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The Captain stepped back in surprise as a beautiful dome of blue light appeared before the marines, encasing them in a pretty sea coloured aura. Law's grin widened. "Shambles."

When Celeste did eventually open her eyes and gingerly lifted a hand to her chest which was now in immense pain she did not, expect to find the disembodied limbs of the marine soldiers, and the captain flying around the street. Thankfully it was the Grand line, and having knowledge of Devil fruits was enough to keep her calm. She coughed, spitting up a small amount of blood and concentrated on getting her breath back after having the wind knocked out of her.

Law seemed to be in a world of his own, as he concentrated on having bits of the soldiers reattach to other random parts. It was in fact very gruesome once he had finished, and the Captain was still swearing obscenities as the light faded. Law simply ignored him, beckoning his men forwards as he calmly stepped over the remains of the marines, now too incapacitated to even pick up a weapon let alone fight.

Most of them were crying or yelling out in despair, some of them seemed to be grabbing for anything that would saw off the limbs that weren't there or end their lives. It was quite disgusting, but very interesting, had she had the energy to examine them properly.

"Ah Miss Celeste, I do apologise for the trouble I have caused you." Law stepped over a body and knelt down beside her. "I hadn't realised you had come up with a cover up story to protect us you see."

"It wasn't..." She coughed again. "Entirely to protect you, I want to be paid," she said.

"Well for now you need a doctor, and luckily here I am. Bepo!"

The polar bear ran forward standing to attention. "Yes Captain?"

"Please carefully carry Miss. Celeste. She needs medical attention and as soon as we have left the island and are safe away from any following marines I shall attend to her. Follow me."

Bepo picked up the girl carefully and effortlessly and followed the Heart pirate Captain through the shop and down the steep stairs. The rest of the crew followed, not in the least bit concerned of the destruction they were leaving behind in their wake. Of course they were pirates, they weren't really supposed too.

Bepo admired the submarine as it came into view. With his mouth open Celeste wearily took note of his pointy teeth. Law was completely undisturbed about the trouble he caused, and whilst he had apologised she knew he wasn't the slightest bit guilty about it. Still, at least her fortune was in the hands of pirates and not marines. She did not like to think what could have happened had Captain Liskeard actually bothered to search her dockyards behind her property. A property which it seemed now she would be leaving behind.

It was a shame, she wouldn't be able to tell Sergeant goodbye. She had betted on an interesting day, but not one so interesting as this. Law's voice interrupted her brooding. "As soon as we are loaded I will go find Ruby and we shall depart."

"She's already on the ship," Celeste said. "I helped her hide before you showed up."

Law turned his head "Excellent, I like it when coincidence works in my favour," he turned back around again and walked up the entrance that the girl had showed him earlier. He was in no rush, now that all the marines had been otherwise debilitated it would be at least an hour before any type of support showed up. Which meant at least they could prepare themselves to get away. Once everyone was inside Law barked instructions to store their booty and bought goods before Shachi and Penguin pulled the entrance to a very tight close.

"I suggest that you and Penguin go and get yourself acquainted with the Bridge," Law stated, "I will be in the infirmary," He picked up his back of medical goods and lead the way. Bepo seemed to find everything interesting as they walked through. Indeed, he certainly sniffed as much as he could whilst keeping up a pace with Law.

Law opened the door she had showed him earlier and Bepo placed her on the bed before leaving the room without a word. With little time to put his instruments away carefully he pulled out what he needed and set to work. "You have three ribs broken," he announced after examining her.

Celeste nodded, so it hadn't been a bad guess. "So what do you do about it?" She asked sincerely, she really didn't want to be hobbling around in pain like a wimp. That would cramp her style.

Law chuckled. "Unfortunately," he stated."There's actually very little you can do for it."

"What?" Celeste said blinking. This was not something she had heard of.

"In the old days the chest used to be strapped up but this is no longer done. If the ribs are simply painful and you are not coughing up any blood or finding it hard to breathe then two to three weeks should see any fracture healing nicely."

"Just great," she stated.

"If however you have any worrying symptoms such as these or start to cough up discoloured spit, you need to let me know immediately. It's very rare but occasionally a broken bone on the rib cage can puncture a lung," he informed her. "So rest should heal it nicely. You seem to have gotten your breath back now, and a cream can soothe the bruising on your back. Aside from that there is little more I can do, you just have to let it heal itself."

Celeste was not amused in any way or form, she simply glared at him, angry, knowing that arguing with a doctor was just pointless.

"Now I am interested in what you do Miss. Celeste," he asked sitting down. "You tell me you are not a shipwright, do you not know how to control this ship then?"

"Not really," Celeste admitted. This was truly not the answer Law had been expecting. If he thought she was joking for a minute this thought subsided when he saw the serious look on her face. "No honestly," she repeated. "I haven't a clue."

"How-?" Law began a frown starting to appear on his face.

"I told you, this entire ship was Vegapunk's invention. He gave me the blueprints and I employed strong men to build it. I just didn't inform the marines I had done so. I'm his student, I'm a clever girl but I'm not a mechanic or a scientist. I paid the men for building it and when it had been tested in the waters and was safe for use I informed the marines I failed. That left me with a hefty big debt to pay off, which is why I can only sell to Pirates," she explained. "If I I complete the task successfully and inform the marines I'll have to go and work for them I don't want that."

"Why don't you want to work for marines?" Law asked. "Did they kill your family? or destroy your life in any conceivable way?"

"Not particularly, I just find Pirates a damn more interesting. My Parents actually live in North Blue, like where you came from and they're fine. My mother wants to find me a suitor and I hate that but otherwise I have a good relationship with them. They live on a little Island called Aloe Island and I am here because it makes Money."

"So how do we steer this sub?" He asked.

"You'll have to retrieve the Blueprints from my office, it's a big black file in my desk. Everything about the sub is in it. If you give it to your Navigator and your Engineer they'll be able to figure it out."

"The only real question now is what to do with you Miss. Celeste."

"Pardon Me?" She asked somewhat confused.

"Well if you know nothing about the ship, then you're not really any use to me... we'll drop you off at the next island," he put simply. "It will be safer for you."

"Excuse me!" She burst out indignantly, sitting up despite the pain in her chest. "Injured or not this is still my gold mine I'm not leaving you until you pay me for it. I have plans to use that money thank you very much; I may prefer pirates to marines, but it doesn't mean you're any more honest."

Law was very much not used to being bossed around, he couldn't say he disliked it since it never happened, but the new experience wasn't something he could say he was enjoying. It was unfathomable though, he couldn't possibly carry someone on his ship that couldn't do anything to help or influence the crew in any way. Even Ruby was a skilled fighter, she knew how to handle her knives with absolute ease. If the girl was useless other than wanting payment she would simply have to wait. "Impossible," he repeated his thoughts out loud; a stern look upon his normally complacent features. "I can't do it, you cannot be our responsibility. I'll force you off of this submarine as soon as you're healed if I have to, but you will not stay here without a use. You have until then to find one. I'll give you the benefit of three weeks."

Without letting her reply, he strode from the room to go and find the file she was talking about. Haughtily she sat back down folding her arms. Stupid frigging marines. She thought bitterly, Trust them to ruin everything. She knew she probably could be of a certain use to the Heart Pirates, but she didn't see why she should have to do so when it was her property they were damn well using.

She hadn't been lying when she had said she didn't know how to use it, this information was true. Vegapunk had not expected any of the students to actually have the intelligence to design anything themselves, and that much was true. Celeste wouldn't have had any idea how to build any sort of weapon or ship or anything constructive at all for that matter. Vegapunk was as selfish as she was and he only took on students who had absolutely no scientific skill what so ever, he worked for the Government after all, why should he share his ideas with anyone else? He had other ways of using apprentices to help him.

The reason why she wanted the money was to find a place she had always wanted to visit. She yearned information, it didn't matter what the information was on. It was why she kept all the wanted posters in her desk. Why she hadn't told the marines that she had managed to get the submarine built. The information was only something that could be obtained on her own by travelling, and not through working with Vegapunk. She was only disregarding them because what she wanted she wanted for herself.

Of course she could explain this to Law, but felt that she was best kept out of his way and wasn't sure she wanted to divulge her personal aspirations to a Pirate captain she'd just met who was ready to take her ship and leave her with nothing. Besides, he hadn't asked.

"Captain, is everything alright? We discovered Ruby in the kitchen making it her own,Penguin stood outside the infirmary holding his cap in his hands. "As soon as I know how things work we can set sail for the next Island," he held up his hand. "The Log Pose we stole seems to have set already."

Law smiled. " Everything is fine, Miss. Celeste will be staying with us just until I'm sure her injuries are fine. Then we will be escorting her to a safe island. As for how the ship works you will have to go back to her office quickly and retrieve a big black file from her desk. It contains all the particulars of the submarine."

"Oh," Penguin looked a little bedazzled for a moment. "I was under the impression Celeste would be controlling the ship."

"Not so, she doesn't know how," Law answered. "But she seems very confident you and Shachi will be able to accomplish the job with the right instructions."

"Aye Sir," Penguin replied. "I suppose I shall go and find these instructions then."

"That would be indeed helpful," Law replied.

Penguin nodded and hurried off whilst Law went to sit in his own quarters to contemplate. As he sat down in the comfortably furnished room he looked out of the small windows that room had been given. It was a very large room, but he assumed that it was supposed to be for a grand marine admiral. Not the captain of a pirate crew.

The girl did interest him, and he could appreciate her resolve. He hadn't told her he did have all the intention of paying her when they reached the next island, but this had slipped his mind. He smiled slightly, he was very interested in what she would do given this ultimatum. She had helped them out this much was true, and he decided it probably was unfair to test her, but she was obviously so good at lying he wasn't entirely sure what lies she had told him, and now he wanted to find out. He highly doubted that they would be dropping her off anywhere if his usually accurate presumptions turned out to be correct.

He yearned strong crew members, because that was what a good pirate crew needed, and it was fair to say that it meant not wasting any opportunities if fate threw them your way.

That gave her three weeks however, he wondered how interesting his adventure upon the Grand Line was going to get in three weeks. Well it was too little too late now. He was stuck with her.

In the week that passed, Celeste became familiarized with the crew. Of course it was really Ruby who sparked most of her interest. Indeed the hot tempered curly red head seemed to take a fond liking to the black haired girl. Celeste soon found out that Ruby was Penguin's cousin and had recommended her cooking skills to the Captain. Despite her annoyance at any man (or bear) that happened to walk into her kitchen, Celeste soon discovered her fiery passion for protecting the crew was almost has big as her passion for cooking. Likewise, the older woman (Celeste guessed her to be in her early thirties though she certainly didn't look it) took rather a large concern in Celeste's personal life.

She constantly badgered her about her family, her work and her hobbies. Celeste soon found that she knew everything there was to know about Ruby in a couple of hours, and the Chef was trying desperately to find out the same amount of information about her.

Whilst Celeste was genuinely happy for female company, she was still part of Laws crew and somewhat ferociously protective of the captain. "What did you do for Vegapunk?" She asked one evening whilst she was whipping up a pink coloured mousse with fruit in for dessert in an extremely large bowl that barely fit on top of the counter.

Ruby had actually not asked this question before and Celeste saw little harm in answering. "We gathered information for him. He couldn't really do everything himself you see."

"What information?" Ruby asked curiously.

"Mhmm, all sorts, whatever he wanted, then we'd store it for him."

"Where would you store it?" Ruby was genuinely curious she asked more questions than gave answers or opinions.

Celeste paused for a moment whilst the cook turned to lift the heavy bowl into the refrigerator. For her slender size Celeste noted she could carry a lot of weight. As Ruby turned around she answered, she liked talking to the older female, on Iron Island the girls were either at school or married, it didn't give her a lot of female friends. "Up here," she pointed to her head.

"You said you're not a scientist," She cook scoffed, "You can't remember all that!" she exclaimed, astonished as she then set out dicing vegetables quickly and efficiently with a knife. "You're telling lies. Bad girl."

"I'm not," Celeste insisted, "He fitted us with special chips. He's an extremely clever man, his scientific genius and technology is way beyond our years. He wanted people to remember his research not know what it actually means or we could steal it. For the most part it's true, I wasn't bothered about his stupid research into Cyborgs, so I couldn't tell you a thing about them. Much like this submarine." Ruby raised an eyebrow as Celeste lifted her hand to her head. "Listen," she knocked just above her temple and instead of a soft dull thud Ruby heard the distinctive sound of clicking metal.

"Well I'll be," she stated leaning over to peer at the girls head. "What's it made out of?"

"I don't know," Celeste answered frowning. "You should see his laboratory it's full of everything you can possibly imagine. When he sent us off, he was in the middle of trying to turn humans into thoughtless Cyborgs. I'm not sure if he'll succeed given his age, but if he has the time I think he will. He invented Sea stone after all." she said with a hint of disgust in her voice.

Ruby grimaced "Disgusting," she stated. "Humans aren't for messing with, you should ask the doctor, maybe he can take it out."

Alarmed Celeste waved her hands. "No no no, I don't want that; I'll lose all the information I've learnt that I do understand and care about. Besides, I'm not sure a Doctor would be able to best a Scientist." She mused.

"It's gross either way," Ruby stated, "Doing that to a young pretty lass like that," Celeste noted the motherly instincts coming over her and decided she would make a quick exit. Thanking the red head for the company she left quickly closing the door tight behind her hoping no one would try to go into the kitchen.

Her ribs felt slightly better, and Ruby had been very kind in rubbing the cream onto her back for her. There was still slight pain when she slept, but she found it more comfortable to walk around and do things. So far she had managed to avoid the Captain as much as possible, since they were cruising along so nicely now, it seemed he preferred to keep to himself in his office unless he had too. She was due to see him for a check up soon but that wasn't for a few more days.

The huge cuddly bear always seen at the captain's side seemed to be slightly intrigued about her. Though the first question he had asked her was whether she knew any female bears. To which he grew extremely depressed when she had said she didn't. For the most part from what she could tell Bepo liked to study her from afar, according to other members of the crew, Bepo wasn't quite accustomed to women since the only one he'd met was Ruby and that unfortunately made him very wary.

Celeste was fine with this however, as she wasn't entirely sure how one dealt with a huge talking polar bear who knew martial arts.

Shachi and Penguin seemed to treat her with respect. Celeste had a feeling that Law had passed on her confidence in the two of them to actually handle the ship. So far, they had proved her right, it had taken the pair twenty minutes to figure out the controls to get the sub moving, and another thirty to understand how everything worked. This was the problem for the girl, they had tried to explain to her, and whilst she could remember the exact information they gave her and read it back as though it was out of a text book, she couldn't understand it. It wasn't something that she had been taught, so as such she didn't have a clue, and had no urge to understand either.

The one thing she missed, was her books. Penguin had been kind enough when he retrieved the blueprints to bring some things of hers he thought may be important. Several other files and some overalls and clothes from the shop. But it had all been useless things that had just been left at the office. Her clothes were at her home and since she stored information mentally she destroyed any hard copies of valuable information once she had it, so no one else could get it if it was important.

Nothing however had given her any leads on the island she was trying to get too, which she would never get to unless she paid off the marines and got them off her back. Law didn't receive any newspapers, so Celeste didn't know what was going on in the outside world and this made her somewhat irritable.

Law on the other hand, had been ignoring her somewhat purposely. He had been keeping an eye on her from afar and had learned it was a little bit unfortunate that she had made friends with Ruby so quickly. Especially since when Law asked about Celeste, Ruby had told him dangerously that he was to ask her himself as she was not under any circumstances going to become a spy for him. Defeated, Law was not going to mess with a woman's wrath, and was back to trying to figure her out himself.

He didn't believe for one minute that she had been prepared to sell them the ship without feeding her own ambition. It was this that he wanted to find out, it couldn't really be bad, from what little he knew, she had happily told Ruby about her family and friends, she had no silly secret to hide. It was time, to sit down and ask her himself. Finding out how she would act under pressure had waned his interest as it seemingly had not affected her in any way what-so-ever.

She had been residing in the infirmary, obviously believing that the Sub wasn't going to be her permanent residence. Which is of course, what he had wanted at the time. He knocked on the door, since it was only polite now she had taken up temporary dwelling in the room.

"Yes?" Came the voice from inside.

He opened the door and stepped inside, she hadn't done much to the room, the things Penguin had bought her was dumped in the corner and she had opted for borrowing one of Ruby's dresses since Penguin had clearly picked up the wrong clothes. "I came to see how you were doing," he said closing the door behind him.

"Oh, I'm fine, I thought my check up was in two days."

"It is," he confirmed, "I came to check on you rather than your wounds."

"Oh I see," she said. "Well I feel good thank you." She sat down on the edge of the bed she had been sleeping in.

"I see you've made friends with my only female crew member."

"Ruby is very nice," Celeste answered, "Great taste of fashion," she added as an afterthought looking down at the dress she had borrowed.

"I'm afraid I cannot account for that," he replied. "It's not my forte as you can very well imagine," he was still smiling. Most people would have been creeped out by it but Celeste just accepted it. "I've come to ask you a question Miss. Celeste."

"Oh," she stated. "Well go ahead, but I can't assure that I will answer it." She hadn't seen him in a bad mood yet, but really didn't want him to grow irritated. She knew that if he did take any anger out on her she was strong enough to defend herself, she just would rather it not come to that.

He seemed happy though as he sat down opposite her and rested his arms on his knees. "What exactly do you want the money for?" He asked.

"To pay the marines back," she answered simply.

"But why?" He asked, "Why do you need to pay them back?"

She wasn't entirely prepared for that question, she didn't like the marines, and she wasn't past becoming a pirate but common sense was against her, she had no crew and she worked for herself, she was indebted to them and that was how it was. "Well, I owe them money... Don't misunderstand me Captain Law I don't like them. But I didn't really want to be on their bad side either," she divulged truthfully. "That was until you came along, I'm sure Captain Liskeard has told them by now I'm a notorious pirate consorting with you. But if I can pay them off I can be on my merry little way."

"But why do you not want the marines against you?" He enquired not fully understanding her reasoning.

Celeste was surprised a little that he was asking her such things but he was polite and was not pushing her so respectfully she answered. "Well I might need them to get what I want."

"Which is?" He asked.

Well that was another question entirely. It was her dream and she didn't have to tell it to a Pirate who wanted nothing to do with her. "Why do you ask?"

"Well depending on your answer depends on whether I will feel like keeping you on this submarine," he replied.

Celeste hadn't been expecting that answer, she could tell he could tell, because there must have been some form of shock on her face. He smiled wider, she figured it was somewhat like a game to him. "Even if I tell you," she retorted "It probably won't make me any more useful will it?"

"Perhaps," he said slowly, "Perhaps not, what you want may interest me, then there would be a common interest between us."

He could tell she was pondering the idea, he could also tell she still wasn't 100 per cent sure about him. Before they had simply been business associates, things happened to be a lot different now. She knew she needed him, if she wanted her money. He could also tell she was debating whether he would come in useful if she did tell him, although he already knew she wouldn't leave her investment without kicking up a damned good fight, the one thing he really didn't know was whether she had any fighting skills at all. so far, she projected that she had none.

Celeste made her decision and looked at him straight in the eyes unblinking. "I'm looking for the island that the Devils Fruits grow on, and the secret to their power." Law said nothing and nodded, she continued; taking his silence as a request to hear more. "Dr. Vegapunk created a way to control the effects of Devils Fruits with Sea Stone, but I want to create a way to enhance them."

"But why?" Law asked. "What purpose would it serve?"

"Why not?" Celeste asked, "This ocean is full of technology and information that hasn't been accessed yet. He's helping the marines who stand for all the wrong justice. I want to help pirates."

"But why?" He repeated himself because he just couldn't believe that was her full reasoning, "There has to be some reason you don't like marines."

"There isn't a very good reason." She said truthfully. "I don't like what they stand for, their sense of justice and so on. Their obvious aim is peace and tranquillity, I can see that, but as you are probably very well aware they do not strive towards this goal by just acting passive. It's a corrupt system where Captains and Vice-Admirals act however they please if they're selfish enough, because they know they have the full Governments support behind them. Even if it means endangering innocent people, be they pirates or civilians."

"Well in that case," he stood up, not really satisfied with the answer but accepting the fact that she had given him one. "I'll think about keeping you on the ship. Ruby seems to enjoy your company either way." He wasn't going to let her have the satisfaction of thinking for a moment she was safe in their company. "I'll be back to see you as promised to do a real check-up."

He walked to the door and opening it gave her one last smile before closing the door. She folded her arms haughtily. Well that was it, if he expected her to behave now he had another thing coming. If he tried to kick her off of the ship she would just have to throw common sense to the wind and kick his sorry ass.

It was a believable story and he knew she wasn't lying but there was still no reason to keep her on board. At least this situation gave him time to think through. He was usually very nonchalant when it came to inviting crew members onto his ship. But that was strong crew members, crew members who actually knew what they were doing. She was just evolving in his eyes, to a nerdy scientist who lacked the funds and means to accomplish her personal goal. He wasn't sure if there was a common ground between them.

She seemed certain she wasn't going to leave the ship, otherwise she would have gotten extremely angry at him. Instead she remained calm and poised as she had done the entire week, which told him there was more to it. If she was interested in Devil fruits then it was quite probable that she had one. It was just whether it was of any use. The way she was hiding it made it seem like it was embarrassing. He didn't really know much about them. He had eaten one himself and he knew they were rare, but aside from that there wasn't much more he knew.

Working with Vegapunk however she probably did, but it was if the information she had would benefit him in any way. She said she wanted to enhance the affects of Devils fruits but until he knew more about them he couldn't understand whether this was plausible or not. Obviously she thought it was or she wouldn't be bothering with it.

There was however, a similarity between them. He was a Scientist, a Medical Scientist true, but he cared about new discoveries and results, it was part of the reason he had become a Pirate. There was too much to be discovered in the world, and only two ways of doing it. Join the Government or become a Pirate, he had settled on the latter and the lesser of two evils. It had well been worth it.

Over the next week, Law was happy and satisfied that her ribs were healing nicely and was now allowing her to engage herself in activities to do with the crew if she wished, although she was mostly happy lending a hand in the kitchen he was still settled on the ideal of finding out whether she was valuable enough to invite to stay with them on their journey.

As they prepared to stop and resupply themselves at the next island he discovered she seemed to be adamant about staying on the ship whilst they looked around. He had not formally told her she was to leave as of yet because so far he was still unresolved about the issue, however the next few days were about to help him make up his mind.

Eventually the submarine surfaced and Law had Penguin dock at the Islands shoreline. One look out of his Captain quarters window, told him it was a winter island. The entire land was covered in a thick sheet of snow, and the harsh winds had turned the falling snowflakes into a bitter flurry of freezing little pins and needles.

Although despite the rest of the crews chagrin at being at such a horrible weathered place, Bepo was very excited.

Whilst he was inwardly annoyed at the prospect of possible hypothermia and pneumonia, there was no possible way you could catch a cold from being cold, so had spent most of the morning barking at his crew members to wrap up warm or they were banned from leaving the ship. He had no patience for any of them who chose not to use a bit of common sense.

All the while Celeste had stayed rooted in the infirmary refusing to leave in fear he wouldn't let her back on. Eventually once Penguin had left briefly and returned with some information about the Island he had reluctantly visited her make shift room to tell her they would be gone for a day or so with very satisfying results.

She was writing something when he entered, this time not bothering to knock, and paying little attention what she was doing; he leant in the doorway his arms folded a very confident smile on his face. Sending Penguin to shore first had turned out to be a very well thought out idea. "We'll be leaving now, make sure you stay out of trouble if you are obstinate in remaining here without company."

"I'll be fine," she replied. "I have no reason what-so-ever to leave."

Law smiled further, it was good the infirmary had no windows, otherwise she would have already seen his small surprise. "Well the weather conditions are very harsh here and we thought we might do some exploring to see if there was anything worthwhile to bring back to the sub."

"I see, well please enjoy yourself, Captain Law," she answered. As of yet she hadn't looked up, concentrating on her scribing on his doctors desk.

"It may take a while; Karakuri Island is apparently very dangerous in certain areas."

As if by magic her head shot up and she leered at him suspiciously. He continued to smile and Celeste grumbled something incoherent realising that he had been teasing her. As he couldn't hear he stepped into the room, "What was that?" he asked.

"Are we really on Karakuri Island?" she asked sincerely, changing the tone of her voice.

"Yes," he answered, "I assume now you have had a change of heart, Miss. Celeste?" He could tell it was killing her with a burning passion the verdict she was trying to come to in her head. Should she stay on the ship and ignore an adventure waiting to happen? or leave and risk being left behind. Law waited, all she had to do was ask...

"Can I accompany you?" Celeste said finally and predictably, he smiled if possible even further and nodded.

"But you follow the rules like the rest of my crew, no exceptions," he told her. She nodded enthusiastically and stood up, "Now go find Ruby and ask to borrow a coat, hat, scarf and some gloves, I'm not letting you out like that," he commented.

She was gone from the room before he could change his mind.

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