Well, I decided, to take a slightly different approach to writing a One piece story and I do hope everyone reading enjoys this story. It is a Law story, I find that being one of the unexplained main characters makes him interesting and as far and writing is concerned makes his character somewhat of a moldable character to play with. Anyway here we go either way hope you all enjoy.

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Trafalgar Law had always been very much the rational and forward thinking man. He preferred, if possible, to not make any rash decisions without first thinking them through. However when he had taken the time and consideration and eventually decided he quite fancied the high life of a powerful, feared and respected pirate; he really hadn't thought through just how many assessments he was going to have to make on the spur of the moment.

The situation laid before them, was clearly one of those moments.

The small hole that had really not been an issue before they rode up Reverse Mountain, had now snapped the patch job that had been done on it prior. In Law's opinion; it had been a rather badly done patch up job. But when he had tried to explain this patiently to Bepo. The polar bear had sunk his shoulders and gotten depressed; saying sorry in various degrees of urgency. Admittedly, perhaps it was one of those decisions Law had not had time to think through. Perhaps asking a Polar bear to repair a hole in a ship had been a particularly bad idea. After all, he only had paws, and Law hadn't exactly wanted to be the one to ask the bear whether his thumbs were entirely opposable.

Either way, there were not really any other people he could ask to do the work. Shachi was an engineer, not a shipwright. Ruby, had outright refused, as the ship's cook and as a woman she cut him off before he'd even asked her with the excuse that she was not about to ruin her nails. Law even knew when to admit to himself when he had no idea, he could repair people; not ships and Penguin had laughed out loud, before asking Law what he was going to do if they made it over reverse mountain without a navigator. Bepo on the other hand, had offered, and against his better judgement Law had agreed.

It was now as they sailed slightly slower due to the slow but sure, dangerous intake of water, that as Captain; he made the judgement that enough was enough. They were getting a shipwright, or if not a shipwright, someone who knew damn well enough what they were doing to instruct someone else to do it.

"Captain, there seems to be an island on the horizon!" Penguin called from his precarious position of dangling one handed from the rigging.

"How much further can we muster?" Law asked.

"Well I think we can make it Sir," Penguin replied climbing down effortlessly and adjusting his peeked black and yellow hat. "I'm about 80 per cent sure."

"In that case, inform the crew we shall be landing shortly," Law replied as casually as he could. It really didn't help the crews moral when even the Captain looked grim. He was really not looking forward to arriving on his first island on the grand line on a raft. It was simply embarrassing.

"That looks like a fine example of Pirates who were simply not prepared when trying to enter the Grand Line."

A slightly tanned freckled face looked out towards the harbour and interestedly the young woman rose a hand up to remove her sunglasses to get a better look at the ridiculous sight before her. Many other people, like her, had taken note of the loud comment made by Lord Bayou and were now also peering out to the harbour. It was really not very often that Pirates arrived upon Iron Island with such a poorly maintained ship. She watched curiously as they began to haul cargo and other important things off of it. She stood up and weaved her way through the growing crowd back to her work. If a ship was what they were after she may be in for a sale. But she would let the Harbour master deal with that.

Law studied the area carefully as the last lot of items were salvaged from the ship which was now useless. Although the sea floor was lower here so the top of the ship was still salvageable, there was simply no way that she would ever sail again. Law gave a sigh, she had done them well to get them this far. "Bepo, carry my medical goods," he commanded a small smile on his face. "I'm going to get information. Penguin find a suitable hotel, low profile," he added cautiously.

He watched the crew leave and after they had gone and the curious onlookers had subsided he headed towards the Harbour Masters office.

It wasn't the best maintained of offices, it was basically a shack made up of what appeared to be corrugated iron or steel with a couple of makeshift windows. The tall captain thought it somewhat ironic that the door even had a lock, as he knocked politely and stepped in.

An aged looking woman was sat the small desk inside. Her grey fraying hair was loose on her shoulders pulled back only slightly with an old looking hair band. On her fingers were plenty of rings and her blue eyes twinkled as she looked up and saw him approach. "Excuse me Ma'am," he started politely. "I'm searching for the Harbour Master."

"Well you found her," the woman stood up, although it didn't do much for her height as she was still extremely petite as she craned her neck to look at him. "Won't you sit down honey? It's not that often we get Pirates on this Isle."

Law took a seat on one of the mismatched sofa chairs and crossed his legs. Satisfied she sat back down again and held out her bony hand. Law shook it and was fairly surprised at the strength in her grip. "Would you happen to have information about this Isle Ma'am?"

"Oh stop calling me that, I don't feel as old as I look," she replied haughtily folding her hands on the desk. "But yes I do," she added before he could apologise. "This here is Iron Island. It's predominantly a working Island under the reign of Lord Bayou. He controls all the mines here you see. We Mine metal here. Most of the marine ships and weapons are made from our metal. Though, you will find that there are a select few of Ironmongers and companies here that will help Pirates."

Law nodded, a small smile upon his face. "Are you one of them though?" He asked a little amused. He quite liked her manner, he had always been bought up to be polite, especially to those senior in years and even more so girls and women.

"Pirates never hurt me; I never hurt them," she responded as if it was the obvious answer. "I assume, you're after a ship."

"You assumed correct," Law answered. "She did well to get us this far if I'm honest," Law admitted. "But now we can afford it we need a bigger and better ship that can handle my growing crew. A ship that can also handle the bigger struggles on the Grand Line and the New World. I'm also, after a Shipwright,"he added thoughtfully. "It's no good having a ship that can't be looked after well and properly by someone who knows exactly what they're doing, and I don't have anyone on my crew currently who could take on such an important position," he explained.

"Well you won't find one of those here unfortunately," the woman replied. She paused thoughtfully. "Would like some tea Mr..."

"Law," Law responded. "Yes tea would be pleasant."

The woman set about preparing a tea pot full of water and some old but clean looking mugs. Law cast a glance out of the window, frustrated that there was no Shipwright on the Island. He supposed, that a mining Island simply provided the raw materials; not the means and ways of actually building and crafting the objects to be made from them. What a bother. He thought mentally.

The woman set the tea pot down upon the table, with a jug of milk and some sugar. Law helped himself as she sat down again examining him closely. Finally after a good few minutes after he had taken a sip from his cup; she poured her own and continued. "My name is Ophelia," she introduced herself finally. "As you may have guessed by now, this is a mining island not a constructing one. However, there are a few people here who have the way and means of crafting a vessel," she added.

Law thought her choice of words was strange but remained silent and let the old woman continue. "You are best off going to see a good friend of mine. She'll help you out. Mind you she's a vain, greedy little missus so you'd better be careful... if you're interested."

"I'll take the gamble," Law stated. He was desperate although he wasn't going to show it.

The woman nodded, "Good, I can promise you, that you won't be in any way disappointed. Though I do urge you not to try and screw her over. She doesn't like that one bit. She's very good at what she does and will not appreciate it. A woman's wrath and all."

Law nodded. Ruby had never had any problems with degrading her captain. Law had been the subject of much abuse if he dared step inside her domain in the kitchen and annoy her. Knives, pots, pans, cutlery, plates. if you named it, she had thrown it at him... and most of the rest of the crew for that matter. If she wasn't such an excellent chef at preparing food and making good hearty meals for the men when her refrigerator was seemingly empty, Law would have groan tired of her. Luckily, Ruby's outlook on life was knowing how to please a man through his stomach, and so far; it had worked rather well for the bad-tempered, fiery red-head.

The pair finished their tea with a slightly different conversation. She seemed to be very interested with his travels and stories. Indeed her eyes twinkled if possible, more mischievously as he told her a little of their journey through North Blue. At the end of it, she stood cleared away the mugs and tea pot and sought after a pen and paper to write down the information on. "This is the name and the way to get there," she explained. "You can't really miss it, just be careful, there are marines on this island as well and I'm sure if they have been chasing you down they will be on the look out for you. The poorer people here can be greedy, someone may very well have reported you."

"I understand," Law took note and slipped the piece of paper into his trouser pocket. "Thank you for all your help and for the tea Miss Ophelia."

"Miss," she gave a hearty laugh. "Now that's more like it. Good luck to you as well Mr. Law." She showed him to the door, a smile still on her face as she closed the door lightly behind him. Shifting his Nodachi to his other shoulder. He pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket and glanced at the information. He hoped it wasn't too far away from his location.

"You, look like you're in a good mood."

Celeste, sat down at her desk and removed her hat looking over at the large man who had spoken. "I think," she answered, with a smile on her face. "That today is going to become rather interesting. In fact," she added once more. "Take the rest of the day off. I think I can handle the rest of the day. It's been slow."

"That's extremely unlike you," the man replied. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine, Sergeant," she replied. "I'm in a good mood for now, Go home and enjoy the rest of the day. Take your daughter to the beach or something. Go help the wife at the cafe."

The man studied her for a moment and shrugged, pulling his overall straps back up over his shoulders and throwing on the jumper he had taken off when it was just too hot to work in any more. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow then," he said as he left the premises with a wave.

Celeste knew he appreciated the time off, she glanced over outside to the small dockyard from her office window. She hadn't been lying when she had said the day was going to get more interesting. She was so sure of it, her instincts were generally not wrong. It might finally be the day that she would make her fortune, and about time too, she thought bitterly.

Law arrived at the place Ophelia had described and checked her instructions again. It was definitely the place he was meant to be at. The front of the building looked tiny. He really couldn't believe a ship could be built on such premises. Either way he opened the door and a small bell jingled above his head. A girl walked through a door located to the left at the sound. She was seemingly tall with a freckled face, devilish eyes and black hair. She sort of reminded him of a weasel, though he was not going to insult the woman that could possibly be of use to him.

"Can I help you, Sir?" she asked politely.

"I'm looking for a ship," he answered.

"Well you'd be wrong to look here then I'm afraid, we don't build ships on this island. We only mine the metals used to make them."

Law frowned although he kept the smile on his face. "I was told by the Harbour Master I could find a vessel here," he replied confused. He didn't think that the old lady would have lied to him.

"A vessel you will find Sir, but not a ship," she answered. "I can help you with that."

Laws confusion grew a little. It obviously showed on his face because she laughed a little. "Do you have a budget at all, Sir?"

"I haven't thought of a budget," Law responded. "But I can't really think of a budget when I'm not too sure what I have been lead into perhaps buying."

"Ah," She said thoughtfully. She locked the door to the office behind her and lifted the wooden shelf that kept her behind the desk. Stepping out of it, he noted she was in very simple clothes. A pair of Orange shorts a pink tank top and a set of steel toed boots. "If you'd like to follow me, Mr. Pirate," she gestured towards another door and inquisitively he followed her through it. What he saw as he stepped through it was not what he imagined.

The shop was fully open at the back, a steep set of steps leading down to what had to be the back of the island, and there was a small docklands behind it. As they walked downwards she explained a little further. "It's my company, but in the beginning it was funded by a marine scientist called Dr. Vegapunk. So you could say I am in a bit of debt paying back the marines what I owe..."

"Should you really be dealing with a pirate then Miss shipwright?" He asked looking around in awe.

"I'm not a shipwright, I'm a researcher and businesswoman," came the reply. "I can deal with who I like, he doesn't come to this Island anymore, I am one of his failed students you see."

"His failed student?"

"Oh yes, there were several of us in the beginning. To filter us down he gave us several different tasks to do, impossible tasks, that we weren't ever meant to complete, I reported that I didn't complete my task, and he failed me for it. Left me stranded on this stupid island with a very large debt and he hasn't contacted me since, although every so often I will get a friendly visit from Captain Liskeard when I've missed a payment."

"You failed?" Law asked, wondering why on earth he was now putting his hopes into a young girl who was not a Shipwright and had failed a test set by a world renowned scientist.

"I failed, but I completed the task. I was the only one to do so. I lied in order to protect what I created," she explained brightly. "I grew quite fond of it you see as I added bits and pieces to his official design to improve it. You could say I got quite attached."

"Which was?" He asked. They reached the bottom of the steps and she made her way across a wavy path that snaked around the cliff face. As they weaved around it, a glorious sight came into view.

She stood proudly, with her hands on her hips a heavy grin on her face. "A submarine."

Law stared, he'd never seen anything like it before. He had heard stories about such things, but he was sure even the marines didn't have technology like this yet. He failed to believe that she had made something so incredible. "How did you make it?"

"I didn't," she answered. "The general idea was Vegapunk's, he gave us all a different set of blueprints, some funding and asked us to make what was on them. I had to recruit a couple of good guys to make this for me. Luckily there are still a few good guys on this island that hate the marines. I don't want them to get their hands on this beauty," she admitted. "It's worth too much money, which is why I reported that my findings were a failure."

"How much?" he asked, getting straight to the point of business.

"Would you like to have a look around inside first?" she asked. He could tell she was delighted that someone was admiring it so much.

"That would be wonderful," he answered.

The Captain had been gone quite a while; Bepo thought. He was only supposed to be gathering information. He didn't think it was advisable to get into trouble without a ship to escape on when said trouble had been accomplished. Bepo was bored, Penguin and Shachi were playing Chess. Ruby had gone shopping. The captain wasn't back yet. The hotel room was rather small, it was more of a hostel than anything else. Ruby had complained a little, she didn't like sleeping with the men. Bepo was a little sad, he wished there were female bears around instead of Ruby.

The door opened with a start and the captain strode into the room, the happiest the crew had ever seen him. The men all looked up, knowing there was good news as Law passed his sword to Bepo to hold.

The inside of it had been even better than the outside. The captain's room was large and spacious. The Kitchen would seat everyone. They wouldn't have to take turns eating. There were more than one sleeping quarters; two large rooms and three or four small single ones. But the best part of all, was the medical bay, that had clinched it. Law wanted it before seeing that, but now he was prepared to steal it if she priced him too high. She had said she would work out the particulars as it wasn't anything she had considered selling up until now.

"I found a vessel," he announced.

The men cheered it was the news they had been waiting for. "How big is she captain?"

"Huge," he answered. "We'll never need to battle upon the ocean again," he added further. "We'll be mostly undetectable."

"How Captain?" Bepo asked.

"It's a submarine," he stated.

If he was expecting excitement it wasn't exactly what he got. The smile remained on his face, even if the crew weren't as excited as he was, he was the captain, and that was going to be their new form of transport. He knew it, he could feel it.

"Um Captain?" Shachi piped up, not exactly wanting to spoil Law's good mood. "I'm not sure I could engineer a submarine."

"Nonsense," Law retorted. "You're the best engineer in North Blue if you can look after a ship you can take care of a submarine."

Shachi and Penguin exchanged glances, there was no way they could stop the Captain when he was on a roll. He was determined to make the submarine his, they knew it and there was nothing at all they could do now but wait.

Celeste chewed the end of her pen thoughtfully. The pirates had been the strongest that had set upon the island in a very very long time. She could tell that just by looking at the Captain. She knew that they were also the type of pirates that would be willing to steel it if they had too. She had seen the look of excitement upon his face and she wasn't stupid. She hadn't been in business for four years to not know what Pirates were like, they were notorious for a reason, she knew most of the ones worth noticing and in honesty she had not ever expected Trafalgar Law to appear on her doorstep in need for a ship.

It shouldn't have been a surprise. Out of the four oceans the Pirates so far with notable bounties were all either on or close to the Grand Line so it was only common sense to know that at least one of them would end up on Iron Island. After all, there were only so many paths one could take along the Grand line. She opened up a draw in her desk and pulled out a handful of bounties. There were hundreds and she knew it would be whittled down as some died, were captured or just simply gave up.

She filtered through the papers she had carefully sorted into categories until she arrived at the North Blue file. She was in no way stupid enough to be a bounty hunter or a spy for the marines. She genuinely had an interest in Pirates and eventually pulled Laws poster out. His bounty was already 40,000,000 Beli. It was seemingly high for someone who had just entered the grand line. The marines had given him the nickname The surgeon of death, though upon contemplation; nicknames were usually misinformed bits of information used to sometimes scare the public.

There were a couple more people from North Blue she noted, all with higher bounties, still he had been polite and showed genuine interest in the submarine. That was all she could ask for though; someone to take care of it after it had left Iron island. Besides, once she had the money for it she was free to make her own way on the seas.

"Sir, we have it on good information that Trafalgar Law has breached this Isle. Several eye-witnesses claim he landed with his crew only hours ago in search of a ship," the marine stood to attention his hand lifted to a salute as his superior stepped off of the newly docked marine ship in the harbour.

"In that case we will find him," The Captain stated, "Look in every hotel and hostel and leave no shop unturned. If they're looking for a ship there's only a few so many places they can go to obtain a vessel good enough to sail them to another island."

"Aye Captain!" The marines cried simultaneously before saluting and scattering to look around the island.

Captain Liskeard strode forward. There were three or maybe four places on the island where a pirate could obtain a vessel, and he was taking it upon himself to interrogate every single one of them. The heart pirates would be leaving Iron island in shackles or coffins. They would not be leaving free men.

"Captain," Bepo said startled as he looked out of the window. "I think we may have a problem,"

"What?" Law stood up and walked over to the window, leaning one arm upon the frame; his smile stretched a little. "I believe boys we may have been discovered. Looks like it's high time we take our new submarine and depart," he stood up happily as he watched the men gather up the gold, booty and belongings they had bought with them. Upon reflection he frowned slightly, as usual, someone was missing. "Where on earth is Ruby? We need to leave."

"She hasn't returned yet Captain," Shachi answered standing up and fumbling with the bags at his feet.

"We need to leave," Law decided, "We'll find Ruby on the way, she's smart; I'm sure she'll find a place to hide."

Ruby grimaced to herself as she looked out of the alley way she was currently residing in. She had been prepared for a lazy day shopping but thanks to a marine intrusion on the boutique she had been in, she had been forced to make her way outside sharpish without the dress she had wanted to buy whilst the shop keeper was busy with the marines asking for the Heart pirate crews whereabouts. Luckily, they had not recognized her yet.

The problem was that she was now definitely unsure of how to make it back to the hotel and meet the rest of the crew. She was also unsure of whether the crew would still be there and hoped feverishly that the captain had not made the decision to make a lot of trouble in escaping. She clutched her purchases in her hands and poked her head out to look around for any straggling marines who had not already passed by.

As she turned her head to look in the other direction a smiling face was grinning at her and a hand waving her over to the front of a small shop on the opposite side of the street. Ruby frowned at the female, but upon the girl gesturing a bit more urgently, Ruby realised she was trying to help and hurriedly ran over to the shop. The girl let her in quickly and shut the door behind her. "Law's crew?" She asked quickly.

Ruby nodded dropping the bags at her feet. "How could you tell?"

"You were hiding," the other girl responded. "Name's Celeste, your Captain stopped by earlier. He was planning to buy a Sub off of me but the marines seem to have put a hindrance on my plans."

Ruby let it sink in quickly knowing there was little time to wait. "I'm their cook," she informed. "But I haven't seen the Captain since this morning. He must have gone back to the hotel. They'll find him I fear, I really should go and find them, they may need help."

"Don't," Celeste advised peering through the blinds. "I think your Captain will come and find you. You need to hide. The marines will come here eventually... they know I build vessels. You may as well go and hide on the submarine he was going to buy," she gritted her teeth and pulled away from the shop door to the little door in the back. She swung it open and Ruby picked the bags back up. "Walk all the way down the steps then follow the path along the cliff face until you see it. Run, if the Captain needs to see out here, I don't want him to see you walking around the cliff."

The older woman nodded. "Thank you," she stepped out and Celeste closed the door behind her, watching her cautiously as she made a quick getaway down the steps. As soon as she hit the bottom she broke into a sprint and Celeste was satisfied as she watched her near the edge of the cliff, once she had disappeared from view. The girl locked the door and went to sit patiently behind the desk to wait.

She didn't have to wait long as the door opened and the bell tinkled. Captain Liskeard stood in the door way. A massive man built like a house with straw like blonde hair that looked much too small to cover his humongous head. She stood up and put her best smile on. "Captain!" She said brightly hoping the lies didn't show on her face. "What can I do for you? marine business? Would you like something to drink?"

The Captain looked around suspiciously and looked back at the young woman. "Celeste," he stated "I am here on business, you must know by now that the Heart pirates have landed on this island. They're in search of a ship," he added carefully.

Celeste feigned mock surprise. "Really now? Well I'm sorry to say Captain that even if I actually had something sellable at the moment I wouldn't sell it to any pirates," she pulled away the curtain that showed her small dockyards, the larger submarine hidden by the cliff. "Nothing at the moment I'm afraid, business has been slow. I haven't had any orders," she let the curtain drop and turned back to the large marine in front of her.

He looked at her suspiciously. She was quite pretty to boot but he couldn't trust a woman who had made such a successful business so young, especially when she was still in debt to the marines. He was willing to be that a young lady such as she would take any chance at wealth and fame. "So you haven't sold him anything?" he asked again.

"Not at all Sir," she answered a smile on her face. Buy it. She thought bitterly, the sooner he left the sooner she could go about trying to figure out a way to get the Pirates the Sub without the marines realising. He looked around once more and nodded. "Alright then Celeste," he said finally, unable to think of any other way to interrogate her. He could see her tiny office through the door behind the desk and both that and the room they were in was simply not big enough to hide a crew of pirates. "I hope not to see you again for a while, hopefully business shall pick up for you soon so you can continue your monthly payments."

She had willingly showed him the dockyards and sure enough there was nothing there being built and nowhere that could hide the pirates. It was too open. He turned on his heel and the bell jingled again as he opened the door. "You call me if he stops by you hear," he mentioned as he walked out the door.

It was then, that everything went; what Sergeant would say as tits up. Yells cried out from the street and the Captain stood in the door way marched quickly outside. Celeste followed and her mouth held agape as she looked at the scene before her.

The Heart Pirates, it seemed, had decided to take the no nonsense approach and what looked like a huge polar bear was now attacking marines left, right and centre with martial art kicks and punches- occasionally yelling some incomprehensible scream.

The remainder of the crew were fighting with swords, cutlasses, staffs, guns and any other weapons that became readily available as they felled the marines.

And right in the centre, a smile still etched on his face, was Trafalgar Law. He was looking as smug as ever, and upon seeing her step out of her building his eyes lit up and he cast a look right at her. And through the cacophony of noise and foray of punches and kicks even in his soft calm voice what he said next reached her ears and no-doubt the Captains. "Ah Miss Celeste, it seems we will be making a quicker exit from the island than originally thought. Is my submarine ready to depart?"

If Celeste had been granted the luxury of time she would have groaned and face palmed in exasperation. Instead the Captain swung around; his arm as large as a tree trunk poised and spat at her furiously. "You told me you hadn't sold him a ship!" He yelled frustratedly.

In a moment of stupidity Celeste replied. "Well I haven't, he hasn't given me any money for it yet."

His arm swung out and knocked Celeste to the wall. She wasn't sure what was more painful. The wind being knocked out of her, her ribcage breaking in what she imagined was three places, or the pain her back endured as she hit the wall with such force.

"Now that," Trafalgar Law stated, as the Captain turned his attention back to the North Blue pirate. "Was highly unnecessary... MEN!" He yelled. "Desist fighting!"

Bepo and the others shrank back as far away from the marines as they could whilst Law himself raised a hand. All the Captain remembered was seeing the tattoos of D.E.A.T and H upon the criminal's fingers as Law spoke dangerously, the almost permanent sadistic smile on his face. "Room," he said first.

The Captain stepped back in surprise as a beautiful dome of blue light appeared before the marines, encasing them in a pretty sea coloured aura. Law's grin widened. "Shambles."

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