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"That would be a human emotion."

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The Klingons were closing in on them fast now, the hatred evident in their eyes and the way they held their phasers. The entire landing party were wearing worried expressions, Mr Spock not included, and Jim had his communicator out, yelling down it at an equally worried Scotsman, who was, or at least until Kirk got back, in charge of the Enterprise.

"Get us outta here Scotty!" the captain was yelling, as the Klingons got even closer. "Now would be nice. If you don't beam us up right now, I'll-" but he was cut off mid-sentence by the familiar tingling sensation that you got when you were being transported.

Oh, ****. This was the first thought that came into the red-shirted ensign's head as he stood in the transporter room, looking at what he had managed to beam up. For instead of his captain and four other crewmembers, were five little rabbits. Three of them were blue, and the other two were yellow. One of the blue ones seemed to be more intelligent that the rest, and it had pointed ears, and slanted eyebrows, one of which it raised quizzically. The ensign could have sworn it muttered "fascinating". However, the slightly larger yellow one looked as though it were in charge of the rest of the bunnies, and it was with slight hesitation that the ensign said "Captain Kirk? Mr. Spock?" The pointy eared blue rabbit and the bossy looking yellow one both pricked their ears and looked up, expectantly. He continued, saying the names of those who had comprised the landing party. "Mr. Chekov? Ensigns Richards?" The other rabbits looked up upon hearing their names, and the two blue ones did a rabbit's best impression of an innocent smile. Definitely must be them…

In shock, he stumbled over to the control panel, and thumped the intercom button. "Mr. Scott, I think you had better come down and see this…"

Oh, ****. Was the Captain's first thought as they materialized on the transporter pad. He was looking at the random-unnamed-redshirt-who-had-beamed-them-up's face. With an expression like that, something must be wrong. He heard his name being called and he pricked his ears. Wait a minute. He pricked his ears? Hell, what was he - a rabbit? He looked around him. Oh, ****. Was the captain's second thought, as he saw that yes, he was a rabbit, and so were the rest of the landing party. Oh, ****. Was Jim's third thought as Scotty moved to pick him up.

Fascinating. Was Spock's first thought as they appeared. All of the landing party, myself included, appear to have transformed into a native Earth species known as 'rabbits'. He heard his name being called and he pricked his pointed ears.

The chief engineer had received a slightly cryptic message from the transporter room, and he had run through the corridors to find out what the Ensign had meant. He was now standing in the doorway, staring at shock at the five rabbits he saw on the transporter pad before him. He moved in to pick one up, and decided on the largest yellow one. Carrying the bunny in his arms, he told the Ensign to grab the rest and take them to sickbay. Copying him, the Ensign picked up the two smaller blue ones and herded the other two rabbits along, and into the turbo-lift.

The two men emerged into sickbay twenty minutes later, after the two smaller blue rabbits that the red-shirt had picked up had wriggled and had tantrums and run off and been found again, looking slightly (well, very) bedraggled and in need of a good drink. Dr McCoy saw them and immediately gave the humans some of his secret hidden stock of Saurian brandy which no one apart from him knew about (he hoped), before taking the rabbits off them and giving them to Nurse Chapel. He then took the now-feeling-slightly-better-men to Rec Room 5 where they had some more drink. This left Chapel in charge, and the first thing she did was leave, leaving Ensign Demmar-Waters (or Arwen) in charge, as Nurse Elinor was off-duty.

"Look after the bunnies!" she called, as she walked out of the room

"Bunnies?" Arwen shrieked, but it was too late. The older nurse was gone. "But I hate bunnies. They scare me!" It just so happened that she was feeling in a very creative mood, and so she ended up bursting into song:

"Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes!

They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses!

And what's with all the carrots?

What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!"

This got lots of laughter and several rounds of applause from the bridge, since when she was singing, she was also doing a crazy dance around the room, and had accidentally knocked on the intercom switch. The entire bridge crew had seen the dance and song, including the bunnies, most of whom were meant to be on the bridge anyway.

"So, Arwen. Nice dance you got there. Maybe you could teach me?" came Sulu's voice through the intercom. "Anyway, how's Chekov?"

"Um…Well, he's fine. They're all fine. If you call being de-materialised as a human and then re-materialised as a bunny fine."

"Hold on. I'll be right there."

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