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Law knew that the onslaught of marines were going to follow him all the way back to the submarine regardless of how stretched the marine forces were. That being said, he was certainly not finished with the ones he was dealing with yet. If he could dwindle their numbers now it would be more beneficial for the Heart pirates in escaping.

As he stood beside Kidd and Luffy he was aware that the marines were snaking around to the rear of the building. Given that he couldn't care less about the Celestial Dragons inside; they were free to do what they liked with the building. From in front of him it looked as though the marines were preparing to fend them off for as long as possible until Kizaru arrived, unfortunately for them, Law wasn't planning on sticking around to battle an Admiral.

"Think we're gonna wait for that?" he asked playfully, and with a grin he tossed the head in his hand back towards his own fellows where one of his comrades caught him in both hands. A moment of realisation later and they panicked, throwing it up into the air in shock.

Law laughed as they began conversing worriedly among themselves, trying to decipher what effects were happening on his separated body. While they were distracted, Law balanced his Nodachi on his shoulder and readied his hands again. "Room," he couldn't believe they were so stupid to fall for the same thing twice, even with warnings from the victim he'd already claimed.

As the blue sphere reappeared again he readied his sword and without warning slashed it through the air. Immediately; the marines caught in it found their bodies split into several parts and Law found himself grinning further as he pushed his blade back into the sheath. "Just relax..." he explained softly and sadistically, "This'll be over soon."

Ignoring the gigantic arms Kidd and Luffy were currently using to intimidate and wipe out marines with; Law furthered the onslaught of his attack by addressing the marines who had inevitably found their attention caught by Kidd and Luffy. "What's with that guy!?"

"This is no time to be distracted," Law warned as he began to wave his hands around in the centre of the dome.

Instantly the dismembered body parts began spinning around; until satisfied with the jumble; Law clawed his hands inward and grinned. As he looked up at his work, the familiar screams of his victims reached his ears.

Having bought some time for himself he glanced over at Kidd and Luffy with a grin as they reined their own power down on the marines by thrusting their larger than life makeshift fists forward, punching out a huge gap in the enemies defence.

As they did so, smoke began to clear from the debris and earth that had been up heaved by their escapades and Law could see that his followers were making their way out of the auction house with the other two crews. While the Straw Hats seemed to be impressed, Shachi; whose hands were tucked lazily in his pockets and Penguin had their usual exasperated expressions on their faces at the result of his antics. Bepo looked as vacant as usual as Shachi commented, "Oh, man... you're overdoing it, Captain."

Rayleigh, was carrying the injured fishman from earlier, looked around pleased before adding his own thoughts by laughing. "Why, these guys aren't half bad."

The masked man, Killer; from Kidd's crew had cocked his head to the side and stated out loud, "They sure are impatient..."

Law turned back to the catastrophe he'd helped in causing before noticing the tiny little form of Luffy and lightly commented, "Hey, what happened to you, Straw Hat? You're ruining the mood."

"Really?" The midget form of Straw Hat asked, again confused.

Kidd seemed satisfied as he grinned and stated happily, "Well I guess we've pretty much ruined their formation now."

The marines remained unmoved as they studied them, given that all of the pirates were now out of the auction house, it wasn't hard to see why. The threat was now directly in front of them and still Kizaru had not turned up. Law had finished fighting now, it was time to make their way back to the ship and make a move from the island before the situation escalated. It didn't take long for the marines to figure out what he was planning; and he was sure if Kidd and Luffy weren't stupid they would do the same, as the mortar cannons were being aimed at them again and more troops seemed to arrive.

Law could just about hear their leader yell out before the marines started running towards them. "Take out those pirates!"

"Here they come," Kidd began, "The enemy seems to have run out of strategies. Now it's just a brawl."

"Oh I'm back to normal!" Luffy commented from besides them as he began laughing at his regrowth heartily.

"Well, see you later, Straw Hat." Kidd announced keeping his sharp eyes on the marines ahead of him as he continued, "It was a pleasure meeting you in person but I won't show you any mercy the next time we meet!"

Luffy seemed a little perplexed by this comment as he tilted his head towards the taller man stood in between them. Law also slid his gaze to the side interestedly; shrugging one hand into his pocket he couldn't miss Luffy's next words.

"But I'll be the one who finds One Piece!"

Law's attention fully turned towards the teenager, his eyes widening somewhat and for once his expression was serious, without a hint of a smirk on his features. Straw Hat was laughing confidently now and as the marines closed in, Kidd and Law remained unmoved.

Killer took out the first marine to reach his Captain with little effort at all as Kidd's attention was still on Straw Hat. The blonde man didn't seem impressed however, addressing his Captain somewhat irritably, "Hey Kidd! What are you just standing around for!?"

"Hey Killer," Kidd appeared not to have noticed the annoyance in his followers voice as his focus remained on Luffy, "On that route that we took to get here whenever we said we were gonna find One Piece, people just laughed at us. Although I killed anyone who dared to laugh... but after this, we're going to an ocean where anyone who doesn't have the guts to say it will die. Let's meet again in the New World!"

His eyes were gleaming and he looked excited while Law merely smirked widely.

"Let's go you guys!" Kidd called to his men.

Law paid little attention to Kidd's crew as they began their own barrage in a means to escape, what he did care about however, was the person who had been sat outside the auction house waiting patiently for the auction to end. Law's gaze fell upon Jean Bart, who wasn't looking at anything in particular as he remained unmoved outside the entrance.

"Trafalgar Law!" The doctor's focus moved from the large man to a marine brandishing a sword close in front of him. "How dare you do that to my friends back there!?"

"Bepo." Law called confidently, closing his eyes and turning to walk away.

The polar bear sprung into action with a series of heightened yells, flying out of nowhere to deliver a hard right kick to the face of the marine, sending him sprawling across the grass haphazardly. As the remaining marines closed in, Bepo wasted no time at all in throwing himself forward and dealing a cascade of kicks to those that tried to pass him. Once he was finished he posed dramatically, but realising the Captain wasn't paying any attention looked around confused. "Huh? Captain, are you going back there?"

Law left Bepo as he approached Jean Bart, still ensnared by the huge silver ring around his colossal neck. He turned to Law as he approached, Law looking confident as grinned up at him. "Penguin," he looked over at his navigator and nodded to behind him, "Are those the keys for the collars on the floor behind you? Bring them here!"

Penguin turned around and sure enough on the floor a few meters from his feet were the silver keys that the slaves had freed themselves with earlier, Penguin picked them up and took them to Law, who casually tossed them to Jean Bart and his smile grew.

As the giant man's hands reached up to fiddle with the lock and finally click open the necklace with no danger, Shachi came to stand beside them and look up at the big man in awe. Jean Bart rubbed his neck as the collar clattered shrilly to the ground unwanted; shifting his attention to the Captain he spoke in a low voice. "Why?"

Law laughed slightly, not listening to what the marines were saying behind him about Jean Bart being a slave. "Wanna come with me? Pirate Captain Jean Bart?"

The marines who approached them stood no chance, as the large man stood up and effortlessly brushed them aside with his huge gloved hands as he kept his attention on Law. "It's been a long time since anyone called me that!" He turned back to slap away some more marines and stated "As long as it means you'll free me from the Celestial Dragons, I'll gladly become your subordinate!"

"Heh," Law began to chuckle again before adding, "You should save half of that gratitude for the Straw Hats."

Bepo was still fighting the rest of the marines while Law enjoyed his conversation, he had to admit to himself it made him quite pleased to hear what they were saying about Bepo as he fought them off. "What a quick witted bear! We can't even touch him... but how can a bear speak!?"

Although he did have to sigh a little as Bepo lowered his head and began to apologise to the amazement of the government men. Knowing he was going to need slight encouragement Law beckoned to him as he started to cross the bridge to the next grove, "Hurry up, Bepo!"

He waited on the other side of the bridge that connected grove 1 to grove 3 and once Bepo had jumped safely across, Jean Bart took the opportunity to smash through the bridge so no more marines could cross it.

He made sure that Bepo, Penguin and Jean Bart were safely through the smoke and away from danger before breaking into a run, he had sent Shachi on ahead in the hopes that he would make it back to warn the crew they were leaving before they arrived. He was sure that most of them were already on board, and the news of the admiral coming must have sped across the island by now to forewarn them.

They managed to make it across four groves before Shachi's form came into view looking worried. Law ran a little further and came to a halt as his engineer pointed out ahead of them, "Captain, look at that!"

Puzzled at what his engineer was seeing, Law gazed across from him to see that Kidd was stood looking poised and that his arms were covered in various different metals, having obviously activated his devils fruit power for a reason. "That's Eustass and..." the smoke cleared and Law's eyes widened, "That's..." he felt a presence behind him, and knew that Penguin had caught up with Bepo and Jean Bart.

Law didn't spare them a look as he took in the impressive sight ahead of him, looking serious and frowning angrily his grey eyes were unimpressed as he spoke his thoughts out loud. "What's one of the Shichibukai doing in a place like this?"

Whatever happened next was not going to be easy, as Law noted the man's head in front of them turned to look in his direction, "Trafalgar Law..."

Law wasted no time in pulling his sword in front of him both defensive and offensively as he replied, "So, you know my name?" Whatever Law was expecting to follow, it was not some sort of explosive bean aimed in his direction. It fired quicker than he could blink and he was pleased that no other members of his crew were in the way as he threw himself out of the way to narrowly dodge it.

As it hit the mangrove behind him; it exploded and over the explosion he couldn't quite hear what Bepo yelled at him as he rolled out of harms reach. As the bang died down and the smoke began to billow through the wind, he dusted himself off and went to walk forward only hearing Shachi's comment as he did so.

"The marines are coming at us from behind!"

Kidd cast a glance towards him as he exited the smoke, "This guy isn't going to let us pass is he? Trafalgar! You're in my way!"

"Want me to kill you?" Law asked as he came to stop beside the other rookie with a smile on his face. "I told you not to order me around didn't I?" He readied himself for another battle by moving his Nodachi again. "I'm running into a lot of big shots today, and I really don't want to meet an admiral on top of this so..." he cast his powers again and glared at the man ahead of him, "I shall make you let us pass Bartholomew Kuma!"

Celeste had taken the decision that she would head to the auction house the shortest route possible instead of the route she was familiar with; given that if the others were escaping by now they would want to head back to the ship as fast as possible. She just hoped she didn't miss them, if she did; she would be stuck on the island until she could get a ride because there was no way Law was going to wait for her to turn up at the submarine before leaving with the island acting as a war zone. She really hoped Law's seemingly never ending luck was with them.

As she ran through the Lawless zone she realised that it seemed unordinary for the place to be so deserted, it was clear all of the pirates were heading for the docks where their ships were and she hoped that this wouldn't work against her as they had to head back in the opposite direction to where the submarine was hidden by the shopping area.

The problem was going to be navigating their way out, if the water wasn't deep enough they couldn't dive and that was going to mean that they were going to have to speed out in full view of anyone trying to capture them, if they did that the submarine might take extensive damage. She grimaced; angry with herself, why hadn't she managed to control her powers better yet!?

Suddenly, a blinding flash of light erupted from the left of her, and she skidded to a halt as she turned to look at where it had come from. Her mouth gaped open in awe as she watched one of the humongous mangroves begin to lean dangerously to one side. Keeping her gaze in place, it was mangrove 27 that was beginning to tumble dangerously away from where she was stood bewildered until eventually the gigantic tree crashed into the ground, causing smoke to rise heavily from its landing position.

The ground around her jolted as though there had been an earthquake; and she stumbled as she tried to hold her balance. Looking over to the remains of the trunk, slowly the top of it began to burn a slow flickering radiant red.

The admiral must have arrived and judging from the beam of light that had flashed blindingly before the destruction she deduced it was Kizaru the marines had sent to deal with the situation. Kizaru; the man who could move at the speed of light and cause annihilation in an instant, things were bad. She changed her direction slightly to purposely avoid the area where the attack had come from, she didn't want to wager on how good her powers were at keeping her safe from an admiral, however much she trusted herself it wasn't enough to run into him if she could help it.

She hoped that whatever he had been aiming at had not been the Captain. As if to answer her prayers, several marines began to run past her, the leader calling to the others gleefully and loudly as he did. "This way!" he commanded, Eustass Kidd and Trafalgar Law are trapped by one of Sentomaru's Pacifistas! Quick! Before they escape!"


Celeste growled, so that was what Sentomaru was doing on the island! She broke into another sprint chasing after the marines angrily. She didn't think they would ever finish such an atrocity for a weapon so soon, right before the war with Whitebeard as well. This wasn't good, what she remembered about the pacifista project was all bad; when she had still been working there as a student things had been going horribly wrong for the government and none of the drones they tested worked.

It was only a matter of time though until they managed to create one good enough to use as a weapon, and it had been a few years since she had been there, if they'd truly succeeded in what they had been planning then the pacifistas would be mindless drones only controlled by Vegapunk or Sentomaru.

There might not be an easy way to defeat it.

Law meanwhile had already started battle with Kuma, ignoring Kidd's protest that he should simply get lost and out of his way. Killer had run forwards, slashing wildly with the blades on his arms to no real affect as he jumped back soon after to let one of the other members of the crew have a go at blowing fire the warlord's way instead.

Kuma burned brightly for a few moments, before seemingly shaking it off as though it was nothing but a tiny burn at which point his own crew had seen enough. Bepo, Shachi and Penguin launched themselves forward Bepo commanding the other crew to back off as they attacked.

Penguin and Shachi managed to get in a few good kicks before Bepo took over, screaming wildly as he punched and kicked to force Kuma back. The man seemed to read his moves easily enough, dodging effortlessly as the polar bear continued his barrage of punches. Law watched carefully, and found the same opening as Bepo did; viewing cautiously as Bepo aimed a hard kick at the larger mans leg.

Suddenly, much to Law's amazement, Bepo stopped, his eyes in panic as he began to clutch his left knee and fell to the floor rolling around in what seemed like agony. Law's eyes widened in surprise as Bepo cried out in shock and pain. "That hurts!"

Wasting no time, Law shrugged and smiled as Kuma drew his hand back to aim a punch at the incapacitated polar bear. "Room," the blue light reappeared and encased them all, as he held up two fingers. "Shambles."

Bepo was instantly at his side, Jean Bart having gone from it; and the giant man took Kuma's punch head on grabbing both of his fists as they came barrelling towards him. "Got you!" he exclaimed proudly.

Law grinned as Bepo stopped rolling around besides him and looked up, "Huh?"

"This is making me impatient!" He heard Kidd say from the other side of him, Law turned to see he's formed to gigantic fists of metal and before he had a time to warn his newest crew member, the rookie with the biggest bounty had smashed his fists down to where Jean Bart had been grappling with Kuma.

Law was pleased to see that the giant man had indeed noticed, and had leapt out of the way as Kidd raised the arms again to the side and let the weapons he'd collected drop aimlessly to the ground.

Kuma had been impacted into the floor, a small crater remaining of where Kidd had landed his attack. The warlord was lying face down, seemingly defeated as dust and smoke cascaded upwards into the air from underneath him. "Wasting my time," Kidd tutted, before turning to walk away.

Law wasn't convinced, "It's not over yet, Eustass," he called.

Kidd stopped, just as the warlord picked himself up and bared down dauntingly upon him. There didn't seem to be a scratch on him as Kidd; enraged, started again. "I guess that wasn't quite enough, was it!?"

Law was about to tell Kidd, that if his attack hadn't worked once it was likely to fail again, when Kuma pulled off his glove and aimed his hand towards them, another familiar bright light emitting from the palm of his hand. Before they could do anything there was another explosion and all of them were flung backwards by the impact of the beam as it hit the floor. Law skidded backwards a few feet, keeping a hold of his hat and Nodachi, finally coming to a halt; and beginning to stand up unimpressed. "Is everyone alright!?" he called out through the smoke that was no obscuring his view.

"We're fine Captain," Penguin called back as the air started to become clear again and he could begin to see their figures standing up a little way away from him.

Kidd and his crew seemed to be fine as well. As Law regained his composure and fixed his furry hat back on properly, Kidd addressed him once more as Kuma stared down at the red head. "You're in my way! Get lost already, Trafalgar! I said I'd take care of this guy, I don't need your help!"

Law grimaced angrily, "You're the one who's in my way, Eustass!" he retorted.

Before Kidd could argue with the older man, Kuma opened his mouth again and both rookies's had to jump to dodge the beam he shot from his mouth. Law had landed above and behind him, and seeing his chance activated his powers again. The blue light was almost complete when his ungloved hand from earlier sent another beam of light at him, interrupting him and making him move.

Law was beginning to get annoyed and suspicious. "Doesn't he have the brains for anything other than lasers? I mean he's a freaking warlord!"

Yells interrupted his train of thought; marines were running down a bank towards the bridge that connected the grove he was on to the one they were on. "There they are! Trafalgar Law of the Heart pirates, and Eustass Captain Kidd of the Kidd pirates! Don't let them get away!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Damn it!" Penguin snapped, "Now even more marines have arrived! We can't let them hold us off here forever!"

"Bepo, we're gonna attack him head-on!" Law heard Jean Bart say urgently.

He couldn't imagine Bepo was going to be pleased about that order and sure enough the bear chastised the newcomer as he answered, "Hey Jean Bart! You're the new guy don't order me around!" that aside, he chased after him to do as he had suggested the two of them jumping up towards the warlord.

Their efforts were in vain as another laser beam shot towards them. As they scattered, Killer; much to Law's irritation, shot forwards to slash Kuma's legs. Strangely, instead of a deep wound opening, several bits of metal flew outwards, and Law was certain from his position he could see a spark as Bepo and Jean Bart landed.

"That bastard, taking all the spotlight!" Bepo was scathing as he glared angrily at the other 1st mate through his black beady eyes.

Kidd had seemingly had enough as he started to pull several weapons and bits of metal towards him again, Law kept a tight hold on his Nodachi as he watched Kuma fire yet another laser towards the other captain, who blocked it with the hand he had made himself.

Whilst Kidd sent his own projectiles at Kuma's way, Law frowned, disbelievingly as it blew up in Kuma's face. After all the fighting, Kuma didn't seem to have a mark on him, despite the attacks that had been landed on him; Killer's slashing and his own crews brawling... and the fact that he was firing laser beams from his mouth and hands seemed strange to him, sure; he had seen stranger things on the Grand Line but it didn't seem to fit. "Is he really the warlord, Bartholomew Kuma?" he mused out loud.

Kidd had pulled more metal towards him and made himself another hand as he looked on at Kuma incredulously. The blast that had formed on impact, had now calmed, Kuma's form appeared from within; looking as unscathed as it had before the explosion.

Law new his crew were getting tired, and he and Kidd weren't looking too good either. "Here he comes!" Law warned.

Instead of aiming at them however, his shot was off target and instead ended up barrelling towards some of the marines they had defeated earlier. His hand lifted instantly and Law had to move to save himself from being hit again; somehow managing to avoid another beam of light as it shot towards him.

Killer sped forward from his own place besides Kidd and managed to launch himself on top of the bear like man's right shoulder. He bought his blades straight through it and still; as he jumped again out of harm's way, Law could see no evidence at all that his blades had sliced through any human flesh.

Bepo ran forwards once more but was knocked away fairly easily by Bartholomew Kuma.

"Hey damn warlord!" Kidd wanted the attention on himself again, as Kuma turned from the remainder of the Heart pirates to the other rookie he yelled to him threateningly. "Come at me! This time I'll crush you for sure!"

Kuma turned obediently and Law watched Kidd grin as Kuma opened his mouth again to fire at him. Kidd took it head on roaring with emotion as he did so until predictably another explosion imploded at the end of the metal hand he commanded. Law tutted before he heard Kidd's voice echo through the dust that had gathered.


Kidd fired another projectile and Kuma was blown almost lifelessly into the air before falling back down to earth and landing with an almighty crash. The remainder of Kidd's other arm fell to the floor as he panted and clutched his forearm. Law could tell he was running out of ideas, despite his obvious injuries; he walked towards the fallen warlord confidently. "There's no way he'd get up after that attack." He began laughing before lifting his uncovered arm into the air triumphantly, "We trashed one of the seven warlords of the sea!"

His crew yelled in delight but Law frowned preoccupied. "Bartholomew Kuma wasn't any stronger than this?"

As Law said this, Kuma begun to sit up, and Kidd stepped back, a surprised expression on his fault. From where he was positioned, Law could see why. He could see into Kuma's body and no blood, no flesh, no organs it looked to be completely made up of metal. There were more sparks as the warlord stood up, "What the hell?" he heard Kidd say, "This guy... he's an artificial human?!"

Law figured out what to do in a second and ran forward as Kuma raised his palm to aim another blast at Kidd. Law didn't really care whether or not Kidd was blasted away or not but nevertheless threw himself onto Kuma; activating his powers and driving his Nodachi into the one of the cracks on Kuma's body.

It took only a few seconds for him to rearrange everything inside what he realised now; was some type of cyborg's body. Ignoring the sparks, he withdrew his sword and pulled back, jumping down onto the ground and then pushing his Nodachi back into the sheath.

Unsurprisingly, Kidd was not pleased, "Why'd you interfere?" he demanded scowling at him.

"You overestimated your own ability, Eustass," Law explained walking towards him and smiling.


"Did you really think this guy was a warlord?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kidd clearly, didn't get it and Law rolled his eyes as he explained further.

"We've got some more company. We'll talk afterwards." Law answered casting a cautious glance at the marines who had finally reached them.

As Bepo and Jean Bart met the first lines, kicking several men out of the way; Law walked with Kidd to get away; leaving their crews to dispatch the marines who had gathered behind them.

"Hey, Trafalgar! What we were talking about earlier, what do you mean he wasn't a warlord?"

Before Law could answer, a gigantic form unexpectedly smashed into the ground in front of them. Law's eyes widened as it shot towards them, another cyborg!

Law didn't have much time to move aside, but as luck played into his hands so often; he was unsurprised to find that seconds later he was forced aside by an uncomfortable thrust to his midsection. He fell to the floor narrowly missing the cyborg that had jetted right at him; something heavy was forcing weight down on him and his eyes adjusted downwards to find out what it was.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Celeste yelled at him, "You can't fight numerous Pacifistas! They're too powerful!"

"Celeste?" he was surprised to see her, and there was definitely an air of panic around her as she stared up at him, her blue eyes widened with urgency. He wasn't sure what happened to Kidd, but as she grabbed the scruff of his hoodie she shook it to get him out of whatever trance he had found himself in.

"Don't you get it!?" Kizaru is here and he's hunting all of the rookies! We need to get out of here! That isn't Bartholomew Kuma! It's a Pacifista owned by the Government, no matter how many you take down they have an entire army of them! We're wasting energy and resources we can't fight them all, who knows how many they sent-"

Law noticed a figure moving behind them, and with a grunt; grabbed hold of the researcher and quickly jumped out of harms reach as another beam headed in their direction and exploded. He landed several feet away, holding her to his chest and scowled at the Pacifista. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Y- Yes," she answered; visibly shaking but unharmed; as he let her go.

"Hey, Captain," Killer had noticed the girl's arrival and was looking over at her beneath his mask uncertainly. Kidd stood up from where Killer had pulled him out of immediate danger. "Isn't that the brat you tried to kill the other day?"

Kidd looked up as Law and Celeste turned to him momentarily; hearing their conversation. Kidd grinned, "So she was a part of his crew huh?"

Law and Celeste turned towards the other Captain, as Bepo and Jean Bart once again tried to tackle the second pacifista. Not forgetting; nor forgiving that Kidd had indeed tried to kill her, she couldn't stop herself from raising her left hand and like her Captain earlier; give him the finger.

"That's the second time I've been cursed at by that crew today," Kidd stated looking irritated but smiling regardless. "Hey Trafalgar! You teach your bad manners to the rest of your crew!?"

Law grinned but ignored him otherwise turning back to the researcher, "The Pacifistas, you think they are what the World Government bought here to test?"

"I think so," Celeste answered but uncertain all the same, "I don't think that they knew anything was going to happen at the auction house, but who knows what the World Government is thinking?"

The marines were also on them, but with a flick of her wrist Celeste had several dancing black orbs ready for them, launching them towards the first lot of men to reach them. They fell to the ground instantaneously and Law looked down at her, "Explain more later; but you're right, we need to get out of here; can you cover us?"

Celeste hadn't managed to cover the ship yet but she was certain that she would be able to aid their escape at least. She nodded confidently and Law turned back to Kidd again with unfinished business, "Hey, Eustass!"

"What?" the younger captain asked sneering at him.

"Next occasion we meet will be the last," Law grinned at him, "I won't be going so easy on you next time." He turned away from the rookie and called out to the rest of his crew. "Shachi, Penguin! We're leaving get back here!"

The engineer and the navigator returned to his side reluctantly looking back at the forms of Jean Bart and Bepo who were still fending off the Pacifista. "The ship is already prepared to leave," Celeste added, "Something else has happened, which was why I came to find you in the first place... I'll explain once we're safe," she gave the details quickly wanting to return from where she came from.

The pacifista aimed another laser beam towards them and they scattered, Jean Bart and Bepo landed a couple of meters away; and Shachi and Penguin were scrambling up quickly despite the interference. "Let's move!" Law commanded, beginning to run past the Kidd pirates to make their escape. Shachi and Penguin caught up with him almost immediately and Bepo paused momentarily to swing Celeste up onto his shoulders.

Jean Bart followed his huge legs thundering down as he bought up the rear. "Bepo, why is he following us!?" Celeste called.

"He's my subordinate," Bepo explained calmly reaching his paws around under her legs to steady her as she clung to his boiler suit.

"Celeste!" Law turned his head back as he carried his Nodachi, "Cover all of us! We're heading right through the marines and the lawless zone in order to make it back to the ship quicker!"

"Aye, Captain!" Celeste called back before closing her eyes. She hadn't known she was going to have to cover what appeared to be a half giant as well as the other four, but tried to do so all the same as they avoided another laser beam to escape.

"Amazing," she heard Jean Bart comment from behind her and Bepo. She opened her eyes and kept her powers activated as she felt Bepo tread quickly through the streets.

"We're stationed at grove 43 newcomer!" Bepo called out behind him, "Keep up and head in that direction or Celeste's powers won't be able to cover you."

Jean Bart answered gruffly, "I'll be sure to keep up."

Law didn't bother to look back to see whether they were being followed as he wound his way through the crowd expecting the others to keep his pace. He was pleased that the crew had taken the liberty to ready their escape even if it had been without his permission, as soon as they were away from the island he was going to have to patch up Shachi, Penguin and Bepo; they had taken a fair amount of damage in trying to defeat what they thought was Kuma, and although he hadn't exactly wanted to bail; he was not stupid enough to think that they could defeat them if every time they did another one showed up.

As they ran through the lawless area, Law noted that a lot of the buildings had been destroyed and wondered whether Kizaru had already been here and left, not willing to find out for himself he didn't break the speed of his run and soon they had made it to grove 40 and through the mangroves he could just about see the outline of the submarine. "We're almost there!" he called back, "Keep up!"

"Aye, Captain!" he heard Bepo, Shachi and Penguin yell enthusiastically.

He could tell Jean Bart was also still with him thankfully, as the ground thundered heavily with each step he took. They rounded the corner and crossed the next bridge and finally the full image of the submarine came into clear view. Seconds later he found his arms in front of him had reappeared, and Ruby's figure on the upper deck; that had been looking around expectantly for him broke into a smile.

He didn't stop running until the Jean Bart had climbed aboard the ship, bringing up the rear behind Bepo who was still carrying Celeste on his back. "Prepare to cast off!" Law yelled as he stepped casually on board. "Penguin, Shachi! To your positions!"

The crew scrambled around to where they were to be stationed as Ruby walked towards him, Law could sense the relief she was feeling at the sight of them safe as she stopped besides him. "We were so worried," she explained; "We didn't know where you were and couldn't afford to dive in case you came back and thought we had left."

"Inside," Law commanded shortly as the submarine began to lurch into action. "It's not safe out on deck in case we have to go underwater."

Ruby followed him hastily inside and once they were clear, he worked with her to pull the bulkhead doors to a tight close. "There was trouble at the auction," he explained a smile finally beginning to form on his face as he remembered what had happened.

"You shouldn't be happy about it!" The older woman chastised him irritably, "You could have been captured or killed!"

Law couldn't stop himself from chuckling as he walked through the dark halls of the submarine, his heels clicking on the floor as she followed him. "It was fun," he found himself retorting. Now they were out of immediate danger he could relax a little; although as he took his position in the centre of the room to give commands to the others they weren't into the clear just yet.

"Keep her steady," he warned, "I don't want to hit any of the mangrove roots in a panic on our way out."

"Captain the Log Pose is still pointing to fishman isle is it safe just to leave!?" Penguin asked cautiously.

"The log pose will not reset until another island is reached." Law answered; "As long as we can sail, the log pose will continue to point back to Fishman Island, we'll be able to reach our way back here with no problem."

A loud crash sounded from behind the submarine and Law made his way to the viewing window to see what was going on. Leaning against the glass he folded his lean arms across his chest and frowned as he watched another beam of light fire from within the archipelago.

"What's happening on there?" Ruby asked from besides him, looking more concerned than he was as they gazed out into the mangrove trees.

"Kizaru," Law replied simply his smile replaced with a sombre frown. "I wonder who he took off after," he continued, "Kidd and I were caught up with a Pacifista... so he may have gone after the Straw Hats."

"So?" Ruby asked giving him a dead panned as she shrugged. "If he finishes them off then it's one less crew for us to deal with in the new world and it means we have an easier getaway from the island."

Law was silence in response. Inwardly; he knew she was right, but there was something telling him that he shouldn't be feeling so offhand about the status of Straw Hat Luffy. Law couldn't identify why, but he had a suspicion that he would be a particularly valuable asset one day, and his gut instinct wasn't usually wrong.

"How are we doing?" he focused back on Penguin, who was still trying to navigate the submarine out of the island.

"We're almost clear," he replied, moving to adjust a couple of the controls as he did so.

"As soon as we're out, dive," Law commanded. "If Kizaru is here and they sent marine forces I'm willing to bet there are a couple of battle ships out there waiting for any pirate to sail wildly out into the open."

"Uh, Captain I have a question," Celeste piped up from the other side of the room.

"Yes?" Law's eyes travelled to where she was stood gazing upwards slightly at the newest edition to the crew.

"Why is he here?" she asked pointing her index finger up at Jean Bart.

That was right, Law remembered; they didn't have a chance to get acquainted as they were escaping and Bepo's explanation of finding a new subordinate was probably not the most informative.

As the submarine began to descend into the smooth ocean waves, leaving a trail of foamy white froth behind; Law took his opportunity to welcome Jean Bart into the crew while he had almost everyone's attention. "Jean Bart aided our escape from the auction house and will be travelling with us from now on," he explained.

"All clear, Captain," Penguin interrupted, switching to auto pilot before spinning around in his chair to gaze up at the newest addition to the crew.

"Excellent," Law replied happily. "Anyone who needs medical attention, follow me downstairs. Ruby go and prepare some sort of feast in regard for escaping Shabody and acquiring a new crew member, Celeste; with me; I want to know what exactly a Pacifista is, everyone else; to work."

It turned out only Penguin needed cleaning up after their narrow escape, he'd grazed his arm badly but aside from that there was nothing serious. Law was sporting a few cuts and bruises but nothing a good shower wouldn't clean up before he applied some disinfectant to the worst off places. Shachi and Bepo were not as badly cut up as he had thoughts, both of them preferring to let what grazes they had remain open in the fresh air.

He could tell as he sauntered through the hallways that the relief the crew felt getting away from Shabody uninjured was causing some sort of normality to return to his ship. He made Penguin sit down as they entered; before gathering bits together in order to treat his slightly wounded arm all the while Celeste provided new information to his ears.

Penguin barely flinched when Law started poking around on his arm, although he wondered how exactly his navigator had managed to get some strands of glass in it, he assumed it took more to make a cyborg than he thought. "You said Pacifista," Law stated as Celeste positioned herself in his chair at his desk while he tended to Penguin. "What exactly is a pacifista?"

"The Pacifista project was miniscule in comparison to what we just witnessed," she explained. "It's basically the result of Vegapunk wanting to experiment on how he could evolve a human... I didn't know they were going to use Bartholomew Kuma's image though... but that doesn't really matter; a pacifista requires the same amount of funds to build as a standard marine battleship and by the looks of things it's equipped with Kizaru's devil fruit power. My information is probably vastly outdated though," she reminded him thoughtfully. "We wouldn't have been able to take on several of them at once, and I don't know how many of them the World Government has made."

Law pulled on a pair of magnifying glasses and then made to steady Penguin's arm as he gathered up a pair of tweezers. Penguin; in an attempt to distract himself as Law picked out the shards of glass turned to the woman and frowned. "I heard you say you had other news."

"I do," Celeste agreed and nodded once. "While you were at the auction the World Government made a press announcement."

Law paused and looked towards her expectantly, "Go on," he urged her to continue.

"They're going to execute Portgas D. Ace at Marineford," she explained; "He's the second division commander of the Whitebeard pirates and... Monkey D. Luffy's brother."

Law frowned at this revelation but turned back to Penguin's arm again. Penguin winced at the sudden prick of pain but still didn't say anything as he heard the Captain's inquisition continue. "How do you know that?" he asked.

"Because it says he's Monkey D. Garp's Grandson and Garp has the same name as Luffy..." she trailed off. "I put two and two together and assumed that it was so."

"A clever deduction," Law answered dropping another shard into a kidney dish on the table to his side. "So the question is what do we do now? We have no Eternal Pose to take us anywhere else, and the submarine still needs coating before we can descend to fishman isle... however I still have no urge to get there quickly if every other pirate is now doing the same; it will be a battlefield down there. We will wait; we'll let things blow over and stay at sea for a good couple of weeks and then head back to Shabody to regroup."

"That sounds kind of boring, Captain," Penguin found himself sighing at the thought of remaining at sea for another two weeks. Celeste didn't look too thrilled either.

"Well unless something interesting comes up I don't see any point in putting ourselves in the marine's way deliberately until we have reached the New World," Law answered calmly.

Little did Law know at the time, that something hugely significant was going to make itself apparent to them in the following days paper.

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