Authors Note: Missile Head,Brio and Time Freak's names have been erased from the doccument because the site doesnt like them so there for thre names shall be Gin,Brio and Tropy, okay?

Chapter 3: Why do I Have to Open My Big Mouth?

It was just about 10, Cortex was sitting in a jail cell, the cell itself was a square; it had a bench for sitting on one side of it a toilet on the other side of the cell with a sink and a window with bars letting the only light in.

"Just your average, every day typical jail cell," Cortex sighed.

He looked around and saw Time Freak picking his nose with his turning stick, Brio was in the corner sipping his mutagen (I think that's how you spell it) drink quietly in the corner and Nina was playing pat-a-cake with Missile Head, Cortex sighed again and said, "come on guys there must be away to get out of here, think let's put our heads together!" the N team wasn't listening and continued what they were doing.

"Fine, I'll just use my head to get us out of here," Cortex sighed.

The 4 villains looked at Cortex, smiled deviously and proceeded towards him.

"Oh, for the love of..." Cortex said

Uka Uka woke up from his sleep startled that he hadn't had Cortex run up to his bed asking him to sleep with him, he walked down stairs and made himself some Sunshine Flakes Cereal, he then realized that there wasn't any explosions nor was there any crying and screaming.

"The N-Team must be out somewhere." Uka Uka said, but anyway that was good, it meant that he could get some beauty sleep.

"Flarezap is asking for some serious punishment, HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME DO THAT!" Uka Uka screamed into nowhere.

"HAHAHAHA, I can make you do whatever I want, I am the almighty author!" I said.

"Whatever, spastic,"


"Nothing, oh great and almighty author," Uka Uka said with his fingers crossed, which is what he would have done if he had fingers.

"Good and I know you're not lying because you don't have fingers,"

"Just go back to writing and let me eat in peace," Uka Uka said.

Anyways back to the story.

The N-Team had strapped Cortex up, and was using his abnormally large head as a battering ram to get through the wall, but they were failing much to Cortex's dismay, each hit was pure agony for the big-headed man.

"Mummy, the elephant jumped on the piano and squashed ," Cortex gabled on and on.

"What's he talking about now?" Nina asked

"I don't know he must be talking about a suppressed memory from long ago thats causing a brain tumour," Tropy said," but who cares?"

"Mmmmm," Nina agreed.

So after 2 hours of pounding on the concrete wall they finally got out and so they then ran all the way to Cortex Castle, except for cortex who had to be carried by Brio. They arrived at Cortex Castle, which was actually not in ruins for once.


"Wait a sec, this isn't right, whenever we go out, the castles always in ruins," Brio said, "Let's go inside."

AS they went inside they saw the interior of the castle all destroyed and ripped apart by the minions, Cortex was literally fuming.


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