A Fiery Passion

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Summary: Orochimaru's plan to destroy Konoha has a different ending. Gaara loses to Naruto, but his siblings abandon him. Gaara runs and Sakura gives chase. Along the way they accidentally stumble onto a hidden village's land, and who is this Kazankage? GaaSaku

Chapter 1: the Discovery

Sakura drove Gaara into the mountains where he found himself cornered. They start to fight. Sakura drew her kunai and lunged at him, his sand was quick to rise to his defense, even though he was tired from the recent battle with Naruto. It was not as strong as it could be, and so it only served to slow her down. Sakura broke through the sand and charged at Gaara, with her kunai held high, but just as she was about to land a blow she was suddenly pushed through the air by a wind jutsu. She landed hard. Sakura didn't have enough energy to keep herself up after that hit.

Gaara looked up slowly and saw a group of ninjas running toward him. Yet before he could act one of them cast a sleep justu on him and he fell to the ground. Then there was darkness.

_A Fiery Passion_

The village was quiet as a young man made his way through the volcano's crater. He looked around at the shops with their doors closed and blinds shut tight and sighed. He looked up at the ceiling of the mountain and wished that he could see what it was like in the outside world. Being of a noble clan, he wasn't allowed to go anywhere without a guard because someone might discover the villages location and somehow make it past the guards and then somehow learned of the Tagerasu's importance to the village. Just as he was about to walk into his office, a squad of Ninjas made their presence known. Upon seeing him, they walked up to him and dragged the 2 prisoners up front.

His head of security walked up and bowed. "My lord, we found these two trespassing on our lands. We believe that they were trying to find the entrance to our village."

The young Tagerasu sniffed, "I don't know when you got so stupid Vedrial."

"Nani?" The head ninja looked up surprised, "But my lord, they were…" but he was cut off.

"One of them was probably chasing the other and led them here, it was just a coincidence that they were so close to us. And besides, since when would anyone know about our village? And now I have to deal with these two? Damn Vedrial it's still morning." Said man looked down, ashamed of his actions. The Tagerasu looked at him for a moment, pity in eyes, then he turned and faced the other ninja. "Men, take these two to my house, and set them up in my guest quarters."

They snapped to attention, "Yes, lord Kazankage!"

_A Fiery Passion_

Gaara came to in a king-sized canopy bed. He immediately started to panic thinking that Shukaku had gotten control of him, but, for the first time in his life, he expressed surprise. For not only had Shukaku not taken possession of him, he couldn't feel Shukaku at all. He lifted himself up off of the bed and looked around. The room was rather bare, with a couple paintings on the wall and a desk in the corner and a lamp on its top. When he moved, he felt a strange material touching his skin. He looked down and saw that he was wearing a blue robe similar to what the Kazekage would wear. He got up out of bed and moved to the door. He slammed open the door. The two Ninjas that stood outside jumped. They turned around to see a very angry twelve-year-old boy. The taller of the two took a deep breath.

"Good morning, my lord. We have been given the honor of escorting you to breakfast with our Kage. So if you will please follow us we will take you there now." The ninjas started to walk away but then noticed that he wasn't following. They stopped. The tall one spoke again, not turning around. "All your questions will be answered in due time. But if you refuse to join in the meal than we cannot guarantee that you will get them. Now please, follow me." With that they walked off, leaving a very angry Gaara in their wake. After realizing that they weren't going to stop, he slowly went after them.

Meanwhile in another part of the palace, Sakura found herself in a well decorated, very feministic, bedroom. But that wasn't the strangest part to her. She was wondering where she was and how she got here. When she started to get up she realized that she was naked. Clutching the sheets to her body, she walked around trying to find something to wear. While looking around she found a closet filled with robes; she grabbed one off the rack and looked at it. It was similar to what the Hokage wore. She took a closer look in the closet and found underclothes. She started to put them on. Just as she was finished adjusting her robe, someone knocked on the door and said that she was invited to breakfast with the lord of the house; and, like Gaara, was told that all her questions would be answered then.

She sighed. She ran her hands over the robe, smoothing it out. She walked up to the door and opened it, signaling to the two ninjas outside that she was ready to go. The older of the two bowed. He motioned with his arm, indicating that they would escort her to the dining hall. She nodded, and with that, they were off.

While she and her escort were walking down the hall, they met up with two other ninja. They pointed behind them. Sakura moved her head to the side to see what they were pointing at. She gasped. It was Gaara. Her eyes flared seeing her enemy before her. She would have lunged at him, but was restrained by her escorts. The other two looked over at Gaara and saw him standing there with a bored look on his face. After a few moments Sakura sort-of calmed down. The 4 ninjas led them down a long hallway, which at the end had two huge doors at the end. They walked up to them and pushed them open. The ninjas motioned for Gaara and Sakura to go inside, and as soon as they were, closed the door behind them, but not before telling them that their lord would be with them shortly.

They took their seats, at opposite ends of the table, to avoid contact as much as possible. The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. And just as Sakura was about to snap the doors opened, revealing a man wearing black Kage robes, and of course, the hat. He walked up to the head of the table and sat down. As soon as he was seated, he placed his hand on his hat, looking like he was going to remove it, but he hesitated. He took his hand down and placed it on the armrest of his chair, and leaned into it.

"So," he said gruffly, in an attempt to mask his age, "My men tell me that you two were fighting in the mountains around my village. Would you care to tell me why?"

Sakura thought about it for a moment.

If I tell the truth maybe he will let me get back at Gaara for what he did to Sasuke and Naruto.

Inner Sakura shook her head, But we don't know who these people are, they could be working with Orochimaru.

Well, I guess we are just going to have to risk it.

She took a deep breath, "My village, Konoha, was hosting the Chuunin Exams this year and Sand was invited to join but then they decided to double-cross us and attacked us when it was almost over. He," She pointed at Gaara, "Was one of those Sand Ninja that attacked us. Sasuke and Naruto, ninjas from my village, chased after him and were able to defeat him but the last attack left Naruto without energy, so he got up and ran away. I gave chase and then we were in the mountains. I had just cornered him when your ninjas knocked us out. And the rest you know." She felt rather pleased with herself for getting that all out in one breath.

The Kazankage turned his head toward Gaara, "Well, how about you young man? What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Hn" was all he said.

The Kazankage shook his head, "Well, suit yourself," he sighed, "Well now that that is out of the way how about we introduce ourselves? That should have been done first but I wasn't thinking straight, you know how it is, the morning daze." He removed his hat, which earned him a gasp from Sakura.

He was quite young, older than Gaara and Sakura but still. He had goldish-brown hair with sea-blue eyes. There were wrinkles around his mouth, which indicated that he laughed often. He was slight of stature, but even though he was, he didn't look weak, in fact quite the opposite. He looked like he could take on a rhino.

He smiled. This time when he spoke he used his real voice, which was a pleasing treble, "Well, do I measure up to your expectations?"


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