I own nothing except Leanne and Harriet. This is a remake of the original

"I'm bored." Leanne says. Harriet finally said with her eyes flashing red "I know Leanne for the millionth time I know." A koopa comes in and says "Mail for everyone here." Everyone but Dimento trips down the stairs. Harriet laughed. "Not funny." Luigi muttered under his breath. Harriet said "Okay just give the mail here and then go away. The koopa did what she said. "Good day." The koopa said. "Whatever." Harriet said. She ripped open the letters. "Hogwarts Letters." She said. "Dear readers, you are once again asked after so many rejections from you to come to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The list attached is the items required. You will be in the third year." She read out loud. "Robes, cauldrons, wand, books, and an owl, rat, or cat." Read Leanne. "We'll go. They will hunt me down until we attend." They went to Diagon Alley and got a room in The Leaky Cauldron. "Keep that thing away from Scabbers!" They looked up. They saw a red head with freckles and a brown bushy haired girl. They wondered who they were.

I know who they are I just want to make them introduce themselves.

"Who are you?" Leanne asked. "Ron Weasly." The red head said "Hermione Granger." The bushy hair girl said. "Leanne." "Harriet." Leanne and Harriet said. "Great. You can sit on the train with us." Hermione said.

Harriet, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in a compartment while Leanne was supposed to be in a different compartment, but snuck into their compartment. There was already someone else there. He was wearing a shabby set of robes. While he looked young his light brown hair had grey in it. "Who d'you reckon who he is?" Ron asked. "Professor R.J. Lupin." Hermione answered in a whisper. "How do you-." "Look on his case." Harriet interrupted pointing at the luggage rack above Lupin. There was a battered case that said Professor R.J Lupin in peeling letters. "He has to teach DADA. It's the only class open." Hermione said. At one o'clock the food cart arrived. Harriet bought a chocolate frog. The witch left cauldron cakes for Lupin. Mid afternoon it was raining. Harriet was asleep against the window. Her breath fogged up the window. She had already put on her robes. She woke up to the sound of footsteps. She saw Draco Malfoy.

Harry told her all about him. "There's potty and weasel." Draco said. "Who's that?" Draco asked taking a step back. "The new teacher." Said Harriet standing up like Ron and Harry who were already standing. "C'mon let's leave." Said Malfoy who wasn't dumb enough to pick a fight in the presence of a teacher. Ron then said "Next time I'm going to grab him and." He made a movement of strangling someone. Luckily Lupin was still asleep. The rain was making the train getting darker and darker until the lamps went on. The train stopped. "But we can't be there yet." Hermione said. The lamps went off plunging them into complete darkness. "Ouch. Sorry." Said a voice "Hello Neville." Said Harry. There was a cloaked tall figure inhaling rattling breaths. She remembered the saddest parts of her life. She looked at Harry. He was passed out on the floor. Lupin got up. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" Lupin exclaimed. Harriet couldn't see what the animal was but it chased the hooded figure away. "Who screamed?" Harry asked when he woke up. "Nobody screamed." Harriet said. "But I heard somebody scream." Everybody jumped at a cracking noise. Harriet pulled out her wand. But it was just Lupin breaking chocolate in half. "This will make you feel better." Said Lupin. All of them ate except Harry. They felt warmth fill their bodies.

Uhhh,Well here's the first chapter.I'll make the other chapters better.