly passling told Caleb about.

Bloom and her friends made it to their home that Ms. F. bought from them to stay well doing their mission on earth; Bloom told her friends, that she was going for a walk. They told her to be back soon sense they have to make their beds and try organize things around the house to make it feel more like home; she promised to be back before sun down.

She left the building and made her way though the city seeing how busy it was here, it reminded her of Gardenia and her parents; so as she walked on, she couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her ever now and then she looked back to see no one but her shadow.

Bloom found her self under a bridge near a river, she sat down next to it; she remember the reason why they came here and attended the school in the town.

[Flash back]

The girls were called in headmistress faragonda's office for a important mission, they sat around her office well she explained the mission to them; "girls we have news about something powerful enemy is on Earth for something but don't know what it is"

"Wait Earth, but place has no magic on it!" Bloom explain confused

"And who is this enemy anyway?" Musa asked

"But aren't the teachers supposed to know what it is?" Stella asked

"Girls listen to me, we don't know who or why they are their but it isn't something we should take lightly!" she told them

"Ok so where is the place on earth?" Tecna asked

"Yeah and how are we going to do this mission without a place to stay" asked Layla

"It is in a place called Heather Field, you shall attend Sheriflield School and I organized a place for you not far from the school" she answered them

"This is an important mission not a vacation so be careful and Bloom you'll help the girls with earth things" she explained to them before leaving her office.

[End of Flash back]

To be continued