A/N: 100-word drabble for Writing Challenge #13, "Elements." Epigraph comes from the Bright Eyes song of the same name.

And Hold The Earth In Place

"Oh, you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place."
-Bright Eyes

Neville always has dirt under his fingernails. He prefers his bare hands to dragonhide gloves, even when transplanting a Fanged Geranium.

Hannah is glad she has Herbology with Neville. He's kind, dependable, hard-working – the best in their group.

Sometime in their seventh year, hiding in the Room of Requirement, Hannah notices that the brown-red color under Neville's fingernails is not dirt, but dried blood. His dependability now means cleaning up the Carrows' victims, not volunteering to turn the Mandrake manure.

That night, Hannah sneaks into Greenhouse Three and steals a Fanged Geranium, just to see dirt under Neville's fingernails again.

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