I just got to thinking - what would a conversation between ALL the Alices be like?

Alice chastised herself as she fell. She never expected the tumble, though she ought to, as it was her own curiosity that led her into investigating the rabbit hole. She merely wanted to ascertain if all unusually large rabbit holes led to Underland…

She groaned and rubbed her head for a moment. Who knew that the department store mirror was a Looking Glass? Alice merely leaned against it for a moment to adjust the buckle on her boots. After all, Jack promised the Looking Glass would be shut down, so of course she never though the narrow mirror in Macy's might be a portal! She presumed Hatter heard her yelp as she fell, which meant he'd be falling right after her.

Alice heard the strange thumps as she stood in her kitchen, preparing afternoon tea. Curious, and a little concerned that Reginald was up to something, she peered out the window framed by lacy curtains, to see two figures lying prone in her back garden.

"Oh dear," she muttered, hurrying to the back door. As she opened, one of the figures struggled to its… her feet, picking twigs and leaves from her blue traveling suit.*

The other figure, whom Alice initially guessed to be a young man, turned out to be yet another young woman, clad in those blue jeans Alice recognized as worn by many visitors to the Park, with a white blouse, and a lush violet velvet frock coat.

"Are you both alright?" Alice asked from the back stoop.

"Yes, I believe I'm well, thank you," the dress clad woman answered.

"Ow. Yeah, I'm OK, I guess," the other replied. "I hate that fall," she mumbled, though the other two did clearly understand her. She stood, and though she didn't appear to be any taller than the other two, there was something in her stance and carriage that reminded Alice a touch of that Mulan woman who lived on the other side of the Park.

"I'm sorry to intrude upon your garden," the first said, still picking leaves from the hedge from her honey colored locks. "But could you tell me, where am I?"

"Well, aside from my back garden, you're in Wonderland." Alice answered easily.

"Wonderland? Not… Underland?" the woman queried carefully, while the other made a surprised noise.

"Sorry," the tomboy said when both turned to her. "It's just… I've never seen any part of Wonderland that looked so…. Suburban."

"You've been here before?" Alice asked, amazed.

"Well, yeah. Um, see…. I'm Alice." The tomboy admitted sheepishly.

Alice Liddell gasped in surprise. But before she could speak, the other woman said, "But…. I'm Alice!"

The visitors stared at each other in surprise. They both glanced as Alice Liddell, who couldn't help but admit, "I too am Alice."

After a moment of silence, the tomboy Alice said, "OK, this is pretty freaky."


*Author's Fashion Note: The final costume worn by Alice Kingsleigh in the Burton "Alice In Wonderland" was an interesting but identifiable variation on the Victorian 'travelling suit' – a two-piece woman's outfit. Alice Liddell, also from the Victorian era, would easily identify it.