The end is only the beginning! Part 10

The Winx girls & The Guardians

Chapter 10: time to say goodbye!

The winx had saved the kids in the school for Nerissa and fixed the school dance up with their magic but the only thing they had to do was figure out what to do with the kids who saw what happened. Bloom looked at her friends who stood around her in a circle, she slowly looked behind her to see scared and amazed faces then at the Will and her friends faces worried about the kids.

She looked back at the girls then heard Musa ask "what do we do now, they know our secret?"

"And some of the kids saw everything go down!" Layla pointed out

"So B. how do we handle this?" Tecna asked

"Does anyone know a forgetting spell or something like that?" Bloom asked, it was the only thing she could thing that would fix this whole mess up!

"well I know one but we have concentrate" Flora said then held out her hands and naturally the girls held each others hands then Flora said some words; soon the winx said the same words and just then Yellow glowing dust formed around each kid in the room, causing them to forget except for Caleb, Matt and the Guardians seeing as they were magical in a way, so it just effected the kids with no powers.

Once the dust was gone the girls let go then turn to see the kids dancing to the music that Musa made and just like that none of the kids remembered a thing; "so they don't remember anything?" Cornelia asked which made the winx look at her smiling.

"As far as they remember is us singing nothing more" Stella said

"Good I rather be Miss invisible then Angle girl" Bloom said happily

"You're far from that B." Musa said elbow her in the side; which Bloom just giggled.

Suddenly Andy and his friends came up behind them causing them all to turn and face the guys; "hey guys mind if I borrow Bloom for a minute" Andy said

"I'll see you girls in a few" Bloom said before walking off with Andy outside, the Winx all had smiles on their faces; Hay-Lin, Irma, Taranee, Tecna, Musa and Layla hit the dance floor enjoying the party or what was left of it. Well Stella, Flora, Will, Matt, Caleb and Cornelia plus Mark and Ryo stood talking.

"What's the deal with those two anyway?" Cornelia asked Andy's Friends

"They use to date back in Gardenia high which was also the time we made our band" Mark explained

"So what happened?" Matt asked

"No one really knows but Andy told us it was Bloom who broke it off and nothing was said or heard from Bloom after the holidays" Ryo explained

"Man talk about secret breakup's" Will said looking at Bloom and Andy just outside the door for Will was lucky to still have Matt even if they had their serious moments they still hang on and which most girls in their school were jealous of.

"well then he missed out on a good thing as Bloom is dating the most wonderful guy and hopefully soon to be married" Stella blurted out which caused everyone to stared with wide eyes but Flora shook her head before speaking; "Stella we haven't even finished the school year and you already want Bloom to get married"

"they've been going out for over 3 years and plus Brandon already told Sky's parents he broke it off with that wanna-be Diaspro to be with Bloom so there and speaking of Brandon I should call him" Stella said before talking out her phone and walked away from the group.

"Who's Sky and Diaspro?" Caleb asked

"Sky's Bloom's boyfriend and Diaspro's ex fiancé" Flora answered

"what!" they all started at the long brown head shocked to know Bloom changed a guys mind to break up with his soon-to be-bride to be with Bloom the red head, the leader of the winx and the lead singer of the group.

The group was soon rejoined by the girls who were dancing only to find shocked faces, when they asked what happened Will told them about what Flora and Stella began to argue about earlier before leaving to talk to a boy named Brandon on her phone which the winx did not find surprising at all.

"Andy and Bloom were dating for year man if Andy thinks he can empress Bloom to try get her back then we better get ready to head for the hills or the bar" Mark joked which did the winx did not find funny although Matt and Caleb and even Irma let out a laugh but stopped after the glares the four Guardians and the five winx girls gave them.

"Matt that's not even funny" Will said madly

"yeah so cut it out" Cornelia said making Caleb gulped but Irma just ignored her friend; just then Stella pointed to the door as she came back from her phone call to Brandon they all turned to see Bloom and Andy in a tense conversation that none of them could help but walk up to the two to hear what was going on, once they stopped in front of the two they stared in humor and surprise it only took 5 minutes before all hell broke lose between them.

"Would you at least let me explain, it's not that you band is bad it's just-" Andy was cut off by Bloom "just what huh? Cause we're girls or because you're afraid that you're ex- would kick your stupid bands butt tell me Andy!" Bloom said with her arms crossed and a frown that both Ryo and Mark knew so well.

"I bet you 10 bucks it about the best bands" Ryo whispered to Mark

"You're so on!" Mark whispered back shacking hands which the winx just stared at them like they must of known what was going on by the way they seemed to know Bloom and Andy's past to know what was to come next the Guardians just stared at the two then went back to Bloom and Andy's arguing.

"it's not that Bloom, I mean you and you're friends are hot but seriously you're new and you never were one for the attention so why are you even getting all worked up on" Andy said a little calmer although he could see Bloom wasn't going to let it slide so easily which was one of the things he loved about her even when they were dating she would always go full on when Misty was around.

"I've changed and I don't need a boy to hide behind to now I'll be safe I can handle myself for your information and I'm not getting worked up you're just fantasizing" Bloom said turning her back on him still arms crossed

"oh really then why are you acting like a little kid like when we went out" Andy said with a smirk on his face well Bloom shook her head then started to head for the doors to leave then turned to said one thing and signaling for the winx to join her cause they still had a Nerissa locked up in their apartment with Kiko on watch which Bloom felt angered by Nerissa that had killed him and she revived him soon after.

"whatever but remember Andy if you try to come to my parents home when I'm there you're toast and it was nice to see you again same goes for you're little boys behind you!" Bloom said with a smirk of her own then walked off with the winx closely following.

"bye" four of the winx said together but before Stella left she stood beside Andy saying "don't worry us hot chicks can take care of our selves and you're boy Mark owes Ryo 10 bucks nice to met you bye"

Andy felt his cheeks redden from Blushing at Stella's comment and then turned to his friends to see Mark handing Ryo 10 bucks with an annoying face showing but turned back to the doors and wondered what Bloom meant by changed and could handle herself, last time he check chicks always hide behind guys for support or for comfort but if Stella said the girls could take care of themselves it probably meant they got each others backs. So Andy head back to the guys before the three went back to the dance floor to enjoy the rest of the party.

"The Guardians looked at the doors for a few seconds before turning to each other "I still don't understand why you earthlings bet on things like that" Caleb said which Cornelia let out a sign

"Dude it something you will never get in Meridian and I think the argument ended really well" Matt said with a small smirk on his face but was quickly changed when Irma and Hay-Lin hit him from both sides of his arms.

"Ow" Matt said holding his arms

"Boys are such bone heads sometimes" Irma comment which Cornelia for once agreed with; "at least we know one thing" Taranee said

"What's that Tara?" Will asked

"That they captured Nerissa and if I'm not mistaken they going to send her to another dimension or somewhere she can't escape" Taranee answered pushing her glasses up a bit

"That is one thing least to worry about, but who knew a girl like Bloom could change one guys mind to break up with his-future-wife-to-be" Cornelia said

"Well they didn't put a stamp on his head to say off limits and I bet it was him that found out that Bloom must have been the one to be" Hay-Lin said with her hands together;

"no joking but what do you think really happened between Andy and Bloom for people to not know what happened, I mean in this school if someone broke up everyone knows within a week" Matt stated

Everyone knew that was true when Elyon went to Meridian the whole school began to question why; although it would be nice to know what really happened to the two but what was more weird was Andy's friends also known as his band members had no real answer to the break up but that Bloom ended it first. But they didn't wonder long as they were tired and were heading home early so the winx plus the group would go back to Magix or that's what the girls called it. And frankly they wanted to be more wake to see this more magical place that the winx promised that they could come along to see the school and the city.

[Next morning]

The five winx were sitting on the ground waiting for their friend to come back from the principles office to conform they were leaving by the end of the school day then they would head back to Alfea to their loving dorm room to their pixies to the magical classes that they use to hate but after attending this school for over 2 weeks or so they were more then happy to head back and to their boyfriends. It was the day they all were heading home and nothing was going to stop them from returning to tell Ms. F. that they defeated Baltor and Nerissa a new enemy plus the magical friends they came across.

Bloom was in the principles office sitting staring at the women for a while then spoke "ma'am I came here to tell you that we have to leave for home today" the women seemed shocked and confused at this which Bloom knew would come it was just the waiting for what she would say worried Bloom seeing as she was the leader it was up to her to tell the headmistress that they were leaving and besides the girls weren't to keen to be in the same office with the principle.

"My dear, what for?" the women asked

"it's not like we don't like this school in all but the thing is we came here to see what a normal school was like seeing as we go to a all girl school" Bloom said fuddling with her thumbs nervously this seemed to be much harder then she had thought.

"but why leave now, can't you wait until the end of the school year even if you came in the middle of the second term couldn't you stay a little longer as you girls are the most interesting group here plus you're doing so well here, you sure you can't stay" the Principle begged also making Bloom blush for some reason by her sweet comments.

"I'm afraid not, as our headmistress also gave us a time line for our stay so we have to leave but this school did show some interesting event's and we wouldn't forget the things we learnt here" Bloom said with a hasty tone but calmed down knowing that it wasn't the best thing she could come up with but the principle was more cling to them then Bloom expected.

"alright but I do hope you join us again soon you may leave now" the woman said holding out her hand to Bloom who took it then let go and head out the door closing it behind her then head to the school ground thinking on how it was all planed out last night.


In the winx building, the girls came home then Tecna created a portal for the Light Rock and the Temple Guards came out greeting the girls then they saw Nerissa and knew instantly that was the reason the girls opened the portal to Light Rock for the power crazy woman to be taken away.

The winx watched as Nerissa was pushed through the portal but word something out that Bloom just caught "this is far from over little girl" Stella of course happily waved her off which the woman gave a death glare well the others smirked with their arms crossed and Bloom standing in front of them with a frown then made a small smirk of her own.

Once the Temple Guards and Nerissa was gone the portal closed and the winx went to their room's to get some rest but before they reached their doors Bloom told them that tomorrow she was going to tell the principle they were leaving and straight after school. With the Guardians, Matt and Caleb along but just to see the school; the girls all liked the idea and retreated into there rooms to their comfortably beds.

The next morning the girls had one final meeting about how should they send the Guardians and the two boys back to earth but Stella supply pointed out to her ring which was a scepter and could teleport people or just attack anyway the winx seemed proud of the sun and moon fairy for thinking of it and that she would do anything for her friend and once they agreed with what should happen today the winx head to school.

[End of flashback]

Bloom walked on the school grounds easily finding her friends with Will and them talking and laughing at the sight of this made Bloom smile and knowing that they made some magical friends on earth made her smile all the more.

She seemed to lost in her thoughts to not have heard Stella calling until she somehow stood in front of her saying "Bloom, earth to Bloom"

"huh…oh…hi guys" the whole gang stood in front of her waiting for something; "so how'd it go with the principle did she say we can leave?" Musa asked

"yeah but man it was like nerve wrecking having to tell one principle that you have to leave cause our headmistress gave us a deadline" Bloom said in a sarcastically tone running one hand through a lock of her hair.

"That must have been something for you to tell that you had a deadline" Will said

"What! She started giving us complements about how we are such interesting group and the best student that came here, it not easy for me to let someone down likes that with all the complements she gave us" Bloom signed out

"Really we that good students" Stella said sounding happy about what the old women said

"Cool it Stel. We still have a whole school day left" Layla said placing her hands on Stella' s shoulders before the girls starts floating in the air like a free bird.

"well we don't get that much create even if we've been here for over 3 years" Cornelia complained which Will, Matt, Taranee and Hay-Lin rolled their eyes but Irma seemed to agreed which was not something the water and Earth Guardians did well not much anyway.

"So we still going to see you're school" Hay-Lin asked

"Yeah then Stella will teleport you guys back here in a flash" Flora said

"No way you can teleport us without transforming" Irma asked

"Of course" was the answer the sun and moon fairy said showing her ring at them.

So now what?" Layla asked

"We head to class" both Will and Bloom said

Then everyone head to class the day had gone pretty fast cause before the winx knew it the school bell rang to say they could leave and once the two gangs reunited they head to the Silver Dragon to get Caleb then walked to the winx building where they found Kiko running towards them with a huge smile on his face.

"Aw that cute he heard you coming" Cornelia said

Both Matt and Will adored animals and the fact that Bloom had such a cute pet bunny made both them smile and peat it on the head; Bloom grabbed the bunny then walked to her room where all the winx stuff were packed in big bags but changed by a chick of Stella's fingers turning them tiny so it wasn't hard to walk back to Alfea with a tone of bags.

The gang were amazed to see 6 bags turn into tiny bags to fit in their pockets of their jackets or jeans, once that was done Stella pulled her ring off changing it into a scepter then with a few words a portal opened which the winx slowly went through the Guardians and the two boys followed and once they arrived on the other side they saw things that blow their minds.

Motorbikes without wheels and people make a space with magic for parking spots and the fact that none of them cared if people used magic in front of others. They all walked the streets of Magix towards Alfea and Stella told them what was the best stores to shop at for clothing, Musa and Layla showed them all the coolest clubs to go to, Flora pointed to the bus heading to Alfea they got on before they knew it they stood in front of a pink building with tones of girls walking on the ground talking and laughing some were studying.

"You think my mom would let me attend this school" Irma comment

"Only if you tell her it's in another dimension" Taranee pointed out

"whatever" Irma said still amazed at how perfect things around this world were and so magical; Caleb and Matt couldn't help but wonder if their was a school for guys to train but some how Bloom knew what they were thinking and answered "there is a school for witches and there is a school for boys for heroes or to become heroes.

"now I wish I went to go train by that school" Matt said out loud which cause Caleb to give him a dirty look but thought maybe he could train their too but that was quickly changed as the winx stopped at the front their dorm room. They head in to see the girls rooms which looked almost like the building they stayed in on Earth but the girls seemed to share rooms except Stella who had her own room they pulled out their bags so Stella could change them back to normal size then the winx turned to the gang saying "and now it time to say goodbye"

This was it, the goodbyes were always the worst things the winx did cause now that they were back at Alfea their mission finished and the Guardians and the two guys saw what the girls promised and now was the time the girls had to do.

"So this is it" Hay-Lin said in a sad tone which did not go unnoticed

"I guess we'll see you again" Will said feeling the same

"we will but who knows maybe you'll be the ones coming here" Bloom said trying to lighten the air between the two groups, they each gave each other hugs and the boys got small kiss from each girl of the winx on the cheek. Once that was done Stella pulled her scepter out then readied to send them home. The group stared at the winx for a once last look before Stella sent them home, Stella teleport the group back to the Silver dragon's basement and that was the last thing both group remembered before returning to their normal or what you call magical fighting bad guys normal life. But none would forget the bonds they made and the powers that were more alike then they would think.


That's the end hope you enjoyed it but please tell me what you think I love hearing from you guys oh if you haven't read my other stories just going in and see if you like them too from micky21a hope to right soon more bye!