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It was an ordinary uneventful day as one lone figure walked across a large bridge towards her destination. This figure was a young girl around fifteen years of age with long flowing black hair with a dark blue tint to it in the right light. Her name was Hinata, firstborn heiress to the Hyuuga clan and currently on a solo mission. The first one she had ever taken.

Normally by now most ninja, even some genin, would have taken at least two solo missions, but Hinata was a different case. Despite her recent promotion to chuunin, Hinata wasn't the type of person Tsunade would want to take a solo mission outside the village. Mainly because the young girl was so self-conscious that doing so came with a higher risk of life endangerment than it did for the other well known rookies of the village.

But now, Hinata was given this opportunity, for several reasons. One, she couldn't avoid it forever, and as a chuunin she had to face the possibility of a solo fight sooner or later. The ones she had on genin missions didn't officially count as her teammates could still provide back-up and first aid. Second, this mission was a C-rank one with little likelihood of interference to Wave to collect the last of their installment payments for the mission Naruto helped them on. So there was little to fret about. And third, Tsunade thought it would be good for Hinata to see others that valued Naruto too, and since the shy heiress admired the blonde she was a better choice than someone who thought little of him and may end of saying something derogatory and thus shame Konoha in Wave's eyes.

The mission had gone surprisingly well. Hinata came to the mayor's office, and they gave her the money which she sealed away in a scroll for convenience. She also asked about Naruto and everyone said only great things about him. She smiled at seeing a whole country respect the boy she had grown to love rather than just admire from afar. Some people even asked about what kind of things he did back home, and Hinata slowly told them about some of the things she thought were more notable. These included how he had helped her personally on several missions and what she heard from Neji and others about what he did on missions with the other rookies in other countries.

Now it was time to leave, and Hinata had mixed feelings about what she had just been thru. She was happy that Naruto was so well respected, but upset that several of the girls in the village had voiced their own desires to 'get to know him'. Hinata had no doubt in her mind just what they meant, and even though the rational part of her knew they didn't stand a chance, her self-conscious side told her the odds weren't much better in her favor. After all, Naruto barely noticed her affections before he left on his trip.

'But he should be coming back in a matter of days. Maybe now he'll notice me.' Hinata thought to herself as she stepped off the Great Naruto Bridge and back onto the mainland to go home. 'If only I could face him without blushing and acting so nervously. What will it take for me to be just a little bolder? His life in danger at the hands of a madman?'

Night came and Hinata tried to set up a small camp for herself. But she feared it wouldn't be good enough, since a storm was coming and the wind was already getting stronger and nastier. As a result getting her tent set up was more difficult than usual, but not impossible. And lucky for her it was done in time, as the first drops of rain were starting to fall, and they were falling hard. She briefly wondered how anyone could live here, with the weather being constantly so erratic.

Once inside the tent Hinata tried to get to sleep. Sadly the weather wasn't the only distraction for her tonight, although it by itself would have been just as effective. The other thing preventing her from just going to sleep right away was a recurring dream about her blonde of interest. Or maybe a more accurate term was recurring wet dream.

All Hyuuga's were in every since of the word perverts, after all with their eyes who in their right mind wouldn't be? And Hinata was no exception. The problem was that the Hyuuga's tried to act above such urges and impulses to maintain a classy image in the vision. Trying to combine the appearance of nobility with the fierceness of ninja to create the ultimate clan in the battle and the political scene. As a result the members of the clan had to appear uninterested in such carnal things at all times.

It was one of the traits that she did not like about her clan. It made them seem so cold, like they were void of feeling any kind of passion. However, when one scratched off the stoic exterior you find the true Hyuuga underneath. Urges can only be resisted for so long before the person can't resist it anymore, no matter how patient or steel-nerved they are.

So most Hyuuga's had to find safe havens to let their uninhibited sides loose, and in a house where anyone can see and hear what you're doing at any moment, such occasions were quite rare. The timing for Hinata was basically perfect just now, so she felt strongly compelled to get some relief before sleep.

'Oh man I needed this. I can't do this on other missions because Kiba-kun would smell it and get ideas, and I don't know what Kurenai-sensei or even Shino-kun would think about it.' Hinata thought as her hands went to work.

She got absorbed into her dream, where Naruto saw her at the waterfall (where she went to pleasure herself once before and wash herself when done to avoid any leftover scent) and he came out of the bushes and hugged her from behind, poking her in the rear with you-know-what. Oh god, it felt so good.

In the dream she turned around in his arms and his clothes just disappeared. Luckily because of her eyes she didn't need to imagine what he looked like without them.

'That reminds me. First thing I'm doing when he gets back from his trip is seeing how much his body's grown over the years. I sure hope he finds my body just as appealing.'

She then pictured him caressing her nude form, hands paying special attention to the bust and butt and lips paying special attention to the lips and neck.

A quick cold impact on her abdomen made Hinata wake up upset that something interrupted her before the penetrating part of her fantasy; she had been so close. Another impact like a pebble hit her leg, and she saw the small object roll on the floor.

It wasn't a pebble, but rather a marble-sized chunk of hail that had apparently torn thru the top of the tent. And then a third one did the same.

"Great, the storm's about to destroy my tent." Hinata groaned in frustration, still not fully satisfied.

She quickly activated her byakugan to seek out another location for shelter until the storm passed. To her relief there was a cave not too far away. Not bothering to take down the tent Hinata simply took her stuff out of it and headed for the cave. Her oversized jacket came in handy when she pulled it above her head to deflect the increasing hail which was coming down in torrents, like tiny bombs. Once inside and out of the storm's reach she relaxed and sat against the cold stone wall, massaging the parts of her sore from the hail impacts.

Hinata then noticed that her byakugan was still on and was about to turn it off, when something else caught her eye. It looked like a chakra signature, but unlike any she had encountered before. For one, it was out of focus even to the byakugan. Something that had NEVER happened before. 'What the...? What could actually be blurry to the byakugan?' Hinata was now too curious to just sit there and wait out the storm, or even return to her self-pleasuring. So she stood up and walked deeper into the cave, towards the blurry chakra. And while she walked, it didn't come into focus any better.

Hinata didn't know how far she walked or how long, but continued at a steady pace with her eyes also on the lookout for any threats and hazards. She saw none, not even a stray bat, although she did quickly notice some ropes and sutras that reminded her of the off-limits areas she saw at various shrines. 'Maybe this is some sort of sacred place others aren't supposed to go to.' Hinata thought. 'Maybe I should go back.' She looked at the blurry chakra again, and curiosity got the better of her. 'It looks like someone may be trapped down there. I can't in good consciousness just leave them.'

Hinata kept walking past the ropes and sutra wards and came to a small cliff. It wasn't deep, no more than two meters, so she jumped down and landed effortlessly. When she looked forward, she saw a very large gemstone in the distance in front of her, guarded by more ropes and sutras. And according to her byakugan, the strange chakra source appeared to be inside it.

Hinata got right up to the gemstone and gasped. The stone itself was without a doubt the largest sapphire she had ever seen. It was probably big enough to replace one of the eyes on the Hokage monument. But that's not what shocked her. Instead, the most unusual feature was that there was indeed a person trapped inside it as if cryogenically frozen in ice. And the whole body radiated chakra to the byakugan, as if it was made out of chakra itself, which was probably why it looked so blurry to her.

Hinata deactivated her kekkei genkai to get a better look. She saw the person was a young woman about her own age, with jet black hair and closed eyes. She wore no outfit, her naked and apparently quite voluptuous body available for all to gaze at. She was currently in a position that looked like she was pouncing right at Hinata or trying to escape from something behind her.

And the weirdest things of all were that she had large bat-like wings coming out of her shoulders, a long hairless tail that ended with a sharp spade-shape, and claws for fingernails that reminded her of Kiba's when he used Beast Mimicry.

"What kind of creature is this?" Hinata asked herself.

Then the eyes of the trapped creature opened, showing dark purple pupils that locked right onto the Hyuuga heiress.

She quickly 'eeped' and backed away, ready to fight if necessary. The creature then moved its mouth, somehow able to move that body part but apparently not any other. It quickly looked like she was trying to talk to Hinata. Hinata read the lips, and the creature was apparently saying 'Please! Help me!'

"What in the world are you?" Hinata asked.

The creature responded silently, her lips read as 'I can't hear you. Touch the sapphire.'

Hinata was hesitant, but ended up doing just that. "Can you hear me now?"

"Yes, I can. Oh thank you. I can't remember the last time I actually got to interact with someone."

"What are you and what are you doing here?" Hinata asked.

"My name is Lilith, and I'm a succubus. You do know what those are, right?" She asked

Hinata nodded her head. She had heard of a succubus before, however only out of old myths and folklores. Tales of enchanting demon women; the very embodiment of lust, who seduced men with sexual pleasures only to suck out every last drop of the life force in their bodies or turn them into slaves. But she had thought that they were just myths.

"Oh I can assure you my dear I am no myth. I am as real as the ground you stand on." Lilith said

"You can read my mind?" Hinata said, taken aback a bit.

The succubus smiled "When you touch the crystal I can hear your thoughts."

Several things were going on in Hinata's mind. One was utter amazement that such a creature existed. Two, was utter horror that something like this was real. And three, complete shock that she actually found this being.

"H-how did you get like this?" Hinata asked, although she was not sure if she really wanted to know.

Lilith eyes flared at Hinata's question. "I have been in this state for more than hundred years, I think. Time really is hard to keep track of when you're in my condition. Anyway, it's all because of that damned Uchiha Madara." Lilith said bitterly.

Hinata's eyes widened when the succubus said that name "…Uchiha."

"Yes, I came to him and, feeling rather hungry and horny, offered myself to him, and he took me. Mmmmm I will say one thing about that crazy-eyed bastard, he was one of the best I have ever had. However, immediately after, he does… this to me."

Hinata nodded her head, sympathizing with Lilith. Before the Uchiha's had been driven to brink of extinction, the Uchiha and the Hyuuga clan had been the greatest of rivals. And Hinata despised Uchiha Sasuke, for what he had done to her Naruto-kun.

"Then it should be pleasing for you to know, that the Uchiha are all but extinct."

Lilith's purple eyes widened with pure joy. "My dear girl that is the greatest news I have heard in a hundred years. Pray tell, what is your name?" She asked

"I…I am Hyuuga Hinata." Hinata said with as much pride as she could muster.

Lilith stared at her for a moment and then replied. "Then tell me Hyuuga Hinata, what would you say if I offered to help you?" She asked.

"Help me?" Hinata said, confused by Lilith's statement.

"Help you achieve your little fantasy and make Uzumaki Naruto yours." The succubus' voice purred.

Hinata was so shocked by this she took her hand off of the sapphire. She stared at the succubus and then slowly placed her hand back on the sapphire. "H…how do you…know about that?" She asked.

"Like I said before, when you touch this gem I get a glimpse of what you're thinking. Any thoughts featuring attractive men would definitely be ones I'd notice." Lilith explained. "Anyway, interested in my offer?"

Hinata didn't respond for a moment, and was careful to take her hands off the sapphire to keep her thoughts private. After a moment, she touched it again. "For the sake of argument, what exactly would you do for me? And what would you get in return?"

"Simple." Lilith answered with a grin, revealing fangs. "I can tell from your brief memories about this boy that you greatly care for him but are too shy to actually go up and tell him. Also you fear rejection, as he has yet to notice your affection. My dear, to put it bluntly, you'll never get anywhere with that attitude. You either have to grow a backbone and take a chance, or stay in the shadows and watch him find love elsewhere."

Hinata was surprised this demon could tell so much about her just like that. "I-it's... it's not that e-easy for me. Y-you don't know what I'm like."

"You're right. Even with me glancing into your mind I don't know you. All I see is someone who wants love and lust but is too afraid to stake her claim. As a succubus, I find that rather pathetic." Lilith sneered, making Hinata frown and think of leaving. "But that's why I'd like to help you. You see, as much as we succubi like lust and sex and all that raunchy stuff, deep down all we really want is love too. You're afraid to take a chance and while I'm here it's impossible for me to get a chance. But if you help me, we can both benefit."

Hinata was now more curious, but not completely convinced. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"Well, it's simple, for me at least. You see, that bastard Uchiha destroyed my body, leaving only my spirit and chakra encased here to make me suffer. I don't know why, and I'm past caring now." Lilith started to explain.

'That must be why she's so blurry to the byakugan. She's nothing but chakra itself, no real mass.' Hinata quickly thought.

"So the problem is I'm like trapped in an out-of-body experience in here, but if I got out there'd be no body for me to return to so I'd fade away and die. Unless... I were to acquire a host." Lilith continued.

'Host?' Hinata thought, then realized the implied meaning. "You mean you want to take over my body?"

"Well... yes and no. You see, I can't just do that or else I already would have." Lilith told her, making Hinata realize she had a point there. "I could only do that if you allowed me. Sort of like making yourself a voluntary jinchuuriki, and it would only be temporary. Until I find a way to regain a body of my own."

"But how exactly would that help me?" Hinata asked. "From what I see it only helps you."

"Oh, it does help you. Because you'd be a volunteer jinchuuriki with no seal permanently binding us, you'd gain more benefits than other jinchuuriki would. Benefits such as access to my abilities whenever you wish, a battle form like mine that won't harm you to use it, my stamina and increased chakra, and... the courage to be with your man and get him to love you back."

Hinata was stunned by this. The power and abilities were nothing compared to the promise of no longer being the shy weird girl to Naruto, and rather a bold willing woman to him. The opportunity to have him see her the way she saw him was right then almost too much for her to refuse, but she still wasn't fully convinced. "What's the catch?"

The trapped demon closed it's eyes for a moment, as if steeling herself. "Well, there's only one real catch actually. You see, your mind won't be affected by my own. You'll be able to hear me talk to you, and talk back if you want, but you'll always be in control. In your battle form my instincts will be closer to the surface, but they won't overwhelm you. However, my libido will affect you."

"Your libido?"

"Yeah. You must understand that as a succubus I am a demon who gets strength from sex with men. And I've been in here for a long time. I am really horny now, and that's going to affect you too. So when I said you'll have the courage to be with him, what I meant was that you'll be so horny you couldn't keep your hands off him even if he electrocuted you. Your pants would have to be painted on to stay on around him."

Hinata paled, part of her afraid of such a thing and the other part strangely excited. "B-b-but I-I d-don't want him to th-think of me as some sort of s-s-sex-cr-crazed wh-whore."

"Wow you're bashful for a girl who craves the chance to masturbate." Lilith poked fun. "And rest assured, you won't become a whore. Even we succubi have standards. You won't feel the urge to fuck anything with a penis; or a pussy depending on your preferences. People like family and enemies should be off-limits, and you wouldn't get horny unless you already found them attractive. And the more attractive you find them, the hornier you'll get. I'm betting with your fondness and my need to get laid, once you see this Naruto you'll ride him ride there in the streets for hours until his hips shatter."

Hinata blushed at the image, and felt her earlier urges coming back to her. "So, let me get this straight. You want me to share my body with you so you can get some action and eventual freedom, and in return I get some strength and... a more aggressive wild side?"

"That's actually a pretty good summary girl." Lilith replied. "So, what do you say?"

Hinata took her hands off the sapphire to think it over privately, weighing the pros and cons. After a moment, she had her answer. She placed her hand back on the sapphire. "I will become your vessel."

Lilith smiled and the sapphire cracked. It started off as a hairline fracture and then it spread quickly over the entire crystal until it shattered and the pieces fell across the floor.

Hinata looked down and moved her feet so the shards did not cut her. And when she looked back up she no longer saw Lilith. Instead she saw a… cloud of purple chakra. It just hung there in the air for a second and then it shot itself directly at Hinata. The Hyuuga heiress took the hit head-on, with it hitting her right in the stomach and for just a split second Hinata blacked out. However she quickly shook her head and looked down where the chakra had hit her. But there was no mark of any kind.

At first she felt nothing, except for a slight tingling all over her body. "Huh, not really-" However Hinata did not finish her sentence because then the simple exploded into a fiery pain.

Hinata yelled at this. It felt as if her entire body was burning from the inside out. All of a sudden she began to tear at her clothes. She NEEDED to get them off. If she was naked she could cool down.

Soon all of her clothing was in a pile on the floor but she still did not cool down. In fact she only felt hotter. Her first thought was that Lilith had tricked her. However all thoughts were instantly blotted out by another surge of power from her stomach.

"Oh Kami..." She moaned as the power spread to her fingers.

She held her hands before her face and watched in terror as bumps formed on her fingertips. They lengthened until they burst through her skin with no blood at all. Sharp black nails slowly emerged from her fingertips joining with her own fingernails until she had two inch talons on every digit. Each one sharp and deadly looking.

Tears were streaming down Hinata's cheeks, for Lilith did not say anything about the pain. It felt as if her entire soul was being ripped out of her.

Once more her thoughts were interrupted by a jolt of energy from her stomach. This spread to her hips and legs. Her already slim waste became thinner and her hips became curvier. Her well-trimmed pubic hair floated off leaving her pussy bald, and her labia expanded. Despite the pain Hinata was starting to feel horny, or was that Lilith?

She screamed out once more as a larger surge passed from her stomach to her back. She fell to her knees as the pain swelled in her shoulder blades. With a sickening snap her skin ripped open, once again without blood, and two extensions emerged from her back. They both had talons at the top. The extensions then grew to three feet, when they stopped they folded out into wings. The purple-tinted flesh colored wings gave Hinata a six foot wingspan and they twitched slightly.

The pain in her back soon spread to her chest. Hinata looked down with wide eyes as she watched what happened. Hinata let out a moan as the small areolas on her breast grew larger and more red and her nipples lightly lengthend while her breasts expanded. Her mammary glands just went from a large C-cup to a large D, maybe E. In a moment of fascination she touched her new and amazingly firm breasts. The moment she did pleasure rippled through her body.

Another surge ripped through her body. It felt like it was snaking through her and ending at her tail bone.

Slowly a long hairless purple tail expanded and lengthened from her body. Hinata was now slowly becoming aroused by the pain. It was beginning to feel… good. As her tail snaked down around her incredibly sexy legs she let one hand wander to her naked sex. She stroked her pussy and found how sensitive it had become.

Her hand continued until she thrust two fingers into her pussy, her claws somehow doing no damage. She moaned in delight at the feelings that shot through her. Hinata almost climaxed right then and there, but she paused for some reason and held it back.

"Please… finish me Lilith." She pleaded… no begged, to the demoness that now dwelled inside of her. And then the final alterations began. Her eyelashes grew to a quarter inch while her already thinned eyebrows became only a little thicker than mere lines. Her teeth ached as her upper and lower canines grew into sharp fangs.

Her hand was once again working her pussy rubbing it harder and harder until she swore she was thrusting her entire hand in and out. Her thin lips grew fuller and turned an enticing shade of red, as if permanently wearing lipstick. She felt the tops of her ears expanding until the pointed tips poked out from her lustrous hair which had gained some length and gloss. She could feel a massive orgasm building until...

"WE ARE ONE!" Lilith purred inside Hinatas mind.

Hinata orgasmed like she never had before and juices trickled down her leg.

And then Hinata in her new succubus form fell to the ground, completely spent and momentarily satisfied.