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Sokka swallowed the lump in his throat, trying to keep his composure. "Is she...dead?" he asked the guard.

She shrugged walked over to the corner where Suki lay. In the darkness of the cell, it was hard to tell much. The female guard took her toe, and nudged her in the shoulder. Suki gave a little shudder and then stilled, they could hear her breathing.

"Yeah she's good." The guard said nonchalantly. "Let's get her down to Doctor Shiu." she then went to grab Suki under her arms. "Are you going to stand there or help me carry her?"

Sokka snapped out of it. "Right." he went and grabbed Suki's legs and together they made the journey back through the corridors.

The cells were all still strangely quiet, but through the narrow slits on the doors, Sokka could see that all the prisoners were looking out, their eyes cold, hard, and full of hatred.

Sokka felt his heart drop into his stomach. He and Zuko had come here to break his dad out. He now felt guilty because he hadn't spared a thought to all the other prisoners that were in here. He looked around, meeting the eyes of the prisoners as they walked past each cell. He hoped they saw through his mask and read the sorrow in his ocean blue eyes. If they did, they ignored. To them, Sokka was just another Fire Nation Guard holding them prisoners.

He sighed heavily.

They continued out, past the other two guards Sokka had first met and down another corridor.

"So," Sokka began, trying to sound casual. "You know, I haven't been here long, but just wondering why there's an infirmary in here? I mean, if I was the Warden, I wouldn't be treating the prisoners with medicine if they were sick."

Sokka hated talking like that about prisoners, like they weren't people. However, a long time ago, before his father went away to the war, he had told them that a lot of people fail at going undercover in enemy lands because they couldn't act their part. Even it meant contradicting your morals, you had to make your enemy believe you were one of them.

The female guard shrugged and shifted Suki in the process. Her eyes remained shut. "We all wondered the same thing. I mean, I don't give a damn about these prisoners, they're in here for a reason. But the Warden says 'dead prisoners are unpunished prisoners'. So, when they get sick or something, we get them back in just good enough condition to where they won't die, and then we send them on back to their cell so they can finish their sentence. Or until they die for good."

Sokka nodded as if he understood. In all actuality, he thought this Warden guy was a sick and twisted human being. Suddenly, he was very sensitive to why Zuko was so eager to give up his life in the Fire Nation. He figured if all people had the same mindset as The Warden or Ozai or Azula, then who wouldn't want to leave?

Several flights of stairs later, they stopped in front of another metal door, this one slightly smaller. The female guard used her foot to knock on the door.

A man dressed in deep red armor opened the door. "Is she alive?" was the first thing he spoke.

"Yes." Sokka replied, hoping that that answer wouldn't change.

"Then bring her in here, and put her on the table." The doctor said dismissively.

After placing Suki on what looked like an operating table, the female guard turned to Sokka. "I'm going back on post. She'll be fine when The Doctor gets done with her, then you're supposed to put her back in her cell." Sokka nodded and watched her leave.

As the Doctor went about giving Suki a once over, Sokka took the time to observe his surroundings. The infirmary wasn't big. It had a long counter with several tools placed on it, a numerous amount of cabinets lined the walls and four other metal tables were in the room as well.

Sokka turned his attention back to Suki. In the light of the room, he was able to see the bruises that ran up and down her arms and around her neck. If she wasn't wearing any clothes, Sokka could imagine that there would be bruises almost everywhere on her body.

Sokka felt his heart breaking. He didn't know what he would do without Suki. Seeing her like this, it made him want to scream, cry, and find the person responsible for doing this to his love.

Of course, that very person was the one who had been tracking them down like polar bear dogs for the longest.

Sokka approached the Doctor. "So, are you going to fix her?" he asked, in what he hoped was a controlled voice.

The Doctor shrugged. "The bruises will heal, the broken ribs will heal. I'll wrap her up in some bandage, give her a little dosage of the numbing solution we have, and she'll be ok. Well, ok enough to enjoy her experience here at the Boiling Rock." He chuckled and looked at Sokka. Sokka took that as his cue to laugh with the man.

The Doctor turned away and went about fixing syringe. Sokka watched every move closely, trying to make sure this man did not harm Suki. He cleared his throat.

"So this pain numbing it new?" Sokka asked, trying to coax information about Fire Nation healing methods out of him. "Tell me about it."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow but didn't question; he just continued his work. "Well, it's a simple thing really. An herbalist that supplies us found a substance that numbs all feeling in the body. Pain, fatigue, even hunger and thirst. You just don't feel anything."

Sokka's eyes widened. "It's temporary though, right?"

"Oh of course." The Doctor set the syringe aside and put out a cloth and began cleaning Suki's left arm. "It usually last for about, four hours. Then, whatever procedures we have to do will have been completed without them feeling pain. For instance, if I had to stitch up this one here, I give her the medicine, she let's me know when she can't feel a thing. I could stab her in the stomach and she wouldn't feel it, unless she looked down." He rubbed her arm, and then smacked it once. Sokka watched as the man inject Suki with the medicine.

The Doctor looked satisfied. He looked at Sokka and grinned evilly. "Oh this has always been my favorite part."

Sokka didn't like the look on his face and only noticed the large bucket of water as the Doctor dumped over Suki's face.

Sokka made a noise of contempt and the Doctor turned to him. "What? Oh I'm sorry, did you want to do that?" he turned the bucket upside down and frowned as only a few drops fell.


Zuko lay on his small cot in his cell. Every since Mai had ordered the guard to take him back to his cell, he had been counting down the seconds in his head until his sister would blast open the door, preparing to kill him.

While alone in the dark cell, he though that maybe telling Mai about Katara wasn't the smartest thing he'd ever done. If they ever got out of this place, which was looking more and more impossible, it would be a miracle if Mai didn't hunt Katara down like an animal.

Throughout the whole trip, he had tried not to think about his blue eyed beauty back at the Air Temple. But that was before he had gotten caught, found out he was on the same island as Azula and Mai and that they hadn't seen Sokka's father yet.

Now, since it would only be an act by the most divinest that they made it out of the prison, Zuko had been thinking about Katara more and more. She was his incentive to escape, if only just to hold her again late at night, or whisper small 'I love yous' throughout the day. He wondered if she knew the effect she had on people.

His thoughts were interrupted when his cell door opened, he sat up quickly but the people who entered were not his sister and ex-girl.

"What are you doing?" it was a female prisoner, and she was trying to break free of the hold her captor had on her. Her clothes were soaking wet. "This isn't my cell. Get off me, you scum."

Zuko was confused. So far, the only people in this prison that knew he was a prince was Mai, Sokka and the Warden. Even then, it was highly doubtful that they would allow him a conjugal visit...

The guard removed his helmet, showing a wide eyed Sokka.

"Suki quit fighting, it's me!"

The girl stopped, and twisted around to get a good look at the Water Tribe warrior. Her eyes lit up. "Sokka! It is you!"

Zuko sat back on the cot. No conjugal visit. "What's going on Sokka?" he asked, watching the warrior remove the cuffs from Suki and embrace her tightly.

"This is Suki. My girlfriend." Sokka said with a wide smile. "Suki, this is Zuko. We're busting out of jail."

Suki regarded Zuko. "You know, the Fire Nation has a prince named Zuko. But he had a scar..."

Sokka and Zuko exchanged uneasy looks. Sokka wasn't sure how Suki would feel about teaming up with the brother of the girl who nearly killed her. Twice.

"Suki, listen." Sokka placed a hand on either of her shoulders. "I know we all have a little prejudice in us, but now is not the time to judge. Zuko is the Prince."

"Ex- prince." Zuko added. Suki looked at him eyes wide with shock. "They banished me, now I'm teaching Aang how to firebend."

Suki marched over to Zuko in the small space. "Let me ask you this. Are you fighting for Aang, or are you fighting for the Firelord?"

Zuko took a minute to think about her question. He looked her square in the eye. "I'm fighting for peace."

Suki smiled. "Then you're ok with me." she held her hand out and Zuko shook it.

"Good," Sokka said. He took a seat on the floor. "Now we can plan."

"We still haven't got any news on your dad." Zuko mentioned.

Sokka's shoulders slumped. "I know. I'm starting to think he's not even here. None of the other prisoners know about him."

Suki spoke up. "If he isn't here, then he's definitely back in the Fire Nation with all the other war prisoners from the Day of Black Sun."

Zuko shook his head. "No. Special prisoners are sent here. War Prisoners included. Either your dad is here and no one's talking, or he's on his way. We have bigger problems, too."

"Azula." Suki and Sokka said at the same time.

"You know, your sister is the reason I'm in here." Suki said to Zuko. "She impersonated me while taking down Ba Sing Se, and then she nearly tortured me to death in here."

Zuko inclined his head. Except for a few bruises he saw, she appeared fine. "She must not have tried hard. Azula never leaves people in such good condition when she's trying to get information."

"That's the thing!" Suki exclaimed. "She did try. I've never felt so much pain in my life. I remember her pink friend, Ty lee helping me when Azula left, and then I blacked out. The next thing I'm know I'm being taking away by Sokka."

Sokka and Zuko shared a look of shock. "You said Ty lee helped you?" Sokka asked suspiciously.

Suki nodded. "She's kind of weird. She was so sure that I would be getting out of jail today...You guys aren't working together are you?" she asked.

"No." Zuko shook his head. "But she must be working against Azula. I never thought I would see the day."

Sokka turned to Suki. "Ty lee's right Suki. But we've got to get you to Katara as soon as we get out of here."

Suki shrugged. "Except for the bruises, it's nothing serious. I feel...nothing strangely."

"Exactly." Sokka took a deep breath. "You feel nothing because when I took you to the infirmary, the Doctor gave you some numbing solution. You can't feel a thing because of the medicine, but it wears off in about four hours, he said."

"Oh boy..." Suki looked down at herself. "Why are my clothes wet?"

"The doctor threw water on you to wake you up." Sokka explained. "It didn't look as fun as when Katara did it to Toph."

Suki chewed her lip. "I guess that means we better hurry up and get out of here. I would rather die than feel everything Azula did to me all over again."

"Don't worry Suki." Sokka got to his feet and pull her with him. "I won't let anything hurt you." he pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her. Zuko ached for Katara.

Sokka put his helmet on. "I'm going to look for my dad one last time, then we're getting out of here."


Sokka had just made around the corner from Zuko's cell when he ran into two husky guards.

"Hey you," one of them called. "You busy?"

Sokka gave a weird little shrug. "Just doing some patrols."

"We need some extra hands on the deck, we got some new prisoners coming in. Someone's gotta show 'em to their cells."

Immediately Sokka imagined seeing his father among the new prisoners. "Yep. I'm on it."

The two guards nodded and went on their way. Sokka rushed to the deck, where five more guards stood, watching the gondola approaching. As Sokka stood with them, he suddenly had an idea of how they would get off the island.

Minutes later, the gondola pulled into the small station and the new prisoners were ushered out quickly. Last in the que, was Sokka's father. He almost gave a squeal of delight. Quickly he rushed forward and joined the guards that were there to take the prisoners to their cells.

The whole walk to the various cells, Sokka kept an eye on his father. The Water Tribe Chieftain seemed fine, if not a little agitated, but then again, who wouldn't be? As far as injuries, Sokka was pleased that his father seemed just fine.

Once the last prisoner was safely locked away, the guards dispersed to finish up varying activities. Sokka looked around and found he was alone. He quickly backtracked until he found the corridor where his father was being held. It wasn't very far from Suki's cell.

After peering around uneasily, Sokka rapped quietly on the door then entered and quickly shut the door.

"I'm so glad you're ok!" He cried when he saw his father.

Hakoda jumped up and held his fist threateningly towards Sokka. "You take one step closer and I'll show you just how ok I am." he said menacingly.

Sokka remembered the helmet he was wearing. He took it off. "No dad, it's me!"

Hakoda immediately relaxed his stance and his eyes filled with tears. "Sokka, my son." he pulled the younger warrior into a fierce hug. It had been too long...

"What are you doing here Sokka?" Hakoda asked. "And where's your sister? She's not here is she?"

Sokka chuckled. He took a seat against the wall. "No, Katara's safe with Aang and Toph and Teo and the Duke and Haru. Me and Zuko are here though."

Hakoda looked confused. "Zuko? You wouldn't mean Prince Zuko would you?"

Sokka shrugged. "He was banished. So I'm not sure if he's a prince anymore. But he came to help us. He's teaching Aang firebending and everything. As hard as it was for me to accept him when he first wanted to join the Gaang, I've gotten used to him. He's good now."

Sokka's dad smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "If you can trust him, I guess I can too."

"Well, that's out the way," Sokka sighed. "But we still need a plan to get out of here. I found out my girlfriend Suki was held in here as well. Azula tortured her and almost killed her, but the Doctor gave her some medicine so she wouldn't feel any pain, but it'll wear off in a few hours."

"Sounds like she could use a healer." Hakoda said stroking his chin.

"That's why we need a plan to get out of here so I can get her to Katara." Sokka said with a morose expression.

"I'm sure two Water Tribe geniuses can think of something to get us out of prison." Hakoda said with a wink.

Sokka sighed. "Then we better find two." Hakoda laughed and after a few seconds, Sokka joined in as well.


Sokka hurried back to Zuko's cell. When he entered, he saw that Suki was stretched out on Zuko's cot with her eyes closed. Sokka quickly shut the door and rushed over to her.

"What's wrong Suki?" he looked from her to Zuko, who was leaning against the wall on the floor.

"I started to feel a little drowsy." Suki said with a huge yawn. "Like, really, really drowsy." she gave a small giggle.

Sokka looked at Zuko. "We were talking, and then she kinda tensed up and fell down. Then she started talking about how sleepy she was. I put her on the cot."

Sokka sighed heavily. "Suki, I know you're tired, but I need for you to be up please. I saw my dad and we came up with a plan."

"Sokka that's great!" Zuko exclaimed. "What is it?"

"I can't explain it right now, I've got to go." he put his helmet back on. "Just go down to the courtyard with all the other prisoners when the bell rings."

Zuko nodded and Sokka left the cell.

Halfway down the corridor, he got an idea and turned around and made his way to the infirmary. He knocked on the door and put on a huge grin when the Doctor opened up.

"Hey doc," he said and entered. "I've got a little problem, can you help me out?"

"What seems to be the problem?" he asked. He looked Sokka up and down as if looking for any visible problems.

"Well, I just feel really...tired." Sokka said. He slumped down on one of the tables for emphasis. "I just want to sleep."

The Doctor regarded him for a moment. He walked over to one of the cabinets and pulled a small container out. "Sounds like regular lethargy. A lot of the guards get it sometime."

"You got something I can take?" Sokka asked, praying it wasn't a shot.

"I have just the thing." The Doctor said with his creepy smile. From the container he pulled out a small red pill. He handed it to Sokka. "Take this, plenty of the guards come around this time of day looking for an adrenaline rush. It can get pretty boring working in a prison."

Sokka looked at the red pill. It seemed innocent enough, and in a weird kind of way, he trusted the Doctor. Albeit, his methods were pretty strange, and he could do without dumping buckets of cold water on his patients, but for the most part, he was a cool guy.

"Thanks." Sokka said with a smile. As he turned around, he pretended to pop the pill in his mouth. He felt it slide down his sleeve. He waved to the Doctor and left.

While walking down the corridor, he shook his sleeve and the little red pill fell out. He tucked it safely in his pocket.

Five minutes later, he arrived at the control booth at the top of the prison. He approached the man sitting behind the many levers.

Sokka cleared his throat. "The Warden wants you to let the prisoners out."

The guard looked up at him. "What? We're in the middle of a lock down!"

Sokka shrugged. "Ok, I'll be sure to tell the Warden that. What's your name again?" he asked, as he walked off.

"No wait!" the guard said hastily. "I'm just confused that's all."

Sokka nodded sympathetically. "I understand buddy. I am too. But the Warden is being...irrational right now. It's better to just do what he says."

The guard nodded. "You're right." As Sokka walked away, he saw the man pulling all the levers and releasing the prisoners into the huge courtyard.


Zuko and Suki rushed down to the courtyard with all the other prisoners. Suki moved a lot slower, but they made it there without her collapsing.

"Now what?" Suki asked, gasping for air.

Zuko shrugged. "I guess we wait for Sokka."

At that moment, a man approached Zuko and Suki. Zuko immediately saw the resemblance between him and Sokka. He sincerely hoped he would not look as much like his father as Sokka did his.

"You must be Suki and Zuko." The man said, his blue eyes piercing two two teens.

Zuko nodded. "Yes. Are you Sokka's father?"

"Call me Hakoda." The Water Tribe man said with a smile. He led them away and into the shadows of one of the huge buildings. "Did Sokka explain to you the plan?"

Zuko shook his head. He winced inwardly when he saw Suki sink to the ground, resting her head against the building.

"Well here's what's going to happen-" Hakoda said, leaning in so they could hear him.

"We're going to start a prison riot!" Sokka said as he walked up, making Zuko jump a little. Sokka leaned down and gave Suki the small pill. "Here Suki, take this. It'll make you feel a lot better."

"A prison riot?" Zuko repeated. "Why would we want to do that?"

"It's a distraction." Sokka said simply. "We're going to use the distraction to take a hostage, and then escape on the gondola."

"Sounds pretty risky." Zuko said uneasily. "Even if we have a hostage, the Warden wouldn't care."

"Not if the hostage was the Warden." Sokka said with a grin.

"Still sounds risky."

They all turned around to see another prisoner standing over him. He was easily as tall as Pipsqueak and almost as big. He had also heard their whole plan.

"I'm Chit Sang." he said with a smile, and extended his hand. Sokka and Zuko exchanged looks of alarm.

Hakoda stepped forward. He sized up Chit Sang. "What's risky, sir?" he asked.

"Well, for starters, how are we going to get the Warden?" he stated like it was completely obvious.

Zuko stepped up next to Hakoda. "First of all, there is no 'we'."

Chit Sang gave a skeptical look. "You all really think you can bust out of here on your own? I mean, you two are both pretty small to be handling the Warden."

Sokka frowned. He was right. Maybe his dad could take out the Warden, but it would be a fight. "Ok you're in."

"What?" Zuko exclaimed. "Sokka, that's risky."

Sokka merely shrugged. "Ok Chit Sang, you think you can help us start a riot?"

"Piece of cake," Chit Sang said with a smile. "And thanks, I really appreciate this. It's been forever since I've seen my kids."

Hakoda nodded. "I know the feeling."

Chit Sang walked a few feet a way and grabbed a rather small and mousy guy. He raised him high above his head.

"Hey!" he called. All of the prisoners within earshot turned towards him. "RIOT! RIOT!" he yelled.

The slight buzzing sound that was the prisoners talking suddenly turned into a stampede of bodies all fighting and yelling for absolutely no reason. Chit Sang threw the man he was holding and walked back over to where Sokka and Zuko and Hakoda were standing with looks of utmost shock on their faces.

"Impressive." Zuko grudgingly.

"So." Chit Sang said calmly. "Now we get the Warden."

"Uh, boys, I think that's already covered." They turned to see Hakoda watching in amazement as Suki bounded off, leaping over the crowds of people and fighting her way past guards to get to the Warden, who was on the balcony over looking the scene below with horror.

Suki didn't know where the sudden burst of adrenaline came from, but the next thing she knew, she felt like she could take on anyone and anything.

She bounded across the courtyard and leaped high into the air, using the heads of the fighting prisoners as leverage as she lept from person to person. She made it to the ledge and jumped up, grabbing the metal bar with her feet and flipping herself over onto the first balcony. She came face to face with guards but that didn't slow her down in the least.

On the second level, she encountered another guard. She simply sidestepped him and kept going. Finally she reached the third level where the Warden was. Four guards came at her and she met their attacks evenly, despite her not being a bender, and simply threw them over the railing and into the crowd. Meat for the dogs below.

Before the Warden could even think to defend himself, he found himself being charged by Suki. She had him bound and gagged before he could blink.

"Sorry Warden, but you're my prisoner now." She said sweetly. She turned around to see Sokka, Zuko, Chit Sang and Hakoda running up, panting.

"That is some girl you've got there, Sokka." Hakoda said, wiping sweat off his forehead.

"Tell me about it." Sokka said dreamily.

Chit Sang stepped forward and hoisted the Warden over his shoulder, ignoring his muffled protests. "Come on, we need to get to the gondola before more guards come. They all nodded and hurried up to the deck, where the gondola was located.

They ran across the deck quickly. The guards on patrol near the gondola saw the approaching prisoners and quickly sent a blast of flames their way, which Zuko blocked easily.

"Stop your attacks." Zuko yelled for them to hear. "We have the Warden."

Chit Sang turned around so they could see their leader. He tried protesting again but it was only a muffle. The guards quickly relaxed their stances and the group proceeded with caution onto the ramp.

As they all bustled onto the gondola, Zuko stayed behind and worked at kicking off the lever that controlled the machine. He managed to complete the tasks just as the guards were running towards him, fire in their hands.

With one last kick, he destroyed the handle and the gondola began moving. With a running start, he was able to escape the guards and launch himself at the gondola. Sokka reached a hand out and pulled him through the window.

"We did it." Sokka said breathlessly. "Suki, you were amazing!" he pulled her in a tight hug.

"I don't know what came over me!" Suki said with a huge smile.

"It was the pill I gave you." Sokka explained.

Suki looked at him confused. "What pill?" she reached in her pocket and pulled out the small red pill Sokka had given to her. "This pill?"

Sokka eyes widened and he felt his jaw drop. "But how did...and what? And why didn't...?"

"Sorry Sokka," Hakoda said wearily. "You'll have to solve that mystery later. We've got bigger problems."

Zuko and Sokka rushed to the window where Hakoda stood. In the distance, Sokka could see a two figures, one clad in pink.

"Who is that?" Chit Sang asked.

"My sister and her friend." Zuko said, hatred creeping into his voice.

Down by the broken gondola lever stood Azula and Ty lee. They had gotten wind of the escape just minutes after it happened. Upon finding out her brother was escaping, the Fire Princess had made it her business to find him, and end him. She couldn't seem to find Mai anywhere, but Ty lee was capable enough.

Watching Zuko and his friends escape, Ty lee felt a growing sense of unease. Azula would not just leave it at that. As predicted, the Princess had grabbed the pair of cuffs hanging off a guard's belt and with her firebending, she was able to blast herself into the air, and grab a hold of the wire that the gondola ran on. With an thrust of her hand, she was able to use her blue flames to propel her forward.

Ty lee let out a resigned sigh and followed after her friend, running across the wire with only skill she could possess.

"So she wants a rematch?" Suki growled under her breath. She shook off Sokka's restraining hand and flipped out the window and onto the roof of the gondola. Ty lee landed in front of her. A few feet away, Zuko and Sokka stood face to face with Azula.

"Get back!" Sokka yelled at the girl. "You're out numbered."

Azula was unfazed. "I may be out numbered, but I assure you that I am not outmatched." her voice was sickly sweet, almost poisonous, Sokka thought.

"I don't want to hurt you, Azula." Zuko said, trying to reason with her.

Azula gave a loud laugh that pierced right through Zuko's heart. "Hurt me? When will you people ever learn?"

Then she attacked, and Sokka had to admit, it may have been two on one, but the girl could definitely hold her own.

"Suki, stop fighting me!" Ty lee cried, glad Azula was busy enough with her own fight to not hear her. "Please!"

"Why should I?" Suki replied angrily. She continued attacking the girl and was pleased when her foot connected with the girl's shoulder resulting in a loud crack. Ty lee stumbled backwards. Suki advanced on her, ready to strike. "You weren't the one locked in prison, being tortured by Azula and the Warden! And that's not even the worst part. How could you and your sick, little twisted friends dare try and impersonate the Kyoshi Warriors to do something as despicable as taking a city away from innocent people? I'm surprised Avatar Kyoshi doesn't strike you down herself!"

Ty lee blocked another kick with her foot and leapt away from Suki. She jumped inside to gondola to see the Warden breaking away from Chit Sang and yelling out the window, "Cut the line!"

She gasped and went back up to where Azula was fighting. "They're cutting the line!"

Azula stopped and looked back to see two guards pushing a blade back and forth over the wires that the machines ran on. Her eyes narrowed. "Then it's time for us to leave." and with another blast of fire towards her brother, she grabbed Ty lee and jumped off the roof, landing on another gondola some five yards away.

Zuko, Suki and Sokka looked on in horror as the two guards continued cutting the line. They were no where near the other side...

Out the corner of his eye, Zuko saw something small and silver whiz past the guards, slicing part of their arms in the process. It was Mai.

She quickly ran over, throwing more stars and senbon at the guards. She made it over to the roll of wire and knocked away the blade, stopping it from cutting the wire. The gondola began moving again.

"Who is that?" Suki asked in awe.

"It's...Mai." Zuko said, not believing it himself.

"The gloomy girl with the knives?" Sokka asked, his face full of shock. "I thought she was friends with your sister?"

Zuko shrugged dumbly. He had no idea what was going on now.

Azula and Ty lee touched down back on the deck. Azula angrily turned to Mai. "What are you doing?" she demanded.

"Saving the guy who dumped me." Mai replied with her deadpan stare.

Ty lee's eyes widened in shock. Azula angrily huffed. "Mai this isn't about some dumb schoolgirl crush. You just let one of the biggest traitors to the Fire Nation get away because of a stupid crush. You will pay for this!"

Mai shrugged and pulled out several blades from her sleeves. "Sorry Princess. But I love Zuko, more than I fear you."

Azula gave a feral snarl and made her own daggers of blue fire. It was finally at ends. She always knew Mai's infatuation with Zuko would be her downfall, and now she was falling fast. It only angered her more that Mai was standing there, like she actually had a chance of surviving Azula's punishment.

Just as she was ready to throw the flames at her ex-best friend, Ty lee cried out, "No!" and was quickly at Azula's side, jabbing her in every pressure point in her body. Azula felt herself falling to the ground.

"You traitor!" She cried out. "Both of you!"

Guards surrounded Mai and Ty lee. "What shall we do with them, Princess?" one asked. Several rushed forward and carefully picked Azula up off the ground.

"Get them out of my sight, and let them rot in prison!"

Mai slid a sidelong glance and Ty lee. She never knew Ty lee would have the guts to stand up to Azula. Maybe all wasn't lost.

Azula was seething. While the guards carried her away she had one thought. Friends are for the weak. I will kill them all.


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