Title: Cosmos Resolution

Part: This is the first and last part

Chapter 1

Crossovers: Manga and anime sailor Moon

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Quote of the day:

"To end all wars, I will go to the beginning and get my past self to destroy the source of it all."


She was hiding from Chaos. She had wandered around the Galaxy, feeling lost and desolate.

She had wailed. She had screamed. She was sobbing on her hands and knees. She sighed and stared at the black and stormy sky. She was too weary and overwhelmed to try to be determined any longer. She had tried her hardest but it was not enough. She had failed to save everyone. Her family, friends, beloved, daughter... everyone on earth was dead. Everyone in the universe was dead.

She knew. Oh, she knew that it was her fault. Pain had been driven into the depths of her heart. How could she carry on? She was no longer Neo Queen Serenity or Eternal Sailor Moon. She was Sailor Cosmos now. Sailor Chaos was now a true star... a true senshi. But it was not a senshi of love and justice like her past self had been. It was a senshi of hatred and cruelty. It was her direct opposite.

It was her fault. Chaos had wanted the Silver Crystal. It was her silver Moon crystal... her old starseed. When she had been queen, the starseed... her starseed became her daughter's as well. It became the Pink Moon Crystal. And now, it had now gone through its final evolution. It had turned into the Cosmos Crystal.

But it took everyone in the universe to die for that evolution to happen. Even if this war ended, nothing could be saved. Nothing good could result from her victory. Even if she won, she would be powerless. She could not save everyone. What good was this power? What good was all the power in this universe if she could not save everyone?

She was hopeless, distressed and frightened. She sighed as she looked at the nothingness that was her universe. She had fucked up.

Then, she smiled sadly as a decision was made. She would go back in time, to guide her past self... to destroy the cauldron that began it all.

She would end Chaos before it even started. She then waved her wand and a portal to the past appeared. She then changed into a very young-looking child, with red hair done up in two heart-shaped odango, and blue eyes. Her sceptre changed into an umbrella. She then went into the portal to change destiny...

Author's note:

Something about why Sailor Cosmos (also known as: Chibi Chibi) did the things she did.

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Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson

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Sailor Moon (what can I say? This one is a: duh!)


Sailor Moon (what can I say? This one is a: duh!)

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Reader's Digest magazine

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Japanese words:

Senshi= soldier

Odango= buns